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Last update: 18.11.2019

Python Developer

Graduation: BS (mathematician) CAD & PC, Mozhaisky Military Space Academy, St.Petersburg, 1978-1983
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Languages: English (Limited professional)


I am in computer technology, working in the Internet and developing client-server applications over the years since 1983, when I was professional graduated in one of the best Russian high-educational engineering school.
Today, my skills and interests associated with such tools as Python, C++/#, JavaScript and another general independent tools, which strikes me as more preferable and productive to create a modern, interactive web-based applications.

My expertise is in software developing with (since 2003):
- Linux, Windows
- Python 3 (Flask, Django)
- MySQL/MSSQLServer/PostgreSQL/SQLite, ORM (SQLAlchemy)
- NoSQL DB (MongoDB) is possible
- Celery-RebbitMQ-Redis distributed task queue
- HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript with Web2.0, jQuery and AJAX, apache
- experience to build windows services with Python, multithreading
- GUI development (PyQt)
- json, xml, regular expressions, bootstrap, jquery-ui, and other.

My preference is development of complex software templates and functional models (not commercial web-designing).
I am ready to help anyone who would like to create web-sites and services (backend/frontend) from the ground up for you or your business or research any existent projects.

Recently, I have been interested in Machine Learning and Data Science technologies such as:
- PyImageSearch (deep learning face detection, opencv, simple neural networks)
- Google Dialogflow (chat bot modeling)
- basic tools (Numpy, Scipy/Scikit, Pandas)
- Jupyther notebook.

Thank you for your attention.

Project history

12/2015 - Present
Developer & Software Engineer
Rosan Finance (50-250 employees)
Industry and mechanical engineering
Project scope: WEB PersoStation Management System, Intranet Web portal & Windows Service.
Technologies used: Python3.4/Flask/MSSQL14/SQLite/Apache2.4.

Please ask me to get URL and login for access (intranet only, disabled by security reasons).

Number of developers: 1+provider support.
Duration: 6 monthes.

09/2011 - 03/2014
Senior specialist of IT department
CG DoorHan Product’s Costs Calculation (500-1000 employees)
Industry and mechanical engineering
Project scope: Product’s Cost Calculating and Configutation Design (more 90 web modules).

Localization: Russian/English/Chech.

Technologies used: Python2.7/Flask/XML/SQLite/Apache2.2.
Number of developers: 2+provider support.
Duration: 1 year 10 monthes.

06/2009 - 09/2010
oDesk freelancer
MakingPlans CO UK (10-50 employees)
Consumer goods and retail

Private technological site for a foreign company (GB).

Please ask me to get URL and login for access (intranet only, disabled by security reasons).

Key words: Python 2.6, Django 1.0.2, Apache 1.3, 2.0.64, CentOS 5.

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