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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 35 $/hour 200 $/day
  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Italian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 18.07.2016
Profileimage by Fabio Cicerchia Fullstack Developer from Ciampino
I\'m Fabio, a Passionate Fullstack Developer with over 10 years of experience on the battlefield, always enjoying creating web applications using cutting edge technologies.

So far I\'ve covered different roles, different markets, and different business types; working as freelance made me comfortable working with the UI/UX side and interact directly with the clients, working as employee gave me huge experience of team and company dynamics, and working on my own projects made me flexible and versatile by studying and covering unusual topics for a developer, such as marketing, sales, management, financial planning, accounting & bookkeeping, and much more.

Due to my past experiences, I\'m totally confident working either alone or in a team, remotely or on-site, in building web applications and web portals by following the best practices with a particular attention to Maintainability, ScalabilityReliability and Performance. In the last few years I was committed to few big projects, a web portal for a healthcare company, a real-time analytics system and 2 architecture redesign projects (one analytics platform and one property website); with these projects I\'ve got a direct, invaluable, experience about agile developmentproject management and mentoring.

I\'m a certified Zend PHP Engineer and IWA Application Developer, also, a member of IWA (International Web Association), BCS (British Computer Society).

I\'ve covered different roles from Software Developer to Frontend/Backend Developer, from Sysadmin to Team Leader; with the time I\'ve managed to build these core strengths:
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Sales knowledge
  • Productivity Orientation
  • Passionate Worker
  • Continuous Learning
  • Problem-Solving Mindset
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Software Maintainability

Going a bit more into details to what I know and what I use on my daily job:
  • Frontend
    Tech: CSS3 (Sass/Less), Dublin Core, HTML5, Javascript, Microdata, Microformats, Schema.org
    Frameworks: AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery UI, React, RequireJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Underscore
    Tools: Grunt, Gulp, PageSpeed, PhantomJS, Responsive Web Design, Webpack, YSlow
  • Backend
    Tech: Node.JS, PHP, Python
    Frameworks: Phalcon, Silex, Symfony, Zend Framework
  • Servers and Databases
    OS: CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Ubuntu
    Web: Apache, Nginx
    DB: MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, SQLite
    Queues: RabbitMQ
    Search: ElasticSearch
    Generic: Bash, Capistrano, Cloudflare, Docker, New Relic, Puppet, Vagrant
  • APIs
    AWS, Bing, Braintree, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Google Maps, MixPanel, PayPal, Stripe, Taxamo, Twitter, YouTube
  • IDEs
    Eclipse, Netbeans, PhpStorm
  • Content Management Systems
    Joomla, Wordpress
  • Email and SMTP services
    Mailchimp, Sparkpost
  • Information Architecture & IA/wireframing technologies
    UML/StarUML, Mockflow, Fireworks
  • Testing
    Unit Testing: Jasmine, Mocha, PHPUnit
    Functional Testing: Behat, Karma, Protractor, Rhino, Selenium, WebDrive
    Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Travis CI
  • Project management, collab & ticketing software
    Asana, Github, Jira, Pivotal, Redmine, Slack, Trello
  • Version Control Software
    Git, SVN
  • Methodologies
    Defensive Programming, DRY, eXtreme Programming, KISS, Pair Programming, SCRUM, Waterfall Model, YAGNI
  • Internet Marketing/Ecommerce
    AdWords, Analytics, SEO

I\'m constantly looking for opportunities and challenges to improve my skills so as to provide creative and high-quality solutions to my clients.

Contacts: Email, Mobile, Skype, Hangout, Whatsapp.
Availability: Mostly remotely, but I\'m open to working on-site in Rome.
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