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Last update: 27.02.2021

Digital Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach

Graduation: M.Sc. Software Engineering
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Full Professional) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual) | Portuguese (Full Professional)


Expertise: maximise value creation, agility-at-scale and innovation.
Experience: advised, trained and coached 100+ teams through efficiency improvement programs, Agile and DevOps transformations.
Specialties: complex and/or scaled Lean Agile transformations, DevOps program implementation, Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile (SAFe SPC4), LeSS, Spotify model.
Work style: goal and value focused, energetic, transparent, motivating; with consideration of all relevant aspects - mindset, organisation structure, processes, technology/tools and customers\' customers.

Project history

Recent engagements (further on request):

Client: Sberbank Technology (Russian Federation)
Role: Advisor, trainer and coach
Launched company-wide Efficiency Improvement Program; strategised, planned and coached work groups during their improvement elaboration.
Facilitated DevOps kick-off and created a value-stream driven roadmap with the executive team.
Designed and conducted Agile training for developers and QA/testers.

Client: Schlumberger Information Solutions (France, UK)
Role: Agile/SAFe trainer & coach
Led a technology center wide Agile Transformation. Helped foster a mindset change and optimised Agile methods. Trained Agile methods and TFS to all staff. Coached teams during first year of transformation. Guided Agile scaling to program and product/value stream level using SAFe 4.0.

Client: Parallels (Estonia)
Role: Agile coach
Performed a readiness assessment for Agile transformation of multiple engineering teams. Trained and coached Agile methods, culture and tooling.

Client: Beck Consulting (USA)
Role: Agile trainer & coach
Delivered Agile leadership and method training. Created a Scrum hybrid version with the team that fits their CRM analysis and development life cycle. 

Bank of Guyana (Guyana)
Role: Agile trainer
Designed and delivered a complete Agile training program covering Agile team immersion, Agile product ownership & requirements engineering; Agile TDD, unit testing and CI practices for development, and Agile testing for QA.

Client: Wikia (USA, Poland)
Helped Wikia transform to an Agile development approach for distributed teams. Trained Agile and Scrum to engineering team members and coached the initial iterations.  

Client: Autodesk (Global)
Role: Agile trainer
Designed and conducted Agile/Scrum training for all AutoCAD teams (live online for distributed teams).

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  • Senior agile coach/trainer/advisor with 15+ years of experience helping 125 organisations think & work agile, lean and digital.
  • Guru and thought leader in enterprise agility, agile operating models, lean-agile culture and leadership, agile way of working;
  • Authored 40+ courses, spoke at conferences, published articles.

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