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Last update: 06.09.2022

Software Engineer

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Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Native or Bilingual) | Bosnian (Native or Bilingual)


As a programming enthusiast I'm always looking for a challenge.
More than 8 years of experience in software development with C/C++, GoLang, Java, Scala, Erlang, JavaScript, developing a variety of algorithms, scripts and programs. Having a lot of knowledge and experience regarding mobile and web solutions, backend, trading and enterprise solutions.

Project history

02/2019 - Present
Back-End Engineer
SwissBlockTech A.G. (10-50 employees)
Banks and financial services

Working as a back-end engineer on an algorithmic trading platform, developing components for market data collection, analysis and third-party financial markets integration.

Achievement Highlights:

●  Developed a distributed system for market data collection for 10+ financial institutions ( stock, crypto, forex ), using Go, C++, with GRPC, Kafka, ZMQ, Cassandra, running on K8s.
●  Developed a portfolio manager for financial third-party integrations, with state management and trading strategy specific requirements.
●  Involvement in the development of trading strategies using CMAs, with backtesting platform development.
●  Development of data processing tools, which include OrderBook management, trade data derivation ( OHLCV and indicators ), trade scheduling.

06/2016 - 03/2019
Software Engineer
Working as a software engineer on various projects, which focus mostly on finances, banking and social

Achievement Highlights:
* Was part of a team that is in charge of developing soft real-time data transfer and management
system which included: MQTT protocol integration for stock exchange quotes, a fully functional chat
system, data management and integrations with MetaTrader 4, social components and social data
management via soft real-time flow. It was an endeavor focused mostly on implementing a
microservice architecture, together with new technologies which are on the rise, like Scala, Go, Erlang,
RealTime Protocols (MQTT, FIX) and database systems, which include: PostgreSQL, Cassandra,
ElasticSearch. Mostly our focus is to deliver the most reliable solution for forex trading. With the
newest architecture we devised with this, using Kubernetes, general microservice architecture, we are
able to scale rapidly now and have increased our trading volume exponentially. ( | )
* The other initiative I was a part of was our ICO, where we developed a fully functional wallet with our
ECR20 token NGC, and support for all major crypto currencies and tokens. The ICO raised over 45 mil $
in 15 days, starting from 1st December 2017.
* Developed a fully functional system for soft real-time data flow ( chat, notifications, generic data
routing ) using XMPP and HBase for Swipestox. Tech stack was Java, HBase, PostgreSQL, Swift with
later support for Firebase. The system was discontinued in favor of the previously mentioned MQTT
implementation which focused more on mobile client overhead and resource consumption.
* Developed a huge part of the NAGA exchange ( ), focused mostly on microservice
architecture. The tech stack included: Go, Scala, PostgreSQL, Erlang

05/2016 - 03/2019
Software Engineer
Ministry of Programming D.O.O.
Working as a software engineer on various projects, which focus mostly on open source initiatives and

Achievement Highlights:
* Developing a general solution for social networking, in specific areas, such as: Chat, Notify systems,
Syncing and data storage. This includes mostly R&D and incorporating the best methods, which are
chosen by vigorous testing. This includes mostly covering specific cases and making them generic for
mass scalability and usage, which is defined by the provided tech stack: Erlang, Go, HBase, PostgreSQL,
Node.JS, Java, Scala and some others which are case specific.

01/2014 - 03/2019
Software Engineer/Consultant
GISO Technologies
Working as a software engineer on different telecommunication services which include, but are not limited to:
SMS (SMPP), VoIP, Asterisk, PBX.

Achievement Highlights:
* Developed a global solution for mobile communications, which focuses mostly on SMS, Push
notifications, low bandwidth data transfer and data management, which includes mobile client state
management. The tech stack includes: Erlang, Java, Swift, Scala, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ,
Node.JS, Angular 1.x and data visualisation. Protocols which play a huge role: SMPP, MQTT, AMQP with
different data formatting standards.
* Worked on an SMS platform for rerouting and delivering messages via direct routes which are being
used by Twilio and Google. This mostly includes focus on the SMPP protocol with big data solutions via
HBase. There is also focus on web development for customer relations ( Dashboard and API ), which
are implemented in Node.JS, PostgreSQL and Angular 1.x.

05/2015 - 06/2016
Software Engineer
Worked as a software developer on 4 projects. One is the flagship project of our company called
MotiffNetwork( The other ones I am entitled not to say anything about.

Achievement Highlights:
* Worked on an iOS app for car insurance in the East Coast (US).
* Worked on an Android app used for BitCoin information and news (CoinDesk).
* Worked on Motiff as a developer and architect using Node.JS, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch,
ZeroMQ. There are many more technologies involved, but that information is disclosed.

11/2013 - 07/2014
Software Developer
Worked as a software developer using C and C# .Net for enterprise system application development and using
Objective-C for mobile application development. Achievement Highlights:
* Developed an iOS app for SMS marketing. The app is on the Apple Store.
* Developed a web service in C# .Net for the mobile app and the web app for SMS marketing which
wrapped the system app written in C.
* Developed an enterprise system app using native C which implemented the SMPP protocol, wrapped it
to be available using a web server, developed in C, and to provide persistency made a C module to use
many database types.
* Developed a web service for VoIP using SIP with a usable API to be used in production. The same
system was used for sending Faxes over www.Intern,

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Only available for the countries Bosnia-Herzegovina
Willing to travel, spend some time on-site, visa-free for EU. REMOTE Only!

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