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Last update: 29.05.2021

Excel and SQL Data Analyst with knowledge of Python/R and finance/accounts

Graduation: Post-Graduate in Information Technology (SQL-Oracle)
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Full Professional)


Microsoft Office Suite: Microsoft Word,
Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint
Excel Advanced: Macros, Basic VBA, Pivot table, Validation,
Formatting, Lookups, Index/Match, Data
Data Analytics and Statistical: Google Data Studio,
SAS and SPSS Statistical Packages
Business Intelligence: Modelling-Power BI, Online
Analytical Processing (OLAP), Oracle BI (OBIEE)
Reporting: SSRS, Report Server
Visualization: Tableau, Power BI, Neo4j
Programming/Scripting: SQL, Basics-R/Python, Web (HTML,CSS)
Database Modelling/ETL: SQL Developer, Data
Modeler/Loader, Data Pump, SSIS
Query Design/Optimization: Structured Query Language
Server Administration:
MySQL Workbench, SSMS, Azure Data Studio
Environments/Platform: Linux, Windows 10, AWS

Project history

01/2020 - 04/2020
Team Member, Capstone Project
Humber College ITS Program
Humber College ITS Program, Etobicoke, Ontario
Project Challenge: Detect obstruction by vehicles to pedestrians in Toronto walkway-intersections
Action: Integrated AWS Machine Learning tools like SageMaker and Amazon Rekognition with Python
Result: Successfully deployed model which could detect obstructions with above 60% accuracy.
Completed assignments ahead of deadline fulfilling all requirements of the project as per given
My Role:
* Closely collaborated with project members to identify, research and quickly address issues
* Handled primarily the tasks of preparing datasets from sample videos by converting and annotating
video-frames using Python Programming
* Produced annotated data into appropriate formats

01/2017 - 04/2017
Data Entry Intern
Small Business Accountants Ltd.
Small Business Accountants Ltd., Calgary, Alberta
* Scanned client documents and saved electronic records to keep essential organizational
* Reviewed and updated transactions into the database to maintain accurate records and sent
completed to managers for evaluation

03/2015 - 02/2016
Consultant, Financial Data Analysis and Reporting
Alternative Energy Promotion Center
Alternative Energy Promotion Center, Nepal
* Demonstrated activeness to develop and shape consolidated plans, budgets, and reports of a
multimillion-dollar public project funded by at least eight international agencies in conjunction
with government
* Managed client's cloud-based procurement database to facilitate approval by donor which saved
time and effort of team by at least 15%
* Performed data entries into MS Dynamic NAV, generated statements and manipulated reports by
reviewing financial integrity and accuracy, and administered reports for clients and executives,
based upon project specifics and donors

01/2014 - 11/2015
Consultant, Database Customization
Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Program
Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Program, Nepal
* Worked with managers and demonstrated improvement initiatives for efficiency of procurement
service follow-up and monitoring
* Updated and customized compliance monitoring database tool for prompt status-reporting of
high-volume activities implementation and to ensure that procurement services monitored as
* Introduced semi-automated dashboard design for recurring tasks using advanced excel programming
like macro, pivot which accelerated efficiency of manager saving time by at least 10%

Time and spatial flexibility



A Techno-Financial Data Analyst with 3+ years experience in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and manipulating
budgetary, financial, and procurement data derived into excel macros and BI tools from ERPs and multiple
platforms. Skilled in mathematics and statistics in modeling large datasets for quantitative data analysis.
Proficient in delivering analytical summary in a visually appealing and organized way that is concise, impacting,
and insightful for even non-technical end-users. A motivated and detail-oriented individual with having a passion
for data modeling who analyzes accounting information in collaboration with operations for effective problem
solving by managing time efficiently and with effective interpersonal communication.

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