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Kubernetes | Docker | Golang | Infrastructure | DevOps | Site Reliability

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I am a hybrid. In a room full of software engineers, I’m that infrastructure guy. In the other room full of system administrators, I’m that software developer.
My work is applying the paradigms of software engineering to infrastructure problems, I am as proficient in automating infrastructure as I am in creating infrastructure products, platforms or automation tools themselves.

In a development team I am the interface to the operations layer. I assume tasks that normal developers shouldn't have to - and usually don't want to - spend their time on and execute them more efficiently than they could, accelerating a project as a whole. Some examples of my work in such teams include:
  • Creating and managing the infrastructure a product runs on including monitoring and alerting
  • Adding continuous integration and deployment pipelines into a products development workflow
  • Consulting and joining the team in building cloud-native software
  • Adding metrics to software and installing the means to record and evaluate them
  • Containerization of all developed services and their dependencies
  • General software development and architecture tasks in very infrastructure-heavy fields such as IOT 
In an operations, DevOps or datacenter team I usually take over more development-, cloud- or container-related tasks such as:
  • Developing plugins, modules, integrations or similar for automation and infrastructure as code tools
  • Containerization and migration to a infrastructure as code managed state of legacy infrastructure
  • Consulting and joining the team in building internal services and APIs later to be used by development teams
  • Designing, planning and building SAAS or PAAS platforms
  • Installing and managing more modern infrastructuere component like structured log aggregation 
  • Consulting on how to integrate container platforms like Kubernetes in a traditional datacenter

Project history

02/2019 - Present
Backend and Systems Engineer
Unwired Networks GmbH (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Developed several internal and public-facing services in a team or single-handedly:
  • Internal remote device management system distributing configuration, collecting metrics and serving as SSH-jumphost
  • OpenVPN-server management client and API via GRPC
  • MQTT-based device log system with Elasticsearch backend
  • Reimplementation of legacy APIs based on GraphQL
Held responsibility for production infrastructure:
  • Managed Google Kubernetes Engine clusters, bare-metal servers and corresponding accessories like monitoring
  • Replaced static ingress and logging setups with dynamic solutions
  • Moved existing infrastructure to a manageable state via a combination of Ansible, Terraform and Kustomize
  • Introduced a staging environment for a over 10 year old captive portal and hotspot system

01/2018 - 01/2019
Site Reliability Engineer
Cisco Systems Austria (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Developed internal tools and services like Kubernetes Operators or Terraform Providers in Go
  •  Consulted software engineering teams on developing cloud-native applications
  • Automated creation and management of Kubernetes Clusters on AWS and on-premises VMWare vSphere
  • Contributed bugfixes and enhancements to open source parts of the Kubernetes ecosystem

09/2015 - 12/2017
Devops Engineer
APA-IT Informations Technologie (250-500 employees)
Media and Publishers
  • Designed and implemented a small SaaS platform based on Kubernetes and Google Cloud and implemented it in Go
  • Led workshops and trainings for internal and external employees on cloud-native techologies 
  • Designed and implemented a new CI/CD-system based on bare-metal Kubernetes and Jenkins

09/2013 - 08/2015
Linux System Administrator
Gentics Software GmbH (10-50 employees)
Media and Publishers
* Brought existing server and router infrastructure to a managed state via Puppet
* Designed and implemented new infrastructure concept based on Docker and LXC
* Held responsibility for the infrastructure part in all customer projects
* Containerized all Java and PHP-based products

Time and spatial flexibility

I am based in Vienna and generally work remotely, but can travel for short stays. Time and expenses outside the greater vienna area would neet to be compensated.

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