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Last update: 16.04.2021

Fullstack/Frontend/Backend Developer/Software Engineer

Graduation: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




JavaScript, Typescript, SQL, Python, Angular, React, NodeJS, Django, docker, Firebase, Contentful, serverless architecture, API, CI/CD, TDD, Bitbucket, Kanban, CMS, Flask, ecommerce, MYSQL, Agile, NestJS, NextJS, Ionic, Flutter, Database, postgresql, mongodb, Google Analytics, Pandas, Numpy, Excel, Matplotlib, Jupyter, Cloud Services, EC2, Beanstalk, Lambda, S3, Cloudfront, Selenium, PhantomJS

Project history

06/2019 - Present
Freelance Developer (Remote)
Teamcoda (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Building diverse web and hybrid mobile applications using Ionic, Flutter. Includes in-house as well as diverse client projects.
  • AGILE process in project tasks management
  • Full-stack development using tools like Angular, Ionic, NestJS, NodeJS, Django, docker, Firebase, Contentful
  • Building applications using serverless architecture and re-usable components

11/2018 - 10/2019
Developer (Remote)
MyriadX - Full Identity Resolution (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Worked on a patented technology to design and deploy the API for the core product of the company
  • Handling of sizable datasets (usually in the order of millions). Included collection and transformation of data from a few of the biggest clients in APAC
  • 40% of my work was doing front end development, 40% back end development and the remaining 20% was devops/sys admin related tasks.
  • Automated using CI/CD and TDD processes and tools like Bitbucket Pipelines.
  • Used AGILE and Kanban Approaches for development lifecycle
  • Developed Progressive Web Apps for several clients and also for internal purposes.

03/2018 - 12/2018
Converzion Pte. Ltd (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Built real-time CMS for few biggest clients in the world
  • Involvement in full-stack development in several projects using tools like Angular, Firebase, ExpressJS, Django, Python, Flask
  • Worked together in a team including projects from Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv, Singtel, Football Association of Singapore(FAS), Honeycombers

10/2017 - 12/2017
Contract Frontend Developer
Pumili (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Involved in the development of an ecommerce platform in Philippines
  • Tech-stack used : NodeJs, JavaScript, MYSQL, css, Python

Time and spatial flexibility

I am comfortable to work with any timezones. I have decent records of handling multiple timezones for past projects. While most of the time I prefer working remotely, I am also flexible to relocate to any other location based on the project and the need to travel.

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