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Last update: 01.01.2022

Certified Azure Data Engineer - 100% remote.

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Fortune 100 North American Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Built the new version of a legacy system used to store, retrieve, and update data about products, bills of materials, and services. The information included components, parts schematics, and maintenance manuals in all languages supported.
Designed the database and the processes needed to move the data around from the legacy system to the new one—The overall engagement consisted of building the data infrastructure supporting the application.
Introduced Azure SQL change tracking, so tables are now are loaded and updated only if they had modifications. Helped introduce DevOps with Azure as the standard procedure for database deployment—The entire ecosystem is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

US beauty product manufacturer, leader in the fragrance sector.

Migration of the SAP FI reporting from SAP BW to MicroStrategy: data modelling, semantic layer and report/dashboards development. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Supply Chain Management advanced KPIs. Replicate SAP BW KPIs to work exactly the same in MicroStrategy as in BW info cubes.

Leading analytic laboratories and technological centers.

Several MicroStrategy projects to support the management decisions in Logistics, Production, Financials: data modelling, ETL, development and support. Maintenance of the existing BI stack. Training. Support.

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2013 - Business Intelligence.
Business Intelligence projects in the hospitality and marketing sector. Advanced ETL scripts, JSON REST web services, semantic text analytics, geographic queries with Microsoft SQL Server. Design of POC dashboards in Power BI.

Public health Services, Region of Andalucía.
Managing a 5 members team, design and proof of concept of a full-stack BI infrastructure for hospital data analysis, based on MicroStrategy and SharePoint with custom SSO and user authorization to comply with PA standards. More… Series of departmental integrations with the Hospital Information System, HL7 validation. Interactive data pages for almost real-time ER monitoring and beds allocation.

Engineering Company, Diagnostics & Research.
Automation, integration of multiple diagnostic appliances to Xiril Robotic Workstation (thermoshaker, barcode scanner, …). Development of a new application to manage and service an array reader (serial communication layer + UX design).

Publishing Company, Data Science & Web Development.
One book, “Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy”. Concept, Outline, writing and reviewing. Creation of additional material for the web site: videos, code, examples. From the first idea to the online promotion, working together with the editor team, one chapter at a time over a one-year period.

The European Commission is the \'engine room\' of the EU.
Study, analysis and development of a time-series oriented database for storage, consultation and update of time series datasets used in economic models. Having different models and different mathematical software (GAMS, Vensim), the database allowed input/output and conversion of datasets between them.

Spain\'s leading consulting and technology multinational.
Design, development and maintenance of an Oracle data-warehouse in one of the biggest hospitals in Spain. ETL loads, semantic layer, and daily monitoring. Warehouse Builder mentoring and MicroStrategy user training.

Pioneer in new types of cross-disciplinary biomedical research.
Study and proof of concept of a full-text search engine for the retrieval of medical and biological literature from scientific web databases (PubMed, Omim, ...) and international genome databases (SNP, Ensembl, ...). Intranet proteomic application aimed at helping the hemoglobin variations research.

Molecular and serology products worldwide manufacturer.
Help building a European database of samples and antibiogram test results for an antibiotic surveillance network. Connections to different lab hardware and software, extraction and data cleansing. Remote support to hospital personnel.

Leading agriculture company, Crop Protection, Seeds.
Hardware e software maintenance, third-party provider management and user support. Sales department data-warehouse. Help migrating data from legacy AS-400 to SAP R/3 system.

Software manufacturer, worldwide leading service provider.
Product support engineer, customer support, troubleshooting, beta testing. Development of samples and technical documentation. Help building a customer satisfaction data-warehouse to measure the call-center performance.

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