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Dennis Gaspar


Last update: 09.04.2020

Senior C++ Developer, Senior C# Development

Graduation: System Analysis
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Portuguese (Full Professional)




Wide experience in software development and knowledge of several technologies. Strong teamwork skill. International business trips, Sweden and Korea, in order to attend courses, technologies transfer and software development

Languages and time expirence:
     C/C++  =>  13.6 years + Microsoft Certified.
     .Net C#  => 5.6 years.
     Java => 1 year + Sun certified.
     Smalltalk => 2 years.

Project history

Senior Software Engineer

Language Proficiency
  • Portuguese: Fluent
  • English: Fluent
  • Bachelor: Bachelor of Systems Analysis at “Universidade de Ribeirão Preto” – 1992
Specialization and Certification
  • Samsung Software Development Professional Level – SIDI/2017
  • Software architecture, Componentization and SOA – Unicamp/2007
  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 (CX-310-035) - 2004
  • Microsoft Certified Developing Applications with C++ Using the Microsoft Foundation Class Library – 2000
Duration         : 7 years (April/2012 - April/2019) - Campinas
Role                : Development, Architecture and Technical Coordination
Description    : Participation of several projects
  • DeviceViewer:  Technical Coordination, architecture and Development (C#/WPF/ MVVM and SQLite). Description:  Kiosk Application to display technical features about the notebook Samsung on sale process (6 months)
  • Pc Gallery: Development and Architecture (C#/UWP/MVVM, API Rest - JSON, SQLite). Description:  Samsung application to view and save photos from phone directly to PC using cloud and local medias. (2.2 years)
  • Samsung Link: Development and architecture (C++/STL/GDI/COM and SQLite): Description: Samsung application that connect all devices in one place for integrated search and playback for music, photos, documents and videos remotely. (2.6 years)
  • Windows FAQ: Technical Coordination, architecture and Development (C#, HTML CSS, XML). Description:  Application that assists the Customer how to use the Windows OS 8.1 (6 months)
  • Support Center: Development and Architecture (Visual C++/MFC/GDI). Description: Samsung application that assists the Customer in correcting the Notebook's own errors, as well as in the performance of the machine. (1 year)
- Code Development using all those technologies mentioned above.
- Creation of architecture and project design solution using UML diagrams.
- Multi-threading and task-based asynchronous programming
- Communication with the "Samsung Cloud" using API (JSON), event-oriented architecture, etc.
- Debugging, Tracing, Static and Dynamic Analysis of code (Profiling).
- Agile/Kanban/SCRUM for implementation of activities using JIRA and Confluence.
- Creating a new build job in Jenkins with Git.
- Technical coordinator – Preliminary estimation of the project, Technical support for Scrum  Team and Scrum Master, Code review, Functional tests.
- Business trip to Korea for 3 months to software development.

Valor Econômico
Duration         : 2 years and 1 months (February/2010 – March/2012) – São Paulo
Role                : Development
Description    : System that provide quotations of more than 160 currencies in real time from macroeconomic indicators of Brazil and several other countries
Responsibilities: Ticker Plant Project
- Development of C++ prototypes to evaluate performance in the Windows (Windows 7) and Linux (Redhat) environment using threads and socket.
- Development of prototypes in several technologies .net/C#, with focus on highest performance. Technologies used: DLinq, PLINQ, WCF, Socket and nHibernate.
- System development using C++/STL/Boost, .net/C # and FIX protocol (Financial Information Exchange protocol)
- Use of Red Hat MRG (Messaging, Real-Time and Grid) in the integration of messaging and distributed computing technologies.
- Use of Oracle database and SQL Server.
- Development of DLL in C++ that extends the functionality of the SNMP protocol to do the monitoring of the services in the network.

Sony Ericsson /Venturus
Duration         : 3 years and 3 months (August/2006 - October/2009) - Campinas
Role                : Development, Architecture and Technical Coordination
Description    : Participation of several projects.
  • Anime XML: Development (Java SE). Description: Plugin for Eclipse responsible for automating the process of developing the user interfaces of the phone. (6 months)
  • Device Database: Development (Java SE). Description: Plugin for Netbeans, responsible for checking the WebService from Sony Ericsson and bring information about the devices of each phone model. (4 months)
  • TestRT: Development (C#). Description: Add-in for Visual Studio 2005, responsible for integration between IBM Rational Test RealTime (tool that verify code quality) and the phone project. (1 year)
  • LibGen: Development (Visual C++): Add-in for Visual Studio 6.0 responsible for generating libraries for phone project. (3 months)
  • TreeMenu Editor: Development (C#) Application to automate the testing of mobile phones through the synchronization between a phone and an XML database. (1 year)
- Creation of architecture and design solution of projects using UML diagrams.
- Development of plug-ins for NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 6.0.
- Business travels to Sweden.
- Use of the SCRUM methodology for implementation of activities.

