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Last update: 23.01.2017

Experienced SW Engineer, Technical Project Manager, SW Architect, Java Developer

Graduation: Master Of Science, Computer Science (Tampere University of Technology)
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Languages: German (Elementary) | Finnish (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Swedish (Elementary)


Software Engineering, Project Management, Database Design, EAI, Programming, Software Architectural Design, M2M, EDI, Linux, Java, Customer Service, Software Development, Software Project Management, SQL, Testing, Integration, Mobile Devices, XML

Project history

I'm a software engineering professional having over 19 years of experience working in various software development projects in different positions. Projects have been mainly in the area of integration (EAI), telecommunications, automation (M2M, machine-to-machine) and logistics.

I like to work in data integration projects. I can take different roles in a project including Project Manager, SW Architect, Developer, Database Designer. I have coded in many different languages, but I prefer to work with Java or PHP if I can choose. I'm very familiar with different databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Solid) and SQL language. I'm able to do database design and optimization work.

I enjoy working in the customer interface, providing technical solutions to improve customer's business. I have hands-on attitude and I'm not scared to develope something technically demanding that no one has done before. I have high interest in open source and Linux based solutions.

Currently I'm looking for permanent work in Tampere area and I'm also interested in international contractor based jobs especially in Germany, UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Estonia.
Last years I've been working in international projects and my working language has been English. I can also speak some Swedish and German, however I have not used them years but I could refresh them pretty easily if needed.


* EDI-Soft Finland
Technical Project Manager
01.2012 - 07.2014
- Acted as an development manager for implementing finnish carrier products to EDI-Soft\'s Consignor, making integrations to finnish transport companies
- Managing software development made site in Romania.
- Implementing software
- Solving help desk problems, giving support to sales in technical issues
- Technologies used: EDI, XML, XSLT, MS SQL server

* Mitron Oy
Chief Design Engineer
11.2009 - 01.2012
- In charge of implementing a software solution for IP based train passenger information system for Nordic railway operator. Software includes driver GUI, TFT and LED displays, announcement system, diagnostics, integration to the train intelligence, interfaces to the operator\'s route data, land-train file transfer, testing and commissioning tools.
- Technologies used: Java, JMS, JAXB, XML, Debian Linux, Swing, SNMP, PostgreSQL

* Plenware
Project Manager
11.2003 - 07.2009
(Started working in the Secgo Group, but moved to Plenware in 2003 as an old employee in the corporate acquisition)

- Operating vending machine network, developing ways to improve the usage of system (network management, logistics, SAP integration)
- Architecture design for national mobile pay system for vending machines
- Various customer projects, e.g. architecture design for weather station messaging middleware, reference implementation for Java Payment API, project management/design/implementation of the IP address management solution for automatic meter reading, architecture design for armoured modular vehicle information system, M2M platform development based on OSGi standard. Team leader of the M2M team. Supervising hardware manufacturing.
- Technologies used: Java, J2ME, XML, PostgreSQL, SQL, Oracle, Frends EAI, SAP XI, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Asterisk

* Secgo Group
Software Specialist
03.2001 - 11.2003
- Architecture designing of the machine-to-machine(M2M) communication platform to manage wireless devices and supervise subcontract implementation.
- Designing the functionality for integrating vending machine sales and filling data wirelessly to customer SAP system based on the developed M2M platform. Work also included project management, customer consulting on technical questions, database design, implementation and testing.
- Technologies used: PostgreSQL, SQL, Frends EAI, SAP XI, PHP, HTML, Javascript

* Tellabs
Senior Design Engineer
07.1998 - 02.2001
- Software designing/programming of the web based application to manage remotely Radio Link by using SNMP/TFTP
- Implementing software for Service Management-/Data Transport systems
- Technologies used: Java, JSP, XML, HypersonicSQL, SQL, C++

* Nokia Telecommunications
Software Designer
02.1996 - 07.1998
- Software designing/programming/testing of the data distribution application for TETRA system, database transaction programming, system testing
- Technologies used: TNSDL, TDL

* Hewlett-Packard (Böblingen Germany)
06.1995 - 11.1995
- Software designing/programming/testing of the migration tool for handling the software versions
- Technologies used: Ingres, SQL, C++

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