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Julien Murtin

Gameplay Programmer (Unreal Engine 4/Unity)

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  • Freelancer in
  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 40 €/hour 300 €/day
  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 15.11.2017
Profileimage by Julien Murtin Gameplay Programmer (Unreal Engine 4/Unity) from
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  • Gameplay mechanics implementation
  • Technical design documents redaction
  • Object Oriented programming
  • Knowledges in graphic programming
  • Assets integration (3D/2D)
  • Tools development
  • Code review
  • Scrum/Sprint Planning

  • Unreal Engine 4 (C++/Blueprints)
  • Unity3D (C#)
  • Visual Studio
  • Version Control (Git/Mercurial/Perforce)
  • Java (Android/Processing)
  • HTML5/Css3/Javascript (ES6/Next)
  • Php/SQL/NoSQL
  • OpenGL/OpenGLES/WebGL
  • DirectX (<12)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Blender
  • Microsoft Office
  • Unix Systems
Previous Jobs
  • Unity Scripting Teacher, LISAA (Part Time)
    09/2017 - 07/2018 (Paris, France)
    In charge of teaching Unity and Scripting to 1st and 2nd years of the school’s game formation.
    3h per week.
  • Gameplay Engineer, The Last Kind
    07/2016 - 05/2017 (Shanghai, China)
    Implementation of game mechanics on Eden:Renaissance, mainly focused on the second main character. Diverse tasks such as TDD redaction, tools development, sprint planning, code review, ...
  • Front-end Developer, Oyez
    10/2014 - 03/2016 (Paris, France)
    HTML5/Css3/Js/Php development.
  • Gameplay Programmer, Millenium Studio
    09/2013 - 07/2014 (Tours, France)
    HaXe and Js development.
  • 3D Artist/Web Developer, Spacegoo
    02/2012 - 09/2013 (Palaiseau, France)
    Native WebGL Development.

Projects Completed
  • Eden: Renaissance, by The Last Kind
    2016-2017, released on July 24th 2017 on iOS, Android
    Eden: Renaissance is a Puzzle/Adventure game inspired from the GO series from Square-Enix.
  • Giants: The Awakaning, by ISART Digital
    2013-2014, released on Google Play Store
    Giants is a platformer especially thougt for touch devices. It was our final year project at ISART Digital.
    Won the Gameplay price of the school, with special mentions for its art direction and soundtrack.
  • Beacon
    Solo work on November 2017 Epic’s MegaJam, Unreal Engine 4
    A Pacman inspired game, where you evolve in a darkness filled maze while evading monsters which wants to steal your light.
  • Deus Hex Machina
    HTML5, Planned for a remake with Unreal Engine 4
    Deus Hex Machina is an HTML5 puzzle game created during ISART’s HTML5 Game Jam of 2013.
    The goal of the game is to redirect a ray of light in an hexagonal grid, and manipulating it to match the target color.
  • Need For Sheep
    Created during ISART’s HTML5 Game Jam of 2014, Need For Sheep is inspired from the Lemmings game.
    You control a wolf whose the main goal is to direct a hard of sheeps to its lair, without killing them doing so.
Located in Paris area (France).
Can move around Paris area (France), and occasionally anywhere in the world, depending on the travel cost.

Available all week, except Friday morning from 9am to 12am (GMT+1).

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