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Last update: 06.09.2022

Functional Safety Specialist, Researcher, Researcher (Functional Safety and Embedded Software)

Graduation: MASc in Computer software
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)




Interface, Ethernet, raw data, post processing, FMEA, software design, network switch, QNX, data analysis, Programming, C, C++, VHDL, Python, Xilinx,  Cadence, Polarion, Jira, Git, MATLAB, Latex, Inkscape Standard, ISO 26262, WC 62380, SAE J3061, IEC 62443, lEC 61508, Medini, FTA, FIVIEDA, DFMEA, STAMP, EN, STPA

Project history

07/2018 - 02/2021
Functional Safety Specialist
Molex Electronic Solutions
Project: Ethernet Gateway: Currently I am working as a project lead on a multi-gateway network which preprocess the
raw data from the sensors within the gateway and thus transmits the computed data to ADAS system. This is a safety critical
project involving complex hardware and software components.
My responsibilities include:

* Planning and post processing of all activities of ISO 26262 Safety -Lifecycle
* Responsibility of functional and technical safety within project
* Support and execution of Safety Analysis (Hazard Risk Analysis, FMEA, Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostics
Coverage Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis)
* Moderation and participation in hardware and software design reviews
* Support the project with Functional Safety and Cybersecurity requirements
* Execution of V&V plans to demonstrate the safety measures has been correctly implemented
* Creation of safety concepts and analysis (FMEA, FTA, FMEDA, HARA, TARA)

Project: Ethernet switch: Worked on functional safety and cybersecurity of an ethernet network switch. The goal of the
project is to make the system ASIL D compliant. This project involved safety studies to ensure that the architecture is
compliant as per the safety standard and is meeting the safety goals.

My responsibilities include:

* Preparation of FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) and DFMEA (Design Failure mode and Effect Analysis) reports for the
ethernet switch so as to ensure that the design is safe and fault tolerant
* Supports the functional safety manager in the development of the Development Interface Agreement (DIA) with the
* Provides guidance and support to the program team in the development of their work products as per the safety case in
compliance with ISO 26262
* Provides assessment of the program status in terms of functional safety to the functional safety manager
* Develops and owns the functional safety and security program plan in collaboration with the program manager
* Leads DFMEA reviews
* Perform FTA analysis involving sub-system interactions
* Leads process improvements for hazards and risks analysis and documentation; engages cross-functional technical
teams to ensure improvements are developed for effectivity while maximizing speed and agility; trains technical teams
on process utilization and documentation standards

05/2017 - 06/2018
Real time Embedded Systems Group; University of Waterloo
* Supervisor: Dr. Sebastian Fischmeister
* Presented the functional safety and cybersecurity analysis at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018, Las Vegas, USA
* Presented paper at STAMP 2018 workshop at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston, USA
* Presented paper at DATE conference at Florence, Italy
* Worts on Functional safety and security analysis of Autonomous Vehicle
* Analysis and management of all functional safety aspects in software development project
* Created all relevant documentation and support functional safety audits
* Helping to create and drive a SW development process that meets ISO 26262/IEC 61508 requirements

Projects with Renesas Electronics America and QNX as industrial partners:
Project: AEB (Presented at CES,2018, Las Vegas): I worked on this project as safety lead to complete the safety and
security analysis of autonomous emergency braking of an L4 AV.
* Lead the hazard analysis and safety concept development activities
* Develop and document the functional safety requirements and the gap analysis with the existing architecture
* Lead ISO 26262 Functional Safety assessment and documentation, including system safety program plans, safety
concept reports, hazard analysis reports, safety verification plans and result summaries, and safety cases
* Perform competitive analysis and maintain knowledge of emerging technologies in the dependability (safety
engineering) field
* Test planning, data analysis and troubleshooting at system-level
* Develop technical solutions against requirements and work with hardware and software engineers to identify
Project: Treadmill: I worked on the threat analysis of the treadmill network which performs lane centering assistance to the
vehicle moving over the belt.
* Execute safety analysis (IIARA, FMEAs, FMEDA, FrA)
* Defining the functional and technical safety requirements and concepts
* Develop test plans for safety verification and validation
* Collaborate closely with project managers, development teams, and customers
* Moderate and participate in safety planning and review meetings
* Analyze and manage all functional safety aspects in software development projects
* Plan and track work packages and activities in the ISO 26262 safety lifecycle
* Security analysis (Attach Tree, Threat analysis)
* Create all relevant documentation and support functional safety audits and assessments

07/2014 - 04/2017
Researcher (Functional Safety and Embedded Software)
My Responsibilities included:

* Manage project specific safety engineering according to internal Functional Safety Management guideline
* Perform Functional Safety Analysis as per ISO 26262 standards during all project phases (concept, product
development, production) including IIARA, ASIL identification, DFMEA, FMEDA, qualitative and quantitative
fault tree analysis (FTA), common cause analysis and Event Tree analysis.
* Teach Functional & Technical Safety Concepts and Safety architectures to ensure compliance with 15026262.
* Own the Functional & Technical Safety Requirements and diagnostics requirements from conception to production
at the system and sub-system level.
* Collaborate with System Engineers, architects, and designers to find optimal implementations of safety diagnostics
in hardware and software for the student projects.
* Ensure technical specifications and other work products are prepared, and stored correctly, and revisions are
managed and released in timely manner.

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