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Carlos Eduardo Da Silva


Last update: 20.01.2023

SD Consultant, SD Consultant, SD Consultant

Graduation: BA Business Manager
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Full Professional)




Consultant with seventeen years of professional experience been sixteen as a SD consultant (sales and distribution) and one year as ABAP development. I’m certified in sales and distribution in the 4.7 SAP R/3 version. I have the stronger knowledge in SD module and take part of seventeen different projects being two implementation and many rollouts.
I worked with almost all SAP versions since 4.0 to ECC 6.0 version. Experience in configuration of processes flow of the scenarios in sales distribution, customizing and impact analysis with integration others modules. I have responsibility in create documentation of customized system, make training of end users supports after go live. Experience in configuration of the Brazil localization to apply SAP notes regarding TAXBRA and TAXBRA, also industrial solution specialist (IS-OIL Downstream) for SD with knowledge oil business processes and big ability to organize the functionalities for customers in the operation area with oil and gas.
Configuration in the sales processes (sales order, item category, pricing procedure, availability, credit, requirements, output, text, partner), organizational structure, contracts (commercial agreements, conclusion rule, validity period) Logistic processes (picking, packing, loading, transfer, goods issue, returns and management requirements) and Billing processes (billing document, list of billing, bonus, revenue recognition), knowledge of the financial modules that integrate with SD: FI and CO.

Project history

06/2019 - Present
SAP SD Consultant
Blend IT
Internet and Information Technology

Blend IT – SD Consultant – (Period: June/19 – Actual)


Project: Pre-Sales and Projects – (Period: June/19 – Actual)


Scope: Working as pre-sales in analysis of demands, estimates, presentations and participating in projects making improvements.



08/2015 - 06/2019
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

AXXIOM – SD Consultant – (Period: August/15 – June/19)


Project: LIGHT AMS – (Period: August/15 – June/19)


Scope: SD Consultant in the Maintenance and Improvement project team with responsibility to use:



  1. Electronic Nota Fiscal
    1. 3.10 Layout
    2. GRC 10: SLL-NFE 0023


  1. Brazil Localization
    1. TAXBRJ
    2. Determinations of tax rules in the sale of electricity, vehicle auction, transmission systems, service nota fiscal and others.



  1. CCS – Customer Care and Service system – Utilities


    1. Supporting users to create customers
    2. Support for service nota fiscal processes (electronic nota fiscal) issued by electronic service nota fiscal monitor (Monitor developed by LIGHT).




Throughout the project, support was made to LIGHT's business processes such as: Sale of electricity, resale of electricity, service nota fiscal, cancellation of value and other processes.


Other processes were supported for the companies, LIGHT COM, LIGHT ESCO, LIGHT ENERGIA, LAJES and LIGHT S / A. Tax rules were also implemented to meet the laws of each region in the national territory marketed by companies, in addition to SAP NOTES applied as 2015.003, 2015.002 and among others to adjust the SAP environment in SD.

03/2015 - 07/2015
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

ASSURANCE IT – SD Consultant – (Period: March/15 – July/15)


Project: British American Tobacco – (Period: March/15 – July/15) – PRIME: ACCENTURE


Scope: As a part of the Marketing team in Deployment Group 3 in South America (DG5 Wave 1 and Wave 2) working close with the End Market (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Tobago Trinidad, Panama and Sta. Lucia) handling Data Migration process linked with mapping, cleansing, conversion, load process in different environments, testing, validation, go live and support post go live of Customer Master Data, Pricing Conditions for Sales Order, Sales Deals, Rebate Agreements and Sales Order.

06/2014 - 03/2015
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

ASSURANCE IT – SD Consultant – (Period: June/14 – January/15)


Project: VALE – Rollouts and Enhancements – (September/14 – (January/15)


Scope: Enhancements project in the interface between TCFL system and SAP. It come from SGP-WEB system the grouped passenger tickets to be registered on SAP system.


