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Profileimage by Jorge Alonso ABAP/4 & Web Entwickler (senior), HR-Berater (junior) from Muenster
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Profileimage by Jorge Alonso ABAP/4 & Web Entwickler (senior), HR-Berater (junior) from Muenster
In SAP (Development):
• ABAP/4 and ABAP Objects
• ABAP Query / Quick Viewer
• ABAP Workbench in general
• SAP Dialog Programming (modules programming)
• SAPscript, Smart Forms & Adobe Forms
• ALV Reports (Table and tree type)
• User exits, BADIs, Enhancement-Points
• Data transfer by ALE (RFCs, BAPIs, BDC, Batch Input & IDOCs)
• RFCs from/to Excel and Access
• Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
• Web Development in SAP WAS (Business Server Pages, HTML Business, MVC)
• XML-files
• SAP GUI extended

In SAP (Functionality):
• SAP Business Work Place
• Document Management System and Data Archiving
• SAP Workflow
• SAP Integrated Internet Transaction Server (partially)
• Web Dynpro for ABAP (partially)
• OSS notes
• Partial consulting in Module MM (Procurement)

Under Windows:
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access)
• Help files (.CHM Compiled HTML)
• Interactive training systems for end users (eLearning)

• JavaScript
• HTML & Dynamic HTML
Freelancer consultant (Europe)
ABAP/4, ABAP OO & Web Developer
Since Oct. 2006

Since Jan. 2008 T-Mobile in Münster (DE), as well as A, CZ, UK, NL
I´ve been supporting this telecommunications corporation in module HR, especially regarding the topic performance management, with web and abap solutions. In a beginning I had to attend the web applications for DE, A, CZ, UK & NL. The corporation decided to separate DE due to a new project which is carried out by a different department. Since October 2009 I am responsible for technical support of the societies (4) outside Germany only, which still involves around 9000 employee
Project “Target Management” for registering objectives and targets of employees in the portal. The web site is created with BSP, ABAP OO and JavaScript in module HR. Application is now productive in DE, UK, NL, CZ & A. This emulates the SAP HR solution Performance Management, since the company decided to have its own solution (they did not like SAP´s solution).

Project 'Accountabilities' with T-Mobile UK as requisitioner and test pilot for registering accountabilities of employees in the portal. This is done with BSP, ABAP OO and JavaScript in module HR. The application is to be rolled out in CZ in june as a first step.

Project ‘Identity & Access Management’ with WebDynpro for ABAP for being able to request new authorizations to users in several systems.

Reporting in BSP for the portal-based applications Target Management and Accountabilities. Much development of forms with SmartForms for generating PDF-files in the portal.

Adaptation and correction of BSP-pages, creation of forms with SmartForms, correction of ABAP programs, Third-level support, correction of SAP Workflows, all in module HR.

Oct. to Dec. 2007 BrainLab in München (DE)
Support as developer during the introduction of the SAP system. Creation of Adobe forms. Extension of standard functionality with Enhancement-Points.

Feb. to Sept. 2007 Siemens IS in München (DE)
I worked in the upgrade of all corporation's SAP R/3 systems in Germany to version MySAP 2005, as a first step. In a later step we implemented an important template worldwide for consolidation of data for finance and logistics.

Oct. 2006 – Febr. 2007 VW, A.G. in Kassel (DE)
I was responsible of the introduction of Module VPM (Verpackungsplannungsmodul = Packaging Planning Module), which was created from zero using ABAP/4 and SAP Dialog Programming. This module supports the employees worldwide when packaging the new parts in the warehouse.

ABAP/4, ABAP OO & BSP Developer
From July ’01 to Sept. ´06

July 2005 - Sept. 2006 Siemens A&D in Nürnberg
The company carried out an important project (PMD = Product Master Data), in order to create and maintain the data of material master, mainly, and sales information worldwide through the internet (in connection with SAP WAS and BSP pages -> Web Development). In some locations there’s no SAP system, so it all will be accessed, displayed and maintained through the internet. For supporting the company, I created the necessary BSP-pages, in a big team, with ABAP Objects, HTML, HTMLBusiness & JavaScript, all based in SAP WAS 6.20. Partial start of the project was due for the first week in October 2005; real start in productive system was 02.01.2006.

