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Last update: 06.09.2022

Project Management, Training and Financial Product Management / Product Owner

Graduation: MBA – Business Management, MBA – Management for Engineers, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Specialization in Marketing, Specialization in Systems Analysis
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Limited professional)


Solid and successful professional experience, developed in leading positions in emerging businesses, in companies such as Visa Brazil, Visanet and Banking Technology that operate in the financial and technology markets. Strong performance in the area of Training / Development, whether running scheduled or customized projects, with Brazilian or international corporate clients, as well as acting as a teacher in postgraduate and undergraduate courses.
Extensive experience in project management and multidisciplinary teams with different levels of complexity.
In the marketing environment, ability to promote financial and technological product launches, as well as services related to different types of cards achieving positive results.
Knowledge of the processes to start the business areas, from strategic planning to team consolidation and motivation.
Acting as a Consultant in companies in the Payment Methods and Document Management Solutions segment, in the area of process mapping and operational management evaluation.

Project history

10/2014 - 06/2019
* Mapping of processes related to the operational management and evaluation of them.
* Corporate Trainings.
* Product / Service Management.
* Corporate Projects Management.
* Consultancy of projects related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain environments.

07/2016 - 10/2017
Quality Manager
* Managed certification processes related to the mobility solutions and back office systems.
* Implemented the decentralization of the test laboratories by outsourcing them, established SLAs (Service
Level Agreements), tools and quality assurance methods.

02/2014 - 09/2014
Sr. Business Consultant
* Manage the temporary projects related to the capture solutions and related systems.

03/2013 - 01/2014
Sr. General Manager
* Develop and establish procedures, rules and organization for a new Brazilian acquirer.
* Implanting a new structure for the cycle of life from this corporation.
* Implanting the new department related to the Call Center, involving Support System, Help Desk Platform
and CRM.

04/2010 - 03/2013
Sr. Trainer
* Development and delivery of training programs, programmed or customized, for corporate clients worldwide.
* Ensure course material accurately reflects and supports the business and strategic objectives of Visa and
its clients within the given market.
* Identify leads for customized training opportunities and manage (with VBS or Sales staff) follow-up sales or
proposal efforts
* Support the promotion, marketing and sales of Visa Business School programs among clients and Visa
internal departments, building awareness of its value.

12/2007 - 03/2010
Mapping of services related to operational management in companies, for example, NTK and Interfile.

05/1997 - 12/2007
Product Manager, Capture Solutions Manager, Capture Solutions Certification Manager, Emerging Technologies and Certification Consultant, Emerging Technologies Coordinator, Emerging Technologies
VISANET from Brazil (CIELO)
* Led corporate projects related to the implementation of innovations, adopting the concept of
multidisciplinary teams, being responsible for coordinating direct teams and third parties.
* Managed the domestic and international prospecting of emerging technologies and products.
* Implemented an application update system by managing the remote upload environment for all terminals
* Responsible for planning the annual budget (over R$ 10 million/year) and its control in the areas I acted in.
* Implemented the decentralization of the test laboratories by outsourcing them, established SLAs (Service
Level Agreements), tools and quality assurance methods.
* Integrated financial applications for mobile devices, wireless terminals and mobile phones.
* Implemented the Smart Card concept for financial transactions.
* Managed the implementation of the Visanet On-Line product (Office Banking standard).
* Responsible for the coordination of the Electronic Commerce.
* Promoted training courses for over 200 people/year including internal teams, merchants and partners
(vendors and third parties).

06/1996 - 04/1997
Product Coordinator
* Created, developed, and implemented products for automatic debit operations in banking accounts via URA
(Unit of Response Audible) for public telephony operators.
* Implemented the product Payment Advice, eliminating the issuance of financial papers and guaranteed the
identification between the parties by digital methods.
* Conceived and implemented the product TDC (Automatic Debit) for public telephony operators.
* Promoted the flexibility of the format of the messages between sender and addressee for the EDI Financial
and Mercantile processes.

12/1993 - 06/1996
Marketing Analyst
* Implemented the product "Cheque Eletrônico" (debit card) at major merchant`s chains (Carrefour, Eldorado,
Paes Mendonça, among others), adding the automatic debit concept for banking cards.
* Conceived technical/functional specifications to manage the batch processing when it was used for
Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT).
* Promoted the necessary support to the retail segment for acceptance of credit and debit cards.
* Organized and integrated work groups (operational and systemic) formatting the multidisciplinary team

* Established rules for the certification of major products (Banco 24 Horas and Cheque Eletrônico).
* Led executive committees in order to survey the need for product adaptations and/or improvements.

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