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Mohmmad Warsi


Last update: 30.04.2021

SAP BI Analyst, Consultant, Senior Analyst

Graduation: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




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Project history

09/2019 - Present
Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) (>10.000 employees)
Energy, water and environment

Platform:  SAP 7.5 BW on HANA, SAP ECC, SAP CRM, Business Intelligence 4.2, Tableau

Technical Team Size: 5                                            

Role: Consultant, Contract (on payroll of Alpha Data)

Location: Dubai, UAE


  • Understanding the business requirement and building scalable backend data modeling for dashboards.
  • Simplification of existing BW data models to performance optimized models based on new info-providers mainly ADSO, HCPR, Open ODS Views and HANA Views as per LSA++ architecture. 
  • Developing data flows using mixed modeling approach using CDS views, BW info-providers and Hana Information views.
  • Hands on experience in writing procedures, table function, and Smart Data Access (SDA) for data provisioning via virtual tables. 
  • Hands-on experience in embedded analytic modeling i.e creating CDS views for data extraction and queries.
  • Migrating the existing BEX Queries to HANA views.
  • Developing new Webi reports based on HANA views and migrating existing Bex reports to Webi for business reporting.

04/2019 - 09/2019
* GT - In-house BW on HANA Implementation, UAE based organization - Maritime Industry.

Duration: April, 2019 - Sep 2019
Platform: SAP 7.5 BW on HANA, SAP S/4 HANA, MACH, Business Intelligence 4.2
Technical Team Size: 3
Role: Consultant, Gulftainer
Location: Sharjah, UAE
* Setup, configure and develop scalable and efficient data warehouse for better business
reporting powered by SAP HANA.
* Work closely with Business Process owners to collect requirements for designing & implementing
KPI using Business Intelligence for reporting.
* Developing backend BW data models based on LSA++ architecture using ADSO, Open ODS views, and
HANA Composite providers.
* Developing CDS based query and extraction views, HANA information views for mixed modelling
* Installing BI content, setup and enabling data extraction and replication via ODP and SLT
* Development of BI reports on Webi, AOLA and, Analysis for Office on various sources such as
HANA Information views, IDT universe, BEx queries and CDS vies for SCM, FI and HCM module.

03/2018 - 12/2018
Deloitte Consulting
* KMBS - BW on HANA Implementation, U.S. based Client - TMT Industry.

Duration: March, 2018 - Dec, 2018
Platform: SAP 7.5 BW on HANA, SAP S/4 HANA, CRM, Business Intelligence 4.2
Technical Team Size: 3
Role: Consultant, Deloitte Consulting
Location: Gurgaon, India
* Offshore lead for SAP BW-on-HANA and S/4 HANA.
* Working directly with onsite lead and client team to understand business requirements and
design & develop feasible solution.
* Effort estimation for the development activities and providing scope and impact analysis.
* Redesigning and remodeling of existing legacy BW models based on LSA architecture to new LSA++
* POC on various business scenarios to leverage new features in developing new models.
* Conducting trainings and KT sessions on BW-on-HANA and S/4 HANA for client technical team.
* Working on hybrid and mixed modeling scenarios based on BW, HANA modeling, S/4 HANA embedded
* Designing and developing CDS views, HANA views, ADSO, Open ODS views, Hana Composite
Providers, Open Hub Destination, APD, Bex queries.
* Building Webi reports of medium to high complexity using different sources such as Bex
queries, CDS Views, HANA Views.
* Performing cut-over activities during go live.

05/2017 - 12/2018
Deloitte Consulting

05/2017 - 03/2018
Deloitte Consulting
* SIE S/4HANA Implementation, U.S. based Client - Interactive Entertainment/TMT Industry.

Duration: May, 2017 - March, 2018
Platform: SAP BW/4HANA, SAP S/4 HANA, Business Intelligence 4.2
Technical Team Size: 4
Role: Consultant, Deloitte Consulting
Location: Gurgaon, India
* SPOC for Sales and Operation module.
* Design and implementation of the backend model based on the functional specifications.
* Creation of CDS (DDL) views mainly basic, composite, consumption views in addition to the
enhancement of standard view using extend view.
* Creation of data flows in BW/4HANA using Advance DSOs, Composite providers, Open ODS View and
open hub destinations.
* Worked on hybrid scenarios which involves developing models based on HANA views, virtual
* Hands on experience in Smart Data Access (SDA), worked on data replication from various remote
sources such as DEMANTRA and OBIEE using replication task and flow-graph.
* Universe creation on CDS Views, Composite Providers and HANA tables and views using
information designing tool for fixed and ad-hoc reporting.
* Creation of Webi and Analysis for Microsoft Excel (AO) reports based on BEX queries.
* Installing/activating the BI contents.
* Creation of generic data sources.
* Carrying out unit test cases and preparing technical specifications.
* Fixing bugs/defect raised in User testing.

10/2014 - 04/2017
Sr. Analyst
* Polo - AFS Implementation R2, Simplification and R3, U.S. based Client -Fashion Industry/Retail

Duration: Oct, 2014 - Apr, 2017
Platform: SAP 7.4 BW on Hana, Hana Studio; SAP BI 7.0, Business Intelligence 4.0
Technical Team Size: 5
Role: Sr. Analyst, Accenture
Location: Bangalore, India
* Working in co-ordination with onsite lead to develop the design documents and technical
implementation across landscape.
* Currently leading team from offshore to develop, test and deploy technical solutions.
* Initial analysis on achieving the requirements for Hana Simplification using SAP BW 7.4 on
* Design and developing BW backend model to simplify as per LSA++ Architecture.
* Design and developing generic extractors, Composite Provider, SPO, and other info-providers
* Quick PoC on creating various views (Attribute/Analytical/Calculation views), Advance DSO and
Open ODS View.
* Per-upgrade and post system upgrade testing and validation.
* Worked on various modules such as purchasing, invoice, inventory, SD, Allocation, billing,
shipping, PM, COPA etc.
* Handling change requests and carrying out backend as well as front end changes.
* Performance tuning and impact analysis of backend model and Webi reports.
* Involved in change management process to plan, discuss and document movement of
incident/defect fixes to production.
* Worked closely with other teams such as BASIS, Security and Functional team during design,
development, testing and roll-outs.
* Worked as the SPOC for business during business acceptance testing and hyper care.
* Effort/cost estimation and preparing cut-over plan.
* Handled production cut-over activities.
* Carried out KT and user education sessions for the new development and enhancements.

09/2014 - 04/2017
Senior Analyst

03/2014 - 09/2014
Sr. Associate
* N.G. U.S. Foundation Program - Release 3, U.S. based Client - Energy Domain

Duration: Mar, 2014 - Sep 2014
Platform: SAP BI 7.3, Business Intelligence 4.0
Technical Team Size: 14
Role: Sr. Associate, Wipro
Location: Hyderabad, India
* Collecting requirement from the onsite and functional teams and designing the backend data
* Creating generic data-sources as well as activating and enhancing standard data-sources.
Enabling delta for the extractors and performing data loads.
* Preparing technical specification.
* Developing BW flows, creating info-cubes, DSO, SPOs, info-objects, process chains etc.
* Carrying out data loads and performing ECC vs BI reconciliation.
* Performing Unit Testing and Integration Testing.
* Coordinating with user in UAT, fixing the defects/CRs raised during UAT.

11/2010 - 09/2014
Senior Associate
Wipro Technologies

10/2013 - 03/2014
Associate Consultant
* N.G.U.S BI AM Sub Program, U.S. based Client - Energy Domain

Duration: Oct, 2013 - March, 2014
Platform: SAP BI 7.2, Business Intelligence 4.0
Technical Team Size: 4
Role: Associate Consultant, Wipro
Location: Hyderabad, India
* Maintenance and tuning of complete BW system.
* Performing BI data loads and system health checks.
* Handling BI/BO incidents.
* Data validation, ECC vs BO data reconciliation.

02/2012 - 09/2013
Associate Consultant
* N.G.U.S. Foundation Program - R&I, U.S. based Client - Energy Domain

Duration: Feb, 2012 - Sep, 2013
Platform: SAP BI 7.2, Business Intelligence 4.0
Technical Team Size: 14
Role: Associate Consultant, Wipro
Location: Hyderabad, India
* Development and maintenance of corporate as well as self-service BO reports on Universes and
BICS connection.
* Enhancement and maintenance of the backend objects for Supply Chain Management module in SAP
BI such as extractors, info-objects, DSO, Info-cubes, and Multiproviders etc.
* Development and maintenance of BEX queries for SCM module.
* Involve in testing and reconciliation of the BO reports.
* Involved in the process chain creation, scheduling and monitoring BI data loads. Monitoring
involved fixing data load issues, performance tuning.
* Responsible for fixing Defects/Incidents / CRs, in both BO and BI for SCM module raised Pre
Go-Live and Post Go-live.

09/2011 - 02/2012
Associate Consultant
Platform: SAP BI 7.0, Business Objects XI
Technical Team Size: 4
Role: Associate Consultant, Wipro
Location: Hyderabad, India
* Involved in overall SDLC process.
* Understanding the requirements, identifying and determining the scope of the project in design
phase. Creating the Technical Specifications and other documentation process.
* While in the build phase, worked on SAP BI, BEX (Query Designer, Analyzer) for creation of new
objects and enhancing the preexisting backend objects. In addition to this, I have also worked
on SAP BO XI (Web Rich Client & Infoview) for the creation of the business reports.
* During the testing phase, I was involved in carrying out and reviewing Unit Testing and
Product Testing and fixing the bugs identified during UT, PT and UAT. Also I took serious
concerns in making the performance of the reports better and fast by backend and report level

03/2011 - 09/2011
* GDFO - R3, UK based Client - Energy Domain

Duration: Mar, 2011 - Sep, 2011
Platform: SAP BI 7.0, Business Objects XI
Technical Team Size: 15
Role: Developer, Wipro
Location: Hyderabad, India
* Creating backend objects such as info-objects, DSO, Key-figure, characteristics etc, enhancing
cubes, multi-providers.
* Creating and enhancing BEX query.
* BO reports development which involved creation of universes on BEX queries and WEBi reports.
* Documentation such as preparing object tracker, technical specification, bug tracker.

Time and spatial flexibility

I'm currently based in Dubai, UAE.
Open for relocation and flexible in travelling.

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