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Last update: 29.10.2022

Employer Branding Management

Graduation: Employer Branding Management & Partnership Development
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Strategic planning - business development, marketing, communication, PR, project management. I have developed these skills either as part of a team or working as a project manager on different projects. My career up until now has been focused on roles that required strategic thinking, an entrepreneurship mindset, and organizing skills. 
Community building & Management - creating communities around new businesses, engage the community, manage the communication. One of the most interesting roles I had was to build a community and I think it's the perfect position for me, as it combines both organizing and communication skills. I am highly dedicated to creating new communities that can contribute to quality content and organic growth for brands. 
Employer Branding - strategy to create and implement your organizational culture and make your employees happy. Working with different organizations I came to realize how important the little details are in terms of employee relations. Since I enjoy being around people, I want to dedicate my career to helping others spark the potential within their teams, engage them and ensure their development within the organization. 

Project history

04/2021 - 08/2021
Project Assistant
The Climate Vertical (< 10 employees)
Energy, water and environment
As part of The Climate Vertical initiative, I had the opportunity to put my passion for developing learning programs and accelerators at work to support a movement that aims to fight climate change. Working within a hub provides me lots of options to develop my skills in a wide range of areas:
- Content Marketing - craft the content for social media & press releases
- Social Media management - I manage the content strategy & implementation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
- I help the team with different things, such as ideas for a campaign or project, feedback, or deliverables.
- I like getting involved in PR initiatives, as this is my main area of expertise.

11/2020 - 03/2021
Marketing And Public Relations Specialist
Exghts (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Working for a tech startup was a bit of a challenge I can say, but it helped me develop my skills in terms of research & content writing. 
-Create, execute and assist in the development of project definitions, including proposals, documentation, and other materials
-Analyze marketing data in order to shape the future marketing strategies 
-Assist in building and engaging the company's customer base, and create effective strategies to ensure the long-term growth of the company

02/2020 - 11/2020
Program Coordinator
AIESEC (>10.000 employees)
- Design the concept & methodology for different projects within organization
- Responsible for planning & managing the processes
- Building & implementing team management tools
- Track, review, and coach the department team on the strategic implementation plan
- Reporting to the national board as well as organization's partners

Main projects & Results:
- BrightHub - an educational program that aims to enhance the entrepreneurship learning process and make it more accessible to passionate young people. BrightHub is at its first official edition, after a beta version during spring 2020, has 6 partners, over 90 signed ups, and 25 participants in the incubation phase.
- Global Village - an event that celebrates diversity by gathering up people from different countries in the same place to enjoy some of the most important cultural elements such as dance, food, art, and music. Global Village was a successful event, held in Old Town Square. It has been supported by 7 partners and it had over 70 international students participating in the event and more than 150 tourists attending the event.
- Global Talent - an international internship experience for students and local companies. For this project, we attracted 3 partners that were willing to open positions within their companies, during February and March 2020.

04/2019 - 02/2020
Event Manager
AIESEC (>10.000 employees)
Key responsibilities:
- Responsible to lead, manage and support the organizing team of the national conferences
- Identifies resources needed and assigns individual responsibilities
- Assures the promotion of the project with its current activities within the organization and in the external environment
- Responsible for the quality of the conferences, measured through delegates satisfaction

Results achieved:
- 75% of delegates were satisfied with the overall experience
- 70% achievement of the planned marketing goal

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Romania
I am available to travel when needed, depending on the project, the requirements, and the offer.


I have decided to become a freelancer because I think it gives me the opportunity to be as flexible, dynamic, and rigorous as I want. I put passion at the heart of everything I do, so you can expect me to go the extra mile when working together because, any project I take, becomes one of mine. Let's discuss over a cup of online coffee about your projects and come up with a bunch of great ideas!
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