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Profileimage by Asif Lakehsar Softwareentwickler Java, JSP, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript from Muenchen
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Profileimage by Asif Lakehsar Softwareentwickler Java, JSP, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript from Muenchen
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o Experience with software develoment tools Netbeans and Eclipse.
o Programing languages: JSP, JSF, Perl, C/C++, Java, Python, XML.
o Experience in shell programming (ksh/csh/sh, awk, sed).
o Versioncontrol: CVS, RCS
o Experience with NIS / NFS / automounter.
o Planing und implementing of Client-Server-Architecture.
o Experience with Adminstration tool \\\"Venus\\\" used in a cluster of
more than 2000 clients.
o Operating system UNIX, Linux, Microsoft, Mac-OS, DOS.
o Troubleshooting of hardware und software problems.
o Installation of Apache Web-Server.
o Designing and constructing html-pages for WWW server and
programing CGI-BIN Scripts.
o Experience with vi, emacs, Jot editors.
o Network systems: TCP/IP, UDP, Ethernet, Tokenring.
o Text editing systems: LaTex, MS-Word 6.0.
o Database systems: mysql, PostgreSQL.
o scientific design and implementation of data base structures (PostgreSQL)
as well as interface development (Java) in context of international biodiversity
informatic project (GBIF, Species2000)
o Development of interfaces of Interoperability Data base and browser-based
Thin-Clients (JSP, Displaytag)
o Installation and support of JSPwiki.
o Maintainence & development of Workflow tool using Programming
Language perl (Update: Java/Python/xml)
o Installation and Support Jobflow-Tool LSF (Load Sharing Facility).
o Installation from WWW-Server and developing WWW-pages and
programing CGI-BIN Scripts.
o Developed a printer tool on heterogen workstation cluster.
o Developed fallback user konzept
o Developed a communication test tool for Token Ring network on IBM
RS/6000 for the mission critical real time operating system MELODY
using C language and TCP/IP and UDP protocols.
o Developed and implemented an aplication software Persistent Search
Tree for LEDA ([L]ibrary of [E]fficient [DA]ta Structure) at
Max-Planck-Institut of computer science (Saarbr?cken, Germany).
o Jointly designed Arabic/Urdu text editor ArabTex at the department
of computer science, University of Stuttgart (Germany).
University Education
o 1987-1994: Master's in Computer Science with optional subject
Business administration, Grade: Good.

Final Examinations

+ Efficient algorithm and theory of complexity
+ Geometrical algorithm
+ Data structure for sets
+ Operating systems
+ Theory of Compiler
+ Operation research (Business administration)

Master's Thesis

+ Implementation of persistent search trees using C++
programing language and solving point location problem with
help of persistent search trees and LEDA ([L]ibrary of
[E]fficient [DA]ta structure) at Max-Planck-Institut for
Computer Science (Saarbrücken, Germany).


+ Methods of analyzing and construction of plans, Prof. Dr.
W. Wahlster.
+ Algorithmic geometry by Prof. Dr. Kurt Mehlhorn.

o 1985-86: German Language course (Saarbrücken, Germany).

o 1982-84: Bachelor of Science, main subjects: Maths und Physics

School Education

o 1980-82: Higher School Certificate (Islamabad, Pakistan)
o 1970-80: Secondary School Certificate (Nowshera, Pakistan)


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