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I started working as a .Net programmer. I only had 8 months experience as a programmer. Mostly, I only created some forms with hierarchy using K2 workflow.
After that I was assigned as both project admin and software tester. 
One year after, I was assigned as a Business Analyst since we were developing a product.

  1. When I worked as a programmer, I created some web applications for a company. It was a big system and business process, and integrated. I developed applications for delegating works during absence, promotion proposal, and an application for recording corrotion data of the machinery. All application using approval and hierarchy using K2 workflow.
  2. Still in the same project, but I was assigned as project admin and tester at the same time. I had to create test case and test plan, detailed bug reports, and also manage development and testing schedule.
  3. I was assigned to another project, an airline booking management system. It is an application for an airline company. We created forms from their airplane and flight management, airline booking, ticketing, check-in system, and baggage system. My main work was testing, but I also communicated with our clients. I received and filtered their requests of features before delivered it to the team. 
  4. After we've done with the project, we started another project. We tried to create a flight booking application similar to skyscanner or expedia, but for travel agents. We didn't have Business Analyst from the client side, so the company asked me to. I had to describe how the forms should look like, the requirements and the business process. I had to create wireframes and mockups. I also did the test and all documentations.
  5. Parallel with the project, I was also involved in another project. We created an application for a shipping expedition. Similar with previous airline system, but this is for a cargo. 
I live in Indonesia. For remote jobs, I understand about the timezone difference. I am fine to follow Europe timezone working hours, since the time difference is about 5-7 hours so I don't have to stay all night.