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PHP, C#, JAVA, Andriod, iOS - Developer, Development payment system, ISO8583

Company: AppStar
Graduation: St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of System Programming
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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual)


I Provide services in professional development, unique software, strategic and technological it consulting, optimization of business processes, implementation of lean production, system integration, maintenance and support, and full cycle web development, mobile applications.

I have rich experience of implementing automated systems on platforms of leading world developers: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP etc. as well as own developments.

My experience with web development for over 20 years, as well as experience in the development of payment systems in the largest banks.
Further, the development of mobile applications. I also develop payment systems. Integration of various payment gateways and integration with thousands of APIs.
I was personally involved in the development of Banks receiving credit card payment protocols: ISO8583. And also launched a project with fleet cards.

In web I know: php 4 to 7.2, perl, (c#), Java, javascript T-SQL: MySQL, Postgress, MSSQL, Oracle, sqlLite Non-sql: mongodb Frameworks: Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Yii, ZendFramework, Symphony, Angular, jQuery CMF: Modx CMS: WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, 1c-Bitrix, LiveStreet Company management. Acting as project manager. Direct examination of IT and consulting. Implementation of lean manufacturing. The development of mobile applications on the Java, C #, Objective C for Android, iOS, Windows Phone. More then 20+ years PHP development! More then 6+ C#, Java development! Architect heavily systems. Payment systems. Knowledge of ISO8583 financial protocol. The development of payment systems and implementation. IBM WebSphere, MGW (MQ), XML-GateWay, OpenWay4 Windows Server Administration, Active Directory, Kerio, VPN. Linux Administration (openSuSE, FreeBSD, Ubuntu): MTA, Route, DNS, DHCP, Web, Samba server, squid + dansguardian + clamav. Server optimization. TCP-stack. Developing applications for Linux. Developing drivers for NT. Experience in working with undocumented features and internal structures of the OS, understanding of the principles and mechanisms work in Ring-0. Possession of programming languages: PHP, Perl, C ++, .NET (C #,, Java, VB6, ASM, including possession of debugging tools SoftICE / WinDBG, OllyDBG. Good knowledge of the architecture of Windows operating systems, Win32 API, knowledge of Native API, DDK / WDK. Development and administration of databases: MySQL, MS SQL 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 Web-master (xHTML, CSS, Flash, to develop its own CMS, WordPress modification, Joomla, LiveStreet, Drupal, etc.), XML, XSLT. SEO-experts - display sites the TOP-5. Carrying out of context and virus companies. Creating a process control system: SCADA-systems (inTouch, InduSoft Web Studio, Genesis, Fix 32, WinCC), development tools, process control software: IsaGraf, Embedded Visual C ++, RSLogics, Step5, Step7, TRACE MODE, Schneider electric (UnityPro XL), LonMaker.

Project history

AppStar LTD
Saint Petersburg,
Management of commercial and financial activities of the company;
• Development and implementation of the company's development strategy;
• Operational management;
• Launch of startups and application of Lean production techniques;
   Development and production worlds projects: stock P2P credit.
Launch of the joint procurement platform;

Launch of payment System in Brazil, according to ISO 8583 standard. Fleet Cards.

The management of commercial, financial activities of the company;
• Development and implementation of the development strategy of the company;
• Operational management;
• Organized the company from scratch;
• Launched and developed effective, profitable business;
• Set the system of regular management: have formed an effective team;
• Implemented an efficient production system.
The company which created value:
Sberbank, RESO, Kawasaki, DiHouse, Skoda, Porsche Design, Hawle, sang and many more.
Main areas of competencies:
Mobile Application development (iOS, Andriod uses Sberbank)
Optimization and automation of business processes
API and Integration
Development of web solutions and startups

Self-employment / private practice / freelance
Saint Petersburg
Project manager
Development of complex startups:
- Development of Search map service (C#, Sphinx, Zend)
- Development of geolocation service (iOS, Android, HardWare Tracker, Java SE 6/7, Web, Payment systems)

Lean manufacturing coordinator in Information Technology
Coordinatorthe the implementation of activities under the Sberbank Production System in it (lean technologies, Kaizen practice)
The monitoring and implementation of initiatives, the reporting of PSS activities in the IT
Trained according to the international standard of project management IPMA

