Gareth Murfin


Last update: 12.03.2008


Graduation: MBA
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Languages: k. A.


I am a J2ME and JAVA Freelancer. I work remotely, I do not attend the office. This allows for cheaper rates as I have no overheads. Virtually no project is too big or small. J2ME and JAVA work often these days is small enough for one man. I specialise in doing these projects - I am a mobile programming and JSRs expert. Please check my CV / Resume for my credentials. I have also been working on many prototypes of J2ME applications, which you may be interested in.

You can contact me with regards to freelance or contract work. I also have skills in many other areas, all of which can be seen on my CV.

I am an English developer with a BSc in computing Science and an MSc in Technology & Innovation Management. I work remotely from Taiwan, and give discounted rates due to this arrangement. Please do not contact me about permanent in-house positions. I am only interested in remote / work from home work. I have no problem attending meetings worldwide if paid for by the client, or of course we can use Skype / MSN. I return to the UK atleast once or twice a year so if you want to meet up, email me and maybe it can be arranged. I am not just interested in freelance work, a long term relationship would also be desirable.

Programming languages

I specialise in Java and J2ME particularly in the area of mobile phone development. I currently have experience of the following mobile specific technologies:

* JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME
* JSR 120, JSR 205: Wireless Messaging API (WMA)
* JSR 135: Mobile Media API (MMAPI)
* JSR 75: FileConnection APIs & PIM
* JSR 82: Bluetooth API
* Mobile phone build systems (developed my own)
* Porting (+Device database knowledge of): LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens.
* Signing midlets.
* Flash Lite / ActionScript

Other languages & Skills:

Java, Swing, Java3D, all areas of J2ME, HTML (+Webdesign), PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, WML, WMLScript, UML, PL/SQL, SQL, C/C++, XML, COBOL, LUA, Prolog, Assembly, VRML, Perl, OPL/16, Z, Arexx, Blitz Basic.

OOP/OOD and the software engineering lifecycle for application and computer game development. Knowledge of many industry standard development tools including: Together, Rational Rose, MS Visual C++, RealJ, Kawa, Codewarrior, NetBeans (+Matisse), Eclipse, Carbide.J, Sun WTK, Ant, CVS, JSP, Servlets, Antenna, Dreamweaver, Linux, AmigaOS etc.

Project history


* Commercial Video Games

o Designer & Lead Programmer :
+ 1997 : Ultimate Gloom - Amiga, Alpha Software
+ 1998 : Zombie Massacre - Amiga, Alpha Software
+ Release due soon : Super Wah Wah Ball - Mobile phone, DC Studios
o Lead Programmer:
+ 2003 : Sprintz - Embedded bar game,
+ 2005 : Be The Boss - Mobile Phone, Beyond Capture
o Programmer :
+ 2002 : Grand Theft Auto : Vice City - Playstation2, Rockstar North
+ 2004 : Ice Age Skater - Mobile Phone, DC Studios
+ 2004 : Planet Sagem Racer 3D - Mobile Phone, DC Studios
+ 2005 : NHRA Championship Racing - Mobile Phone, Firebrand games
o Producer :
+ 2006 : Bad Lads Army - Mobile Phone, ITV television

* Commercial Applications

o Designer & Lead Programmer :
+ 2006 : AirBlue - The complete Bluetooth advertising/networking package (Server PC) - details on request (This package is available to buy and is designed for marketing companies, request information)
+ 2007 : MobyGooey - mobile phone GUI/build/porting engine (Desktop PC)- details on request.
o Lead Programmer :
+ 2003 : Seattle Police department prototype rostering system (Desktop/Mobile PC) - details on request.
+ 2006 : Bluetooth Proximity Marketing System using OBEX (Server PC) - details on request.
+ 2007 : Oil/commodities Live trading tool (mobile phone) - details on request.
+ 2007 : Online Communities client - (mobile phone) - details on request.

Local Availability

Only available for the countries United Kingdom
Available to hire now, I work remotely.


Need a specific JSR ?

I am constantly researching the JSRs for J2ME, the following list I can\'t claim to know in perfect detail. But I have read all of the documents and worked with many of these JSRs. I have learned how to quickly pick up the commands needed to learn a JSR in a few days. And as such am capable of doing any of these. As you can see I actively participate in J2ME discussions and forums.

1 Real-time Specification for Java
30 J2METM Connected, Limited Device Configuration
36 Connected Device Configuration
37 Mobile Information Device Profile for the J2METM Platform
46 Foundation Profile
50 Distributed Real-Time Specification
62 Personal Profile Specification
66 RMI Optional Package Specification Version 1.0
68 J2METM Platform Specification
75 PDA Optional Packages for the J2METM Platform
82 JavaTM APIs for Bluetooth
113 JavaTM Speech API 2.0
118 Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0
120 Wireless Messaging API
129 Personal Basis Profile Specification
133 JavaTM Memory Model and Thread Specification Revision
134 JavaTM Game Profile
135 Mobile Media API
138 Performance Metric Instrumentation
139 Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1
143 JavaDesk
164 SIMPLE Presence
165 SIMPLE Instant Messaging
169 JDBC Optional Package for CDC/Foundation Profile
172 J2METM Web Services Specification
177 Security and Trust Services API for J2METM
178 Mobile Game API
179 Location API for J2METM
180 SIP API for J2METM
184 Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2METM
185 JavaTM Technology for the Wireless Industry
186 Presence
187 Instant Messaging
190 Event Tracking API for J2ME
195 Information Module Profile
201 Extending the JavaTM Programming Language with Enumerations, Autoboxing, Enhanced for loops and Static Import
205 Wireless Messaging API 2.0
209 Advanced Graphics and User Interface Optional Package for the J2METM Platform
211 Content Handler API
213 Micro WSCI Framework for J2ME.
214 Micro BPSS for J2ME Devices.
216 Personal Profile 1.1
217 Personal Basis Profile 1.1
218 Connected Device Configuration (CDC) 1.1
219 Foundation Profile 1.1
226 Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API for J2METM
228 Information Module Profile - Next Generation (IMP-NG)
229 Payment API
230 Data Sync API
232 Mobile Operational Management
234 Advanced Multimedia Supplements
238 Mobile Internationalization API
239 JavaTM Binding for the OpenGL® ES API
242 Digital Set Top Box Profile - \"On Ramp to OCAP\"
246 Device Management API
248 Mobile Service Architecture
249 Mobile Service Architecture Advanced
253 Mobile Telephony API (MTA)
256 Mobile Sensor API
257 Contactless Communication API
258 Mobile User Interface Customization API
259 Ad Hoc Networking API
266 Unified Message Box Access API (UMBA-API)
271 Mobile Information Device Profile 3
272 Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals
278 Resource Management API for JavaTM ME
279 Service Connection API for JavaTM ME
280 XML API for JavaTM ME
281 IMS Services API
282 RTSJ version 1.1
287 Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API 2.0 for Java METM
288 Adaptive JavaTM ME System API
290 JavaTM Language & XML User Interface Markup Integration
293 Location API 2.0
297 Mobile 3D Graphics API 2.0
298 Telematics API for JavaTM ME
300 DRM API for JavaTM ME
302 Safety Critical JavaTM Technology
304 Mobile Telephony API version 2
307 Network Mobility and Mobile Data API
927 Java TVTM API 1.1