Adjusts made in the interface program:


  • Prevent duplicate records within SAP
  • DN creation automatically


Assessments: Rebate – Erro analysis in the payments and settlements


Others: Reports and accounts determination




Project: Águia Branca – DELOITTE (PRIME) – June/14 – (September/14)


Scope: Implementation project in the Águia Branca Company on Vitória state in the Cariacica city. I was the consultant SD had a responsibility than made all process configuration, TAXBRA (CBT) implementation with the SAP notes:


727.475 – Overview about changes for ISS, PIS, COFINS and CSLL 

747.607 – Basic Customizing for MP135 and ISS legal change

916.003 – Withholding Tax Amount Accumulation


Another delivery process was made like the repair parts, guaranty, fixed asset and so on follow the legal requirements passengers transport area.

03/2014 - 05/2014
SAP SD Consultant
Industry and mechanical engineering

FINITY – SD Consultant – (Period: March/14 – May/14)


Project: Roll out SAP ECC 6.0 SAPHYR

Scope: The SAPHYR is a administrator of shopping mall company and form a joint venture with HIS (Hemisfério Sul Investimento). Implementation of SD module to attend of service sales and customizing of the SAP notes: 727.475 – Overview about changes for ISS, PIS, COFINS and CSLL  747.607 – Basic Customizing for MP135 and ISS legal change 916.003 – Withholding Tax Amount Accumulation.


Tax Report was developed;

03/2013 - 02/2014
SAP SD Consultant

COMPLEX – SD Consultant – (Period: March/13 – February/14)


Project: SAP Implementation – SD Consultant – (Period: January/14 – February/14)

Scope: The CONCREMAT had implemented of SAP ECC 6.0 and after go live I did adjusts of withholding taxes (accumulation) using a SAP solution (sap notes 916.003) to attend MP 135.


Project: CS Implementation on SAP ECC 6.0 – SD Consultant SD – (Period: January/14 – January/14)

Scope: configuration of the SD processes using CS module (customer service) with objective service delivery that integrate all process of the way that VALLOUREC optimize the time de service delivery and has view of costs and revenues involved in the process.


Project: Caxias I – SD Consultant – (Period: March/13 – December/13)

Scope: Automation of the sales processes (sales/returns/devolution) using interface with Manhattan (BAPI method) to exchange file (.txt). L’ÓREAL has an external  warehouse manager system of DHL  then became the logistic operator and making all logistic functions like a packing, goods issue and billing in the new warehouse.


Cockpit Reports, outbound and inbound interface, monitor report and SHDB.

02/2013 - 03/2013
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

CSC – SD Consultant – (Period: February/13 – March/13)


Project: OneSubsea Cameron – Macaé (RJ)

Scope: Adequacy of the process on SAP for new Company in SAP System’s environment (Global roll out) and have been the main SD consultant. Speaking English full time.

11/2012 - 01/2013
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

FIRSTEAM – SD Consultant – (Period: November/12 – January/13)


Project: – (Period: November/12 – January/13)


Project: Light Eco and Light

Scope: Adequacy the Business requirements of the Light Esco and Light. The adequacy treats the new gaps regarding the existing process and configuration new scenarios of sales.


01/2011 - 11/2012
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

SONDAPROCWORK – SD Consultant – (Period: January/11 – November/12)


Project: MNI – Integrated Business Model - Petrobras S/A

Project list: (Period: January/11 – November/12)


Project: Tarjeta Flota - Wave I



  1. Adjusts in the CEM-HO interface
  2. Creation of the new Conquest interface
  3. Creation of the new processes flow of combustible supply and goods issue for tarjeta flota customers..


Project: Breitener

Scope: Configuration of the eleven scenarios of the sales.

The proposed solution of this cycle covers companies:

Breitener Energética S/A;

Breitener S/A – Tambaqui;

Breitener S/A – Jaraqui;


Project: Fusion of REFAP in the PETROBRAS

Scope: Fusion of REFAP in the Petrobras. In the fusion was confirmed all twenty-seven scenarios used by REFAP.