VMP Mortgage Solution / Formax Software
Duration         : 7 years and six months (January 1999 – July 2006) - Campinas
Role                : Development
Description    :
  • I-32 Forms Design is a form design application responsible for creating, designing and printing forms.
  • I-32 Featuring Editor is a form automation application responsible for customization and intelligence of the forms.
- Object oriented programming using the Visual C++ 6.0 language, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library), ATL COM and XML DOM.
- Architecture definition and UML diagrams.

Sudameris/ Procomp
Duration         : 8 months (May 1998 – December 1998) – São Paulo
Role                : Development
Description    : System development for bank automation.
-Object oriented programming using VisualAge/Smalltalk and Sybase database.
-Development of cash system prototype in order to present it in the bank fair organized by FEBRABAN (Federação Brasileira de Bancos).
-Development of message queue application using the MQSeries in the communication between the host and the server.

IBM /Pró-Sistemas
Duration         : 1 year and 5 months (November 1996 – April 1998) – Sumaré
Role                : Development
Description    : Development of an Integrated System of Planning and Control of Production. Client/server system to plan and control metallurgic company CSN (Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional).
-Object oriented programming using the VisualAge/Smalltalk and object oriented database GemStone.
- Use of UML (Unified Modeling Language) in the elaboration of the Use Case Diagram, State Diagram, and Sequence Diagram.
- Quality verification of code developed by others developers.

Duration         : 1 year and 1 month (October 1995 – October 1996) - Campinas
Role                : Developer
Description    : Trópico RA - ET-OMS (workstation responsible for operation, maintenance, and supervision of central telephonic).
-Object oriented programming using the Visual C++ 5.0 language, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library).
Ticket Restaurantes / Compromisso Eng. de Sistemas
Duration         : 3 months (July 1995 – September 1995) – São Paulo
Role                : Developer
Description    :  Accountancy system developed for “Ticket Restaurantes” company.
Responsibilities: Development of system using Visual Basic language and MS-Access database.

CSN / Automídia Informática
Duration         : 7 months (January 1995 – June 1995) - Campinas
Role                : Developer
Description    :  Automation of the graphics emission used by CSN (Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional) superintendents.
-Development of the system using the Visual Basic language.
-Utilization of OLE and DDE in the integration with MS-Excel, from which is responsible for graphic generations.

Duration         : 1 year and 4 months. (September 1993 – December 1994) - Campinas
Role                : Developer
Description    :  NTIA Software Environment is a tool used for application development on statistical matrix calculus and information retrieval.
Responsibilities: Platform migration of the application implemented in DOS to Windows 3.1, using the "C" Programming Language

CTI (Centro de Tecnologia para Informática)
Duration         : 6 months (March 1993 – August 1993) - Campinas
Role                : Intern
Description    : System used to filter sound of particular frequencies.
Responsibilities:  Study, development and tests of applications using C/C++
Technical Training:
  • Querying Data with Transact-SQL – December/18 - edX | Online courses
  • Asynchronous Programming in C# and .NET Core – June/18 - edX | Online courses
  • Build Web APIs using ASP.NET – April/18 - edX | Online courses
  • Introduction to XAML and Application Development – March/18 - edX | Online courses
  • Designing Advanced Applications using XAML – January/18  -  edX | Online courses
  • Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps - Part 3 - December/17 - edX | Online courses
  • Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps - Part 2 - November/17 - edX | Online courses
  • Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps - Part 1 -  September/17 - edX | Online courses
  • Visual C++ Training – 40 hours -  Agit Informatica  - August/12
  • Java Swing Training Course. 16 hours - March/09. Dextra.
  • Scrum Project Management. 8 hours. May/08. Aspercom
  • Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows. 20 hours - January/07. Ka Solution
  • Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework. 20 hours, January/07. Ka Solution
  • Programming with C#”. 20 hours -Novermber/03. Formax Software.    
  • C++ advanced programming. 20 hours - August/01. Unicamp.
  • Object Oriented Project – Advanced.  20 hours. October/01 at Unicamp.
  • Component Development Using the Active Template Library (COM). 40 hours -april/00. TBA Informática.
  • Developing Application whit C++ Using The Microsoft Foundation Class Library - Advanced. 40 hours - january/99. Itautec.
  • Quality, working in-group, communication. 32 hours January/97
  • Developing application in VisualAge Smalltalk. 80 hours - November/96. IBM 
  • Paradigms of Object Oriented. 24 hours. December/96 – CPqD
  • -Windows-Based Programming Using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library). 40 hours - february/96. Centro Educacional Solaris.
  • Introduction Visual C++ 1.5 and Object-Oriented Prog. + Prog. C++ (Visual C++). 40 hours - December/95. Centro Educacional Solaris.

Local Availability

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Profileimage by Dennis Gaspar Senior C++ Developer,  Senior C# Development from CAMPINAS Senior C++ Developer, Senior C# Development