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Edwin Montero Carballo


Last update: 22.04.2019

System Engineer espacialized in Excel

Company: HiperExcel
Graduation: Systems engineering
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Languages: English (Limited professional)


- I have experience designing and delivering training courses and I’ve been
working with Excel by the end of 90’s as an user, a Developer and a Trainer.
- Coordinated the various tasks of system development – Planning, designing,
and integration (including formal testing) and oversaw full transition into
- Worked on various third-party system components and in areas such as:
development, migration, engineering, pre-sales, production, operations and
product management.
- Managed system conguration and its documentation to make sure planning
and execution were run eciently.
- Automated system monitoring tasks using standard observation tools.
- Worked closely with multiple partners to support product integration.
- Created schedules and prepared internal and data-system reports for backup

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Director of HyperExcel International

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