Project: Fusion of the UTE Cuiabá in the Petrobras

Scope: Implamentation of the new branch from the Location and maintenance & operation contracts of the Termelétrica Governador Mario Covas factory (UTE Cuiabá). Configuration of six scenarios of sales.


Project: Fusion of the FAFEN in the Petrobras.

Scope: Configuration of four scenarios.


Project: Nova Transportadora do Sudeste – NTS / Novatransportadora do Nordeste – NTN / PDET Offshore / CDMI.

Scope: Implementation of SAP system ECC 6.0 on the companies and configuration using scenarios already existing in the PETROBRAS environments.



Scope: Configuration five scenarios and customizing taxes (TAX VAT) to attend the Europe localization (Netherland.


Project: Termomacaé Energy trade & GASENE transporter

Scope: SAP implementation in SPES using MNI rules. Were four scenarios in TermoMacaé and five scenarios in Gasene.

06/2010 - 12/2010
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

MATCHMIND – SD Consultant – (Period: June/10 – December/10)


Project: TELVENT BRAZIL – Period: June/10 – December/10)

Scope: Rollout project of the heard office’s template (Spanish). It was made adaption in the existents processes to attend the Brazil’s requirements.

Customizing of pricing procedure (TAXBRA) and all taxes to attend sales process in material and services.

NF-e customizing (DANFE) development for NF-e and NFS-e with SYNCHRO interface.

07/2009 - 06/2010
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

COMPLEX – SD consultant – (Period: July/09 – June/10)


Improvements: L’ÓREAL – (Period: March/10 – June/10)


  • Diagnostic e Documentation SD x BW;
  • Feirinha sales process;
  • ZPN4 Project – Special price determination for customer;
  • The new division (PUREOLOGY e SKINCEUTICALS);


Project: L’ÓREAL – COOP (Core system Convergence – Cooperation Process) – (Period: January/10 – February/10)

Scope: Sales stipulation. A specific type of stipulation was created to deal with cooperation within sales processes and also with difference. Not generate credit in        receivable account by SD processes and there is a credit note without accounting to release a stipulation of bonus. The cooperation will be paid by FI. Customizing made: sales order, item category, billing document, item category, pricing, stipulation of bonus and subtotal 12 for BW.


Project: L’ÓREAL – BAPSP (the new wahehouse in São Paulo) – (Period: December/09 – January/10)

Scope: Implementation of the new branch of L’ÓREAL on São Paulo state with substituição tributária law for cosmetic and perfume operation.


Project: Novo Rumo (ALVO distributor of combustible and derivatives) – (Period: July/09 – December/09)

Scope: Support, Improvement and maintenance in the sales and distribution processes. Project in finishing step to make fusion in the BR Distributor.

05/2009 - 11/2009
SAP SD Consultant
Industry and mechanical engineering
MAACK, KAUFMANN & PARTNER GMBH – SD Consultant – (Period: May/09 – November/09)



Scope: Roll out project in the GMC Software technology with objective of implement a Brazil’s branch (São Paulo) with the same template of Switzerland GMC. Customizing of service sales processes and attending the Brazilian’s requirements by SAP’s notes below:


1.         664.855 – Brazil – New Condition-Based Tax Calculation

2.         747.607 – Basic Customizing for MP135 and ISS legal change

3.         916.003 – Withholding Tax Amount Accumulation

03/2009 - 04/2009
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

COMPLEX – SD Consultant – (Period: March/09 – April/09)



Scope: Attend the segments in security, rent, and Business communication having the tax rules corresponding withhold taxes and accounting of taxes due per business processes.  Customizing and adequacy the SAP notes 747607 Basic Customizing for MP135 and ISS legal change Brazil (For Condition-Based Tax Calculation – TAXBRA) e 916003 – Brazil: Withholding tax accumulation for CBT for legal requirements’ Brazilian in service sales.

