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Development lead and R/3 migration expert

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Waterfall, Agile Model, relational databases, software programming, SAP ABAP, SAP FICA application, SAP, Integration Testing, ABAP, script, OLE, MS Office integration, Interactive ALV, Module pool Programming, IDOC, Interfaces, Data Migration, BDC, BAPI, Data Management, SAP Business Objects, coding, Unicode, TDD, Test Scripts, requirement gathering, R/3, Kingfisher, CODA, data entry, PBO, unit testing, WMS, quality control, test case, requirement analysis, input parameters, PDF conversion, SAP FI, Hyperion, HSM, PGI, Bug Fixing

Project history

07/2020 - 07/2020
solution architect
Ignio implementation
* Strong insight on ASAP Methodology and all phases of a Project Lifecycle, from Blueprints to
* Have been involved in different aspect of project's lifecycle from Project Bidding, Module
overview presentation, requirements gathering, preparation of AS-IS &, Business Process redesign,
Configuration, Unit & Integration Testing, user Manual & Configuration document preparation, Cut
over activities, Data upload through LSMW, Emigall and Post go-live Stabilization.
* Development Management: Expert in maintaining complex RICEFW objects for enterprise-wide
applications leveraging OO methodologies, the New Enhancement Framework, User Exits, BADIs, Adobe
Interactive forms, OO ABAP and implementing SAP Best Practices; Sap script, Smart forms/OTF/PDF,
OLE enabled MS Office integration, Interactive ALV & Module pool Programming, authorization
objects, user profiles and maintaining the Change and transport system.
* ALE/IDOC: Expert in building and maintaining complex Interfaces using ALE/IDOCs.
* Workflow: Expert in building and maintaining complex workflows.
* Data Migration: Expert in various data migration tools: LSMW, BDC, BAPI, EMIGALL.
* Extensive experience in Enterprise Data Management & Governance using SAP Business Objects Data
Services and SAP MDM.
* System Landscape management: Expert in Transport management process across the landscape.
* Performance Management: Worked as Quality Team lead and prepared various guidelines/coding
standards for projects. Ex: Project specific variant for Code-Inspector, ATC(ABAP Test Cockpit).
* System upgrade: Expert in SAP Upgrade activities - impact analysis, identifying remedies, SPAU &
SPDD adjustments, Unicode conversion, SAP Note application.
* Expert in building TDD, Test Scripts, maintaining FRICEW matrices and scorecards and Project/Team
Management activities.
* Excellent Management, Communication and Presentation skills.

09/2012 - 01/2013
Development lead and R/3 migration expert
Boracay water corporation
Project Description: In as-is process, customer Finance used a number of disparate systems,
Which has lead to the following general problems:
* Lack integrity arising from manual interfaces.
* Multiple sets of master data.
* No continuity of audit trails and processes are not best practice.
* No drill-down ability for Management information.
* Slow to produce reports and respond to ad-hoc queries.
Objective of this project were:
1. To analyze and document the current finance processes to give a current As-Is view and highlight
the areas of potential change, aligned to KITS strategy.
2. To produce a roadmap of work to enable the finance team reach the goal of system consolidation,
improved quality, speed and automation of MI and to have proactive cost control.
3. Align with the Kingfisher overall Finance strategy to implement common finance instances
promoting the 'shared' system philosophy.
4. Investigate budget modeling tool, interfacing with actual data from SAP.
5. Integrated project accounting, project financial management, project reporting, roadmap and
Roles & Responsibilities:
* Enhance the CODA data entry program to accommodate the additional seven fields in SAP.
* Wrote the user exit: EXIT_SAPLACC4_001 to enhance the BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST.
* Implemented the BADI: ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST for data-validations on purchase organization
and recipient fields while creation or change of Purchase order.
* Implemented the BADI: BADI ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED to change the Asset master data from
Purchase Order details while saving the Purchase Orders from T-code: ME21N/ME22N/ME23N.
* Screen Enhancement of contract header data (T-Code: ME31K/ME32K/ME33K) to store additional
Details while contract creation and the details will be saved in EKKO.
* Implemented the user exit: EXIT_SAPMM06E_006 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_008 to Export/import
Data to and from Customer Sub screen for Purchasing Document Header (PBO).
* Implemented the user exit EXIT_SAPLKONT_011 for Account Grouping for GR/IR Account
* Developed a module pool program for creation/modification/deletion of contract classification
which is called from Standard sap t-code: ME33K. This program.
* Wrote a Z program for cut over activity to make all the open Purchase Orders GR relevant on the
Go-live date.
* Developed LSMW to upload lease related details of assets created during particular month (Tcode:
* Developed a custom program to extend materials to 700 different plants(Sites) by taking
reference of one site.
* Developed a custom report for ETICA separated by 3 year and 5 year lease with information of
asset amount with both including and excluding VAT.
* Developed a report for ETICA separated by 3 year and 5 year lease with split per invoicing
* Developed a report for asset transfer. This report is a very critical and automates the creation
group asset using t-code: AS01 and then transferring the asset values to group asset for a
particular period using the T-code: ABUMN.
* Prepared various technical documents: Technical specification, TS checklist, Code review check
* Did unit testing, Code review and training to associates in project.
* Co-ordinated with onsite counterpart.
* Designed solution for Contract classification.

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Profileimage by Rohit Tiwari Development lead and R/3 migration expert from Bhagalpur Development lead and R/3 migration expert