After the productive start of the web development, we were occupied with change requests and the broadening of the PMD-System as well as with a second (MMP = technical data) and third (FDB = Fabrikat Datenbank) web project. MMP is a complementary system to PMD that maintains the technical data of materials and FDB was the forerunner system for creation and maintenance of material data. The functionality of this old system had to be integrated to PMD. All this was ready by September/October 2006.

May 2005 - July 2005 T-Systems in Stuttgart
I worked a couple of months for supporting the staff of the company in module Project System (PS) with new programs, as well as adaptation of existing programs. We had to transmit the information from SAP R/3 to a data base in Oracle in a different system.

July 2004 – May 2005 Siemens Power Generation in Erlangen
The company carried out an important project (PLM = Product Lifecycle Management) in order to standardize processes and interchange information between existing and future systems (SAP R/3) through IDOCs & RFCs, as well as the implementation of the SAP R/3 system in some sections of the plant Mülheim and in plants New Delhi, Budapest & Newcastle. The main project involved different teams in the plants in Erlangen (main place), Erfurt & Mülheim in Germany, as well as partially (as secondary project) Orlando & Charlotte in USA. In this case my team had to do much with bills of materials, material master and the module MM in general, document management, classes and characteristics, Workflow, RFCs, SAPscript forms and SAP Business Workplace.

Dec. 2002 – July 2004 Siemens L&A in Offenbach
In this case, there was no real project to carry out. My work was, among others, to develop new programs and to modify and adapt existing programs (inclusive some standard programs) for modules HR, MM, SD, QM and FI/CO, as needed. Additionally, I had to support the responsible of module MM in the daily work, either with developments or different tasks in customizing, material master, purchase orders, etc.

May 2002 - Oct. 2002 Siemens Dematic in Konstanz
The administration and maintenance of the R/3 system at the subsidiary in Arlington (USA) had to be moved to Konstanz (Germany). My tasks here were to translate the existing programs, forms, messages, etc. into english, as well as to generate new programs as needed. An important project was “Antrag auf Materialzulassung“, that is, creation of materials in SAP. In this case I automated the former process, in which 5 different departments participated, under SAP with a new development (instead of papers) for modules MM/SD. In this case I lead a team of 3 colleagues, supported by the staff of the participating departments.

March 2002 - April 2002 MEA Meisinger in Aichach
There was a data migration process from an old system into SAP R/3. I was responsible for generating new programs, which must create or change data in the material master (per batch-input) in Module MM.

Jan. 2002 - Feb. 2002 Softwaresupport Raab in Erlangen
My task was to update the homepage of the company with HTML, Dynamic HTML and JavaScript.

Dec. 2001 Clariant in Frankfurt-Höchst
I created or adapted a couple of work tools (programs, RFC-capable functions, SAPscript forms) for the modules MM/SD and corrected some existing web pages (in connection with the SAP Internet Transaction Server). The main task was to collect data from 4 different servers (Latin America, NAFTA, Europe & Asia) and save it in a 5th server per RFC.

July 2001 – Nov. 2001 Siemens SBS in Erlangen
I had to adapt the existing ABAP programs for the accounting department, according to new guidelines („Neues Regelsystem für Elektronische Geschäftsprozesse“) in modules FI/CO.

SIEMENS A&D (México)
ABAP/4 Developer
April ‘98 until June ‘01

I worked for the informatic department in Mexico and my task was to create and adapt new programs and developments with ABAP and/or SAP Dialog Programming for the end users in all existing modules (MM, PP, FI/CO, SD, among others). The users were helped by me in order to use the SAP system and understand it. Additionally, I carried out different courses about SAP-topics (introduction to SAP, R/3 in general, execution of queries and programs, creation of queries, check and print spools, etc).

Additional tasks:
ISO 9001 ? I was at the same time responsible for the documents and forms according to ISO 9001 (quality of product), organization, implementation of guidelines for creation of documents (procedures, instructive), as well as the official documents and technical information. I also had to audit the participating departments to confirm that the guidelines were carried out.