12/2008 - 03/2009
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­POOL CONSULTORIA – SD Consultant – (Período: Dez/08 – Março/09)


Project: Novas empresas (Estácio de Sá University)

Scope: Adequation the billing by SD module with all interface (SIA and SYNCHRO) in the academic polos (Espírito Santo / Goiás / Minas Gerais / Mato Grosso do Sul / Santa Cantarina / São Paulo-Abaeté / Alagoas / Amapá / São Paulo-Brasília / Paraná / Ceará / São Paulo-FAAC “Cotia” / São Paulo-Europan “Cotia” / São Paulo-FMI / São Paulo-Interlagos / São Paulo-FAMEC / São Paulo-Magister / Pará / Pernambuco / Paraná / Rio Grande do Norte / Sergipe) – ERP ECC 6.0 version.

06/2008 - 12/2008
SAP SD Consultant
Industry and mechanical engineering

COMPLEX – Consultor SAP / SD – (Period: June/08 – December/08)


Project: Novo Rumo (ALVO Distributor of combustible and derivatives)

Scope: With objective of full manager business processes of the company we made a roll out of the BR Distributor’s SAP system to manager and control the selling of combustibles, gas and lubricants.


03/2008 - 06/2008
SAP SD Consultant
Industry and mechanical engineering

SOFTTEEK CONSULTORIA LTDA – SD consultant – (Period: April/08 - June/08)



Scope: It was crated a new product line to DCA division. Through the process already existents on the SAP was created a new company making a joint venture L’Oreal and other company to attend your requirements – 4.6C version.

07/2007 - 04/2008
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

ACCENTURE – Consultor SAP / SD – (Period: July/07 – April/08)


Project: MNI – Integrated Business Model – Petrobras – (Period: November/07 – April/08)

Scope: Following the rules of the MNI for the projects of the companies acquired by Petrobras and making customizing of the processes already existing in Petrobras and offering administrative processes supports, logistics, accounting and financial for operation of companies.


Project list: (Period: December/07 – April/08)


Project: Fusion of the TNS and TCG in TAG

Scope: Fusion of the gas transporter companies TNS and TCG in TAG with objective of designing and mapping processes with your requirements between the companies and prevent possible impacts on fusion. Customizing of three processes to attend fiscal requirements.



Scope: Configuration of the two sales processes (derivatives and oil sales, offshore sales of the Oil and Derivatives), organizational structure, Union Europe Localization customizing (Spanish and Netherlands)


Project: LUNA – SHELL (Derivatives and Combustible) - (Period: July/07 – November/07)

Scope: Accenture had the outsourcing for service delivery in five main service processes in the Brazil and Argentina: Scope manager, demand manager, problem manager, change and improvements implementation.

It was handover of all information and designing processes, identifying gaps and all functionalities in the system environment. Therefore, all meeting was generated the documentation with customizing and functionalities – 4.0 version.     


08/2006 - 07/2007
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

STEFANINI IT SOLUTIONS – SD Consultant – (Period: August/06 – July/07)


Project: GERDAU AÇOMINAS (Steel Mill) – (Period: April/07 – July/07)

Scope: Roll out project fot two new warehouse Miguel Burnier and Várzea do Lopes – Ouro Branco (Minas Gerais) – 4.6C version.

All sales process’s configuration like a transfer to stock, normal sales, and so on. Training and didactic material was given.  


Project: Moller Electric (Power Distribution and Automation) – (Period: January/07 to May/0y)

Scope: Roll out project in the new step of the project I had finishing project with integration tests, users training and support after go live.

12/2006 - 12/2006
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

SYS&COM PROJETOS E CONSULTORIA – SD Consultant - (Period: December/06 – December/06)


Project: Neo Química (Pharmaceutics Industrial)

Scope: Implementation of the SD’s contract. The company felt need the put in the system the contracts entered into bidding with public agencies and user the functionalities of SAP to improvement your manager reports, logistics, delivery negotiation and validity of contracts.


