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Profileimage by Aman kumar Php WordPress expert from Mohali
I have 7 plus years of experience in web development and project management. During my 7 years of experience as a full-stack Web Developer, I have developed both the functional and aesthetic components of client websites.
I believe I can make an immediate impact on your website or organization with my unique blend of skills and passion.  

My professional experience includes using programming languages such as PHP, Ruby On Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create various features for client websites.  

Here are some highlights of my accomplishments during 7 years journey: 
  • Successfully collaborated and efficiently communicated with project stakeholders to bring their vision to digital reality 
  • Database Management (MySQL, PSQL , MsSql, Mongo Db, No Sql)
  • Cloud Server management ( AWS, Digital Ocean)
  • Architecture the whole application in the form of front end and Backend
  • Keeping good eye on design and end user prospective during development phase
  • Security concerns during development ( Security features like protecting data from unauthorized user)
  • Test driven development using test libraries
  • Code optimization writing less code with lots of achievement
  • Seo friendly development
  • Keen communicate on problems and provide efficient solutions.
  • Ability to multitask
My Best portfolios:
Working experience git, bit-bucket versioning control tools.
Apart from web development, i have full stack developer,
In full stack development, i work with angular js, Vue js as front end and Backend will be Node Js, Ruby On Rails, Php.
Regardless of above skills, i also work with Crypto currencies in Block chain development.

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