Senior Developer
Payment Development System
Implementation and support of Systems
Administration and configuration Systems
Monitoring performance and health Systems
Consulting, development of guidelines and recommendations for users
Development of technical documentation
Implementation of online interaction between the billing and service providers
Revision of the payment system of the savings Sberbank
Script setup the DC (POS, ATMs)

Neva Travel
The development of online sales of tours for individuals.
Participated as lead programmer in the development and implementation of the system of online booking air and railway tickets, hotels, etc., based on the use of third-party modules.
Development gateway (switch) to the reservation system of hotels based on XML.
Payment modules using third-party services (Assist).
Support and development of current business systems.
The development of new projects and systems support the business systems.
Refactoring existing projects.
Development of public web services. (ASP.NET)
Support for additional websites (Perl, PHP) LTD
OOO "Oborudka.Ru " – LTD
Development of High-Load Internet portal and friendly resources (industry direction):,,, ahhh!
Output sites on key queries in the TOP 5, TOP 3 search engines.
Analysis and audit of partner sites.
Conduct a comprehensive optimization of the sites.
Interaction with advertisers.
Conducting advertising campaigns.
Administration and configuration of servers under linux, providing work High-Load Internet portal, providing hosting services to partner websites (websites, corporate e-mail+clamav+SpamAssasian, ftp, ssh, vnc, cron, backup, setup php and mysql). Configuring zones, DNS.
Using technology PHP 5 + MySQL, wrote CMS for the portal
As a result of the work performed, the total number of queries decreased by 200 times, tables by 10 times, code by 10 times, page rendering by 1000 times.
To" usability " and reduce requests to the server used jQuery + asynchronous execution of php-scripts that refer to Soapserver, hashing SQL queries.
For the operation of the portal is used by server optimization: setting up apache2+nginx, zend, eAccelerator, MySQL optimization.
The portal produced a full range of SEO optimization, which led to a significant increase in attendance and conversion. Significantly increased functionality and user experience.

Leading specialist of Internet projects and payment system support Department
Payment terminal configuration ahhh!
Technologies used – Windows Embedded POSREADY
support for peripheral devices (card reader, EPP, check printer, banknote dispenser In/Out, etc.) in POS-terminals.
Development and connection to the system of new services for HOA, Internet providers, etc.
Technologies used-MS SQL Server, TCP/ IP, XML, Macromedia Flash, etc.
Creation of billing allowing to pay for any services with plastic cards.
Billing uses the universal payment system eKassir ( and Bank of Moscow processing center. The technologies used are C#, MS SQL, financial Protocol ISO8583, TCP / IP, eKassir.
Implemented a web interface for billing. Setting up web servers.
Technologies used-DMZ, SSL, PHP, MS SQL, IIS
Implemented sms-service for Internet Banking.
The technologies used are C# and Siemens GSM Modem, Com – port.

Engineer APCS - Programmer of Embedded Controllers
Website development company 'NPP 'Itiat".
Technologies used-PHP, MySQL, Joomla
Local network administration of the company ICITAP.
Technologies used-Windows Server 2008, AD
Creating an operator for southern Russian auxiliary power Plants, YANAO.
The technologies used are the InduSoft Web Studio 6.1 SP3 SCADA system. Logic programming in ISaGRAF Embedded 3.55. Controllers-PLCs-ARM 4 (8746 series WinCon and I-8000)
Main purpose: control of diesel generator set. It includes control of heating systems, ventilation systems, control of pumping equipment. Communication with heat meters and gas meters via ModBus RTU Protocol is carried out.
Gained experience in the field of automation:
The creation of SCADA-systems diagrams of the technological processes: InTouch, InduSoft Web Studio 6.1, Genesis, Fix 32, КРУГ-2000, WinCC, TRACE MODE, Nova Pro.
Experience in the use of PLC firms: Siemens, Allen-Bradley, ICP DAS.
PLC programming in languages: ISaGRAF Embedded 3.55, Embedded Visual C++, RSLogics, Step5, Step7, TRACE MODE, Schneider electric (UnityPro XL), Visual Studio 2008.

Programmer of Embedded Controllers
Writing programs for controllers and development on SCADA systems.
InduSoft Web Studio 6.1, Genesis, ISaGRAF Embedded 3.55

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