08/2006 - 12/2006
SAP SD Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

STEFANINI IT SOLUTIONS – SD Consultant – (Period: August/06 – December/06)


Project: Benteler (Automotive) – Period: August/06 to December/06

Scope: Roll out project for two warehouse of the company – Porto Real (Rio de Janeiro) and Curitiba (Paraná) – 4.6C version;


Project: Moller Electric (Power Distribution and Automation) – (Period: August/06 to August/06)

Scope: Roll out project, process design to set up Brazil localization in the sales processes follow the requirements of heard office (Germany).

11/2003 - 08/2006
SAP SD Consultant / SAP ABAP Consultant
Internet and Information Technology

ASPEN PROCWORK - SD and ABAP Consultant / - (Period: Nov/03 – Aug/06)


Project: Petrobras S/A - (Period: Oct/05 to Aug/06)

Scope: Implementation of automation of functional verification Test SAP R/3. Creation test script using Mercury Quicktest 8.2 software, management of test environment using Quality Center 8.2 with BPT software.


Projeto: Pimaco - (Period: July/05 até Oct/05)

Scope: Participation as an ABAP development consultant and making a report for fix the base amount of Franca Zone fiscal book and to store in the SAP table created for all sales documents processed.


Project: Multi-Rio (Port operation) - (Period: July/05 to July/05)

Scope: Participation as an ABAP developed consultant in transaction F110, create a payment electronic to Real Bank (Santander). Sequential number and bar code these was developed for make a download the transaction master records to configure the layout of the text file. Sapscript, download, upload and exit; (FI)


Project: Castelo Branco (University) - (Period: June/05 to July/05)

Scope: Participation as an ABAP consultant, supply master records download. MM’s report.


Project: CSN (National Steel Company) - (Period: March/05 to May/05)

Scope: Creating solutions for dumps occurring in production and changes in the environment program. Participation in the development of programs for the Software Factory. Reports and ALV Report. (SD / MM)


Sinergia Project: Petrobras - (Period: Nov/03 to Fev/05)

Scope: Phase of SAP R/3 System’s Implementation - SD Module. Execution scenarios test for simulation and performance of the Project. Responsibility to document all Sales and Distribution processes. Functional Support SD Module Post-Deployment Petrobras in SAP R/3 system and courses instructor for multipliers, end users and local supporter’s deployment, through distance learning course (DLC);

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Brazil

I'm currently living in Brazil in the state of Rio de Janeiro, I've availability for business travel and to change cities.


  • 06 to 20 of June/2009;
  • 09 to 16 of May/2009;
  • SD SAP 5.0 version – Hbbrasil – CERTIFIED - S0003993433 – 06/2006
  • Modulo TSCM60 Order Fulfillment I/ TSCM62 Order Fulfillment II (SD) Version 5.0;
  • Procwork – Localization Brazil course - SD
Developed in training.
  • Taxes;
  • Pricing;
  • Nota fiscal type;
  • Sales processes;
  • Outputs;
  • Cybertécnica - Mercury course/ Petrobras - CERTIFIED
      ILT.QC 8.2: Using TestDirector with Business Process Testing - Out/05;
      Using QuickTest Professional 8.2 with Business Process Testing - Nov/05;
      Hands – On Lab: QuickTest SAP with Business Process Testing - Nov/05;
  • Procwork – RFC course - Date: Aug/05.
  Make public how the SAP R/3 deal with external systems via RFC.
Developed in training.
  • Import and export data between SAP R/3 and VB;
  • Understanding of the functioning of VBA with R / 3, involving the creation of macros in Word and Excel;
  • The R/3 and the Internet via the RFC;
  • Procwork – ABAP academy 4.6C - Jan/2005
      Developed in training.
  • Report, Query, ALV report, Sapscript, Module Pool, Field-exit e User-exit;
  • Petrobras/RJ – Training.
  • SAP R/3: Basic Concepts;
  • SAP R/3: introduction to Navigation;
  • Sales and Distribution Process (Sales Order, Shipping, Billing and Invoice) - SD Module;
  • Billing Process - SD Module;
  • Customer Master – SD module;
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