ISO 14000 ? the goal of the plant was to get a certification ISO 14000 (ecology and work security) by the end of 2001. I took part in the process of preparation, together with a group of colleagues from different departments. I participated in an ISO 14000 training course and achieved a certificate.

List of SAP R/3 projects at Siemens A&D:

Mai – Juni 2001:
Implementation of the project “Office Online” for the production and engineering departments (they must have all necessary tools in just one screen). The concept spans over the use of HTML Code, Javascript, Images and Links under SAP in Module PP.

Feb. – Apr. 2001:
Implementation of a Data Warehouse System (not SAP´s module BW) for Siemens A&D related to the production and logistics areas in modules PP/MM.

Nov. 2000 – Jan 2001:
I developed a system under SAP Online Programming in order to be able to better control special orders coming from the USA and Canada. The system is able to produce graphics indicating the status of the orders and more.

The requirements regarding the development of this system was initiated by the production department. However, the functionality of the system was enlarged and improved over the time so that it could be also used by the logistics, engineering, auditing and production management.

Aug. – Oct 2000:
Active participation in the update process of the SAP system from version 3.0F to 4.7D, which included training of end users, program tests, documentation, etc.

Jan. – Mai 2000:
Reengineering process in the production department, which involved the normativity of activities and capacity in the 3 areas of the plant (single phase motors, three-phase motors and electronic devices), as well as support, training and new developments in module PP for the employees.
On-location or remote
Germany or France

Schon seit über 12 Jahre habe ich mit ABAP/4, SAP Dialog Programing und ABAP Objects in vielen Module (meistens MM) gearbeitet, um die Endanwender mit echten Lösungen zu unterstützen. Ich habe in teilweisen oder vollständigen Implementierungsprozesse des SAP Systems teilgenommen.

Große Erfahrung beim Erzeugen von Listen in vielen Modulen durch ABAP Queries und Quick viewer, sowie Datenübertragung mittels Batch Input Mappen, Direct Input, BDC, RFC-fähige Funktionen und BAPIs.

Entwicklung von einfachen oder komplexen Systemen mit SAP Dialog Programming sowie Erzeugung bzw. Anpassung von SAPscript, SmartForms und Adobe Formularen. Ich habe mit SmartForms gearbeitet um PDF-Dateien zu erzeugen, die als eMail (Business Work Place) geschickt oder von einer Web Seite (BSP-Entwicklung) heruntergeladen werden.

Erfahrung beim Leiten einer kleinen Arbeitsgruppe von Programmierer und Endanwender wenn neue, komplexe Entwicklungen eingeführt oder specifische Projekten durchgeführt wurden.

Know-how in Datenarchivierung und Dokumentenverwaltung unter SAP um die Information der Materialen, Ersatzteile, Standardpläne & Equipments zu erweitern und diese in das Dokumentverwaltungssystem zu speichern.

Beherrschung der SAP Netweaver Technologie Business Server Pages (BSP-Seiten) und ABAP Objects, sowie der herumliegenden Web-basierten Entwicklungstechnologien, wie Javascript, HTML & D-HTML um Web Lösungen zur Verfügung zu stellen. In diesem Bereich habe ich über 15 Monate Erfahrung gesammelt, sowohl in Version 6.20 als auch 6.40 & 7.0. Desweiteren, habe ich manche Entwicklungen angelegt, die XML-Dateien erzeugen, um die Information der Materialen von der Webseite herunterzuladen.

Ich habe mit folgenden Versionen des SAP R/3 Systems gearbeitet: 3.0F, 4.0B, 4.6C, 4.6D, 4.7, 6.20, 6.40 & 7.0 (SAP Netweaver 2004s)

Als Allrounder-Entwickler habe ich viel oder teilweise mit folgenden Module zu tun gehabt:

MM *****
HR ***
SD **
PP **
FI/CO **
PS **
QM *
WM *

Die * bedeuten die Erfahrung als Entwickler in den o.s. Module. Im Falle des Moduls HR, es ist nicht nur als Entwickler sondern kenne ich mich relativ gut aus.

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