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Mate Szabo

Frontend Developer / Sitebuilder / Full-stack developer

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  • Graduation: Software Engineering Bsc
  • Hourly-/Daily rates:
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Hungarian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 27.07.2020
Profileimage by Mate Szabo Frontend Developer / Sitebuilder / Full-stack developer from
CV - Mate Szabo

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Javascript (ES6)
• React / React Native
• Redux, MobX
• TypeScript
• Vue.js
• Riot.js
• jQuery

• CSS-in-JS solutions
• Css 3
• Scss (BEM)
• Bootstrap 
• Adobe Photoshop

• Node.js
• Express.js
• Socket.IO
• MongoDb
• MySql
• PHP - Zend Framework

• Mocha, Chai, Sinon
• Cypress.js
• Storybook.js

• Webpack
• Gatsby.js
• Gulp
• Grunt

• Drupal
• Wordpress
  • 12/2018 - Present

    • Docler Holding
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Specialist Frontend Developer
  • • I've worked on major projects of the company group (Jasmin, Livejasmin, AdSupply, SonicBox, Teqball)
    • Correctly display large amounts of media content (image and video) across different platforms and memory management (garbage collector is our friend)
    • As a member of the Research & Development team: Object Detection system: Improvement of the Object detection system user interface. (Image manipulations)
    • REST API operations are served using Node.js and Express.js. The data is stored in MongoDb.
    • Design and development of the webshop and CMS section of (React.js, Gatsby.js, Storybook.js)
    • AdSupply: Showing advertisements on high-traffic websites (small source code and performance are indispensable)

  • 09/2015 - 12/2018

    • Docler Holding
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Junior Frontend Developer
  • * In-app messenger and real-time chat
    * Designing Livejasmin Mobile website & responsive layout (later: participating in the development of the Android/iOS application. React Native)
    * Development of AWEmpire UI and design implementation based on PSD files.
    * Developing site and resolving security issues form frontend side (CSRF, a noreferer, XSS prevention, audit npm dependencies)
    * SEO: The goal was to facilitate the work of search bots by using the correct meta tags.

  • 09/2012 - 11/2013

    • LeanRocket
    • < 10 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Full-stack Web Developer
  • LeanRocket was a web development company where I worked as a full-stack web developer.
    • On Backend side I worked with PHP (Zend Framework) and Mysql database. On Frontend side I used jQuery and Backbone.js.
    • Login system, Facebook and Google oAuth
    • Manage REST API calls from front-end side. Display & manipulate media content
    • User and admin interface design (CMS)

  • 06/2012 - 08/2012

    • Fps
  • Software Developer Trainee
  • FPS is a company that develops websites and webshops. I was
    mainly worked on SiteBuild tasks using Bootstrap, Css3 and Scss

I am a frontend developer with passion for the latest solutions.
I've spent more than 6 years gathering many experiences about software programming, developing methods and system designing.
I always keep in mind the responsiveness and believe in the mobile-first approach.
In my spare time I like to work on my personal projects. The actual one is Findersen(Coming soon...). This is a web/android/ios app based (react/react-native/cypress.js/styled-components) and serviced with node.js/express.js/mongodb.