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Project Leader, Senior Software Engineer (Mainframe - Cobol, CICS, JCL, DB2), Software Engineer

Profileimage by Ajit Jalady Project Leader, Senior Software Engineer (Mainframe - Cobol, CICS, JCL, DB2), Software Engineer from Chennai
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COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL, IBM MQ, SAS, SWIFT MT Messages, Agile Project Management, UNIX/Linux Script, C++, Java, MQ, Linux, Mainframe, MERVA, IBM, Scrum, Scrum Framework, JIRA, Confluence, Remedy, Python, Qt, C, M2E
  • 05/2011 - 12/2019

    • Bank of New York Mellon Technology (Formerly iNautix)
  • Project Leader
  • * Ajit was among the first teams to implement Scrum Framework and Agile Principles in
    Pershing in 2013-2014.
    * Organized daily standup meetings and facilitated business & other technology and
    testing teams.
    * ACATS became the model team in Pershing to use JIRA, Confluence and everyone
    followed suit.
    * Ajit was also the owner of JR10 Journals system in addition to the work in Account
    Transfers. He was the point of contact for any Projects or Production issues in JR10 and
    modernization of JR10.
    * Ajit also headed a major market value re-evaluation that is being used by the ACATs
    business to evaluate market values of closed transfers. Ajit developed and tested the
    entire process.
    * Ajit helped the ACATs business get reports of critical information by automating
    reports in SAS. He was appreciated by one of the Managing Directors of Pershing for
    his efforts in the presentation of these reports.
    * He was responsible for leading the teams in Chennai and Pune. He would provide
    necessary guidance to the team on JR10, Bank Custody and ACATS business.

    Technical Leader (Mainframe - Cobol, CICS, JCL, DB2, SAS)
    * Ajit's expertise was required by the senior management to work for an initiative within
    the organization that would improve Pershing's processing capability. This initiative
    was a huge success. The organization could save the batch time by around 2 hours by
    filtering out close to a billion inactive records that were otherwise fed daily to the
    batch and caused unnecessary CPU and I/O usage.

  • 03/2010 - 08/2010

    • UST-Global
  • Senior Software Engineer (Mainframe - Cobol, CICS, JCL, DB2)
  • * Being awarded L4 for communication assessment, Ajit was recognized as a quick
    learner and was given the role of being a track lead. Working on Cobol-JCL for the
    client Wellpoint, Ajit's role focused on team building and helping the team for the
    project DLIP-TPA

  • 07/2006 - 02/2010

    • STERIA INDIA (Formerly Xansa)
  • Software Engineer
  • * Since Joining Steria, Ajit worked on AXA Sun Life's (UK) mission critical applications
    like ULP and Actuarial systems like Omega. The skills required of him were Cobol-DB2,
    Linux, SAS and C/C++. He was taking up responsibilities for Maintenance Release,
    Change Management and Problem Management within the Support team and worked
    on critical Development Projects like PARSNIP, Project Holland, M2E Decommissioning.
    * He was involved in CSR activities and was also aired on TV for his work. He received
    appreciation from the CEO of Steria. The intranet featured his voluntary work as a
    Lead Volunteer.