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About AdoreITS
Adore Information Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. was registered in 23/08/2012.
We are an innovative IT Consultancy and Software Development Company well-known for providing cost-effective, dedicated, simplified and customised solutions with quality customer support.
We believe in creating niche market. Our existing clients are promoting us through refrences, reorders and Word-Of-Mouth publicity, because of our dedicated approach towards Quality Control and excellent after sales customer support service.
Some of Our Websites:
5. ( Custom CRM Application)
As Web Application Developer:
1. Qardan Hasana Members Management System – Faiz-E-Burhani Qardan Hasana Trust is a part of the Anjuman-E-Mohammadi Trust, kolkata chapter. The website cum web-application has been developed in wordpress, hosted and managed by me. The trust has around 5000 members along with around 1000 corporate registered with it. The application provides them the platform to gather organization related, their subscription related information from a central place. This application provides a platform for within organization members loans and repayments management system. FBQHT is also integrated with their in house Tally ERP 9 Accounting system for automated data synchronization from the website/webapp.
2. EAC ERP – Complex Inventory System, Multiple Companies, Shared Contacts and Inventory, Streamlined Semi-Automated Transaction Processing (Enquiry->Quotation->Sales Order->Challans->Packaging Manifesto->Invoice->Payments->CRM), and SMS/Email based Semi/Automated Communication Channel all integrated into one Web Application.
3. iVajebaat – There were Multiple applications to manage information and data related to a unified user-base, so processing a single transaction/process was taking more time than required. Existing System had data was scattered at all those different system resulting in partial data-loss. Besides, it was taking more time to build the required reports. Solution : Single Application for all those processes. iVajebaat is a Multi-purpose application having more than 50 reports and integrates with all the other Applications/processes seamlessely. iVajebaat integrates with Mawaid, Namaaz Center, OSDP, Qardan Hasanah, Vajebaat(Desktop App), Vajebaat Payments System data. Now, iVajebaat is the single point to manage all these processes. It's been designed with responsive web-design technology and works well with any smart devices.
4. TallyDev Transfer – TallyDev Transfer was born to basically post data received from Genie Point of Sale Software in the form of Excel File to Tally.ERP9. TallyDev Transfer reads data from an excel file and automatically creates UOM, Voucher Types, Ledgers, Stock Items, and Vouchers based on predefined parameters or ad-hoc selection system in Tally.ERP 9. It has evolved to accept CSV, and XML data. TallyDev may also directly connect with any data-source to post transactions to and from Tally.ERP9.
5. Bearings Catalog – A simplified online catalog containing over 5000 products having various complex filtering criteria.
6. Bearinghouse CRM – Comprehensive, yet easy to use Customer Relations Management Application with automated SMS messaging, and Rewards Management System.
7. EJCards – Identity Cards(Smart Cards) Management System
8. EJFiles – EjCards Based Files Management System