Juraj Holtak partly available

Juraj Holtak

Java J2EE JBOSS Seam developer

partly available
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  • 1090 Wien Freelancer in
  • Graduation: B.SC.
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
    Depends on project and location
  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Slovakian (Native or Bilingual) | Czech (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 31.01.2016
Programming: Java, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, EL, Scripting(Shell, Perl)

Frameworks: J2EE 5.0, EJB3, JSF, JSP, JBPM, Drools, Hibernate, Servlets, SEAM, Struts, .NET Compact Framework, Velocity, Apache Commons, JavaCard

Systems: Linux, Windows, Windows Mobile

Server: MS Exchange, Sendmail, Samba, OpenLDAP, Dovecot, NFS, Apache, Tomcat, JBOSS

Database: Oracle, MySQL Cluster, PostgreSQL, Slony-I, Embedded DBs

Business Intelligence: BPM, Rule Engines, NGiN, Webservices, SOA

Development Tools: Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Visual Studio, ViM, CVS, SVN, GiT

Methods: Agile(SCRUM, Extreme Programming)

Networks: TCP/IP, xDSL, PDH, Firewall, SNMP, Monitoring, Management, Provisioning, QoS, Tagging, Routing

Hardware: PC Architektur, Intel Server, DEC Alpha Server, LAN-Networks, Wireless Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, HP

Green IT: XEN, VmWare, VirtualBox, KVM
* Provisioning & Billing Software Development - Telco (J2EE,...).
* Automated network state analysis (J2EE,..)
* Umbrella applications for Telco(J2EE,...).
* Asset-Management software(J2EE,...)
* Ressource-Management(PHP,...)

* Windows Mobile applications (Java or C#) with BarCode or RFID scanners, Bluetooth printers and WIFI or GPRS connectivity

* Smartcard applications for JavaCard or .NET Card, APDU or Remote Method

* High-Availibility Clusters for e-Commerce (LAMP, Tomcat, Oracle, JBOSS)
* Geographically distributed clusters for file or DB servers
* RAID, VLAN, Hosting


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