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Last update: 06.09.2022

Electrical supervisor, Electrical supervisor, Operations Engineer General Manager (E)

Graduation: Electrical engineer
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


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PC Management, MS-Office/Project/Visio, AutoCAD, quality control, VFD, MS Office, Project, Visio, Megger, Fiber Optic (OTDR), Atmospheric protection, LAN networks, Earthing system Medium, low voltage electrical distribution networks

Project history

04/2016 - 09/2020
Quality control inspector in Electricity
Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.; VONE Consortium (Hyundai-PDVSA)
Company Name: VONE Consortium (Hyundai-PDVSA)
Coordinator of the management of quality control in electricity for the Deep Conversion project in Pto. La Cruz Refinery Vzla
The formation, direction and organization of the department "Quality and control" in Kumyang Co., Ltd. was achieved.
The technical and administrative guidelines necessary to carry out field inspections between PDVSA, HYUNDAI and
KUMYANG were projected and disseminated in the work team.
The handling of documentation related to inspections executed through a digital platform on the web was optimized.
New support personnel who entered the department progressively according to the progress of the project were
trained and trained

11/2014 - 05/2016
Electrical supervisor
PDVSA Petropiar (Geco ipc)
Oil alliance joint venture between PDVSA and Chevron.
Supervisor of medium and low voltage electrical works acting as a field supervisor, specifically during the construction of
34.5 KV power lines and 5 MVA 34.5 KV electrical substations executed by contractors according to Achievements.
The commissioning and delivery of the electric lines MT 34.5KV and Substations 5MVA to PDVSA was coordinated. This
includes the supervision and final inspection of installations and test protocols for grounding systems, counterweight,
excavations, pipelines and electrical benches, Power transformer 5 MVA 34.5KV-480V, CCM, Fiber optic network, Variators
(VFD), + than 200 km of conductor for 34.5 KV electrical lines including support structures, insulators, protections, winds,
fittings, arrival gate, connection elements, auxiliary transformers, lighting, cables, etc. executed by contractor companies.

01/2007 - 06/2014
Electrical supervisor
PDVSA Gas (Y&V Ingeniería y construcción)
PDVSA subsidiary gas extraction company
Construction Supervisor for Electric Infrastructure in Medium and Low Voltage of the IV Train Project, in Anaco.
Completion of electricity distribution projects in surrounding rural areas, contributing to the social development of the

Interior electrical distribution systems and grounding system completed obtaining results consistent with plans and project
documents and on time.

06/1996 - 06/1999
Operations Engineer General Manager (E)
Operations Engineer to supervise the execution of multidisciplinary works related to data networks, security, lightning rods,
earthworks and medium and low voltage electrical distribution networks.

Operations engineer for the supervision of multidisciplinary works related to data networks, security, lightning rods,
earthworks and medium and low voltage electrical distribution networks.
Coordination and execution of projects with the oil industry (PDVSA) and private companies in Venezuela and Managua
(Nicaragua) Bellsouth-Managua
Completion of a comprehensive electrical distribution and telecommunications project in Bellsouth Managua.
Promotion as General Manager (E) in Puerto La Cruz Office.

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