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Last update: 12.03.2022

Software Developer : VB 6.0 | VBA | ColdFusion | Bootstrap | SharePoint O365 | Power Automate

Company: individual freelancer
Graduation: MSc Computer Science
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Programming, Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net, VBA, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB Script, AJAX, XML, SharePoint,  Bootstrap, SharePoint Office365, Power Automate

Project history

07/2009 - 12/2011
Senior Software Specialist Desktop & Web Application Design and Development
Prexus Health India
Prexus File Migrator is an application allows users to grab files and copy them to a different
location and renaming made as per the claim format automatically. Here renaming structure process if
billing system folder name is AdvantX - BCIC where the file stored and claim file name is
X12P0104_0128.10 once the user completes the process then it will be renamed the claim file to
BCIC_A_X12P0104_0128.10 and grab the claim file to the user selected location.

OVMC Report Creator, this environment is created to generate reports of OVMC Anesthesia Analysis. By
providing the Key Dos from and Thru. In Type of file Section provided the option of Text, HTML, XML
file types by selecting any one file type. Then press the Generate button. Process taking place in
environment exactly connect the database server, hit stored procedure in OVMC database and populated
the data into the respective file type select in the particular place.

PSDS (Pay slip Distribution System) is an automated mail software for the purpose of sending pay
slips to all PHI staff and job took just few minutes which otherwise was consuming long hours.

About RBS: It is first created to remove blank lines in between the list of transactions done by
patient from large size Collection File of a facility. And the output file size was reduced little
bit small. To make simplifier to