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Last update: 08.03.2019

Business Development Manager

Company: Oldmin Team
Graduation: BSc. Computer Science
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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Russian (Native or Bilingual) | Ukrainian (Native or Bilingual)


We are a team of highly motivated result oriented developers who work in close contact with our clients to ensure we don’t only meet but exceed their expectations in developing the best product possible. We are experienced in technologies such as Python, Angular, React, React Native, JavaScript, Blockchain, Bitcoin and Etherium nodes.

Project history

We developed several bots for social cryptocurrency intended for tipping on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, Slack, Telegram and Discord. Additionally, we made part of an ICO, we worked with smart contracts, and developed a dashboard with a UI. We also developed a platform where people could create their own smart contracts, ICO’s and create/exchange tokens. Currently we are busy with an exchange platform with a big amount of external services, all logic here is built on smart contracts and we successfully implemented Hyperledger Fabric. Our part on these projects were both front-end and back-end. On these projects we used: Python/Django, Angular, Celery, Docker, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Nodes, Hyperledger Fabric, Web3py.

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Only available for the countries Ukraine

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