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Mykola Kovtun


Last update: 29.09.2017

Front-end developer

Company: Maximus
Graduation: National Mining University
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Polish (Limited professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual) | Ukrainian (Native or Bilingual)




Worked with such CSS frameworks: bootstrap, flexbox, skeleton, and also with SASS preprocessor.

I work with such JavaScript technologies/frameworks: React, Backbone.js, ES6, Flux \ Redux, Webpack.
With such CMS: Wordpress, LPGenerator.

I prefer to work with flex, because it is more convenient, and shorter in terms of developing liquid and adaptive web-sites/SPA/API.

Also worked with PHP and databases at the basic level.
I also worked with Ajax and jquerry, I have a basic experience with them.

Before that I have been working as a web designer, so I can use vector and raster graphic editors and fully understand the design-layout algorithm.

Project history

I’m very pleased to recommend Mykola for the position of Web Designer and Front-End Developer with Maximus, Inc. Mykola has worked with our product company, on a freelance basis over the past several years. While I’ve communicated with Mykola remotely via video chat and email, I’ve gotten to know him as a reliable employee with rock star web design and front-end developer skills. I have no doubt that He’ll continue to create outstanding work as a full-time web designer or front-end developer with your company.

Mykola began contributing to our E-commerce company over three years ago. He jumped in during a major push to rebrand and worked on design across the site. Mykola elevated our company’s aesthetic by creating elegant designs across our pages. In fact, He redesigned our central logo, which we use across all our pages and email newsletters. He’s fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and has experience with website builders, like WordPress and LPGenerator. Mykola has an artistic eye and a keen sense of user experience. We owe a great deal of the appeal and ease of use of our new website to Mykola’s efforts.

In addition to working on front end design, Mykola also worked across our social media platforms. He helped shape our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages and engage users with viral content. He was especially skilled with curating content on Instagram and Pinterest. Between his strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail, Mykola was able to create a sleek visual experience that drew in customers and boosted sales.

While Mykola has been a great talent on our team, He seeks to work for a cause about which He’s passionate- environmental protection. I’m excited He’s found this opportunity to apply his expertise as a web designer to a cause that’s so close to his heart.
Mykola is a creative, detail-oriented, and savvy web designer and front-end developer with a passion for the IT and web industries. He’s great at working independently and can produce high-level work with little supervision. I have no doubt that He made an excellent addition to the Maximus team.

Time and spatial flexibility

Always open for new offers and abilities

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