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Last update: 21.03.2018

junior frontend content writer translator and sound design

Company: freelancer
Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Full Professional)


translation iot Frontend Sound Designer 3D Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Augmented & Virtual Reality content writer Internet of Things Internet of Things (IOT) Portuguese English ableton live csound maxmsp maxforlive supercollider HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Bootstrap Node.js git




translation - english to portuguese
translation - portuguese to english

perfect skills within translating anything from portuguese to english, and from english to portuguese

junior frontend developer:
- html, css, javascript, bootstrap essentials, npm, gulp, node.js, wordpress

extensive experience customozing templates, and implementing very simple mockups, out of pre-existing code

sound design:
advanced skills

can make projects really quickly in terms of sound design for vr xr ar and iot, as well as motion graphics, etc
skills: ableton live, maxmsp, maxforlive, csound, puredata, supercollider

content writer
can write content really efficiently and quickly

Project history

contributed to:
- opensource repositories on github, having had mentions by google in tensorflow changelog and mozilla in addons repository wiki, and many other projects, mostly in terms of documentation

laboured for imaginando, a company working within music software scope, for a short period of time

laboured for lusologia, a company dealing with frontend webservices, fro a short period of time

worked in artave, a prestigious school of classical music, in portugal, as a sound engineer, having recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered, more then 30 concerts, and sound engineered a considerable amount of them, with minor things related to sound amplfiicaton, etc.

had an activity as a professional musician for over 17 years, having played classical music, pop music, electronic, electroaocustic, experimental music, and free improvisation

had an activity as a sound designer collaborating in several projects


Time and spatial flexibility

full flexibility (perfer to work at home)


always eagering to make the world a better place

every tried every failed no matter try again fail again fail better

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