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Web Developer, Programmer, Web Designer, Mobile Designer, www.creative3x.com

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  • Graduation: Bachelor’s degree in System Engineering
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  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | French (Elementary) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)
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PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Apache, SQL, Web Applications, Web Services, OOP, jQuery, Web Development, phpMyAdmin, CSS, HTML, JSON, Telecommunications, Testing, Agile Methodologies, Drupal, Databases, Database Design, Software Development, HTML 5, E-commerce, Web Design, Business Intelligence, Google Webmaster Tools, MySQL DBA, PL/SQL, Dreamweaver, XML, DHTML, XHTML, HTML5, Wordpress, Agile, HTML + CSS, Web 2.0, Application Development, Agile Project Management, Front End Developers, Joomla, PSD to Wordpress, PSD to Joomla, Java, Eclipse, NetBeans, Android Development, Github, Tortoise SVN, LAMP
Analyst Programmer - OSS Department
07.2012 - today
Responsibilities: maintenance for existing applications in the development of existing applications and creating new applications - Oracle 10g / 11g, MySQL, java, jsp, web, gui, wsdl;Java JSP, Servlets, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle WebLogic Server, Apache Tomcat, PHP

- Romtelecom internal projects - java, wsdl, sun, linux, windows, oracle, sql, plsql, telecommunications;

Web Developer, Mobile Developer
07.2008 - today
Develop Website - PHP, Mysql, Wordpress, Joomla, jQuery;
Develop Mobile Application - android

Analyst Programmer - Business Intelligent Department
01.2012 - 07.2012
Responsibilities: maintenance for existing applications in the development of existing applications and creating new applications - Oracle 10g / 11g, MySQL, java, jsp, web, gui, wsdl;

IT projects:
1. creating Java application for transferring data from mysql database into oracle 10g database;
2. regression testing for application activation CDMA

Freelance PHP Developer and Java Developer
Web Freelancer
08.2011 - 12.2011
Create Web applications internal / external, the development of multiple applications: blog, ecommerce, newsletter, FAQ, shopping cart, forums, image gallery, PHP, online relationships, project management, windows, the support tickets, mailing lists, personal p
ages, database, online / offline.

Programmer Analyst - Workforce Operations - East Division
06.2010 - 07.2011
Responsibilities: coordination of the activity measurement, prequalification for data services (xDSL, VPN, Metronet, FTTx). Applications for development, maintenance and monitoring on the telecommunication cable telecommunications site. Testing new programs;

IT responsibilities: create web application for cross platform, cross browser compatibility; creating internal web application;

Projects - IT Web Development:
- project KPI (Key Performance Indicators): the application is to monitor real - time KPI parameters established the company to the entity and the periodic operations in the field if necessary (via email or SMS) to affected users, the construction of interfaces to select and present data to web / HTML export option and data as specified;
- project Active Network Defence: enforcement is for copper telecom cables to identify the location as soon as people find needed information stolen (by sound, email or SMS) and support in identifying people as soon as the company can cause the loss;
- project D2D (Door - To - Door): project to create a real - time information about the technical potential customers about the location and make the company faster interaction between the client and direct or indirect sales channels;
- project IdeeaTracker: project had as main objective to create a short tools, monitor all ideas of organization in relation to vertical and / or horizontal organization;

Regional Project Manager - Workforce Operations - East Division
01.2007 - 05.2010
Responsibilities: Coordinating all the resources to test communication link with customers regarding installation of communication for the test, identify and resolve problems that occurred, documentation of procedures for setting / special instructions, accurate reporting and construction network diagrams. Development, maintenance and monitoring of KPI management
applications, services, commercial sales pontential;

- Project Measurements - this project aims to gather all data related to electrical measurements and data (xDSL) that help to periodically review the technical condition of some sections of copper cable taken in monitoring;

IT responsibilities: Updated existing MySql Server web application for cross platform, cross browser compatibility; Creating internal Web Application;

Data Project Manager - Business Service Center - East Division
01.2006 - 12.2006
Responsibilities: Design, develop and implement systems for data network customers in customer facilities, managing technical customer support;
- Project Implementation monitoring on the ground: this project aims to monitor the implementation in the field of telecommunications services for clients such as portfolio (banks, large companies);

Manager of Design and Engineering Office - East Division
01.2004 - 12.2005
Responsibilities: Coordinate activities such as design, development and integration of IT solutions in telecommunication systems.

- Projects of Telecommunications Networks Voice and Data - regional: this project aims to gather all data related to electrical measurements and data that help to periodically review the technical condition of some sections of copper cable taken in the follow - up;

Software Developer - Marketing and Sales Department
08.2002 - 12.2003
Responsibilities: Design and implement the specific application of complex telecommunications (Distance Remote Control for digital stations), to develop and coordinate a project marketing and software sales by redesigning all databases and programs - Oracle.

Project Manager - Marketing and Sales Department
01.2002 - 07.2002
Responsibilities: Designing a new application of logistics information flow between sales and marketing and engineering dep. (request / assignment / order of service - leased lines, optical lines , ISDN lines) installation and configuration of the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) equipment.

Projects: project of construction of a reporting software sales - regional: create a single model of reporting and database combining;

Database Administrator – IT Department
09.2001 - 12.2001
Responsibilities: Development of a large client server relational database application, development and reengineering of the application of multiple databases and redesigning of the network;

Ministry of Finance of Roumania
Oracle DBA
07.1996 - 09.2001
Responsibilities: Plan and implement applications on Oracle 8 on the cluster AIXSO , installation, configuration and upgrade Oracle server software and related products, policies and backup and recovery procedures.

Tasks: creation cables, installation and configuration of network configuration and installation, media, patch panels, switches, ATM communication, installation / configuration / test; installing and configuring Windows NT workstations; installing and configuring a server with Windows NT Server; installing and configuring the server cluster AIXSO; installing and configuring the
Lotus Notes and Lotus Notes;

Projects: installing and configuring the application of VAT (Value Added Tax) on the server and workstations; installing and configuring the application FF1/FF2 (tax records) on the server and workstations; making HTML applications reporting and query
databases, Oracle, present;

Ministry of Finance of Roumania
Programmer – IT Department
06.1996 - 12.1998
Responsibilities: Designing and implementing complex applications GUI and RDBMS on Windows 95, 98, NT, database applications designed dBase, FoxPro 2.6, Visual FoxPro 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0.;

Tasks: computer hardware maintenance: the exchange client, server, network; maintenance of existing applications in FoxPro for

Projects: supply internal accounting work; apply through employment; make reporting application for the existing databases within
and in relation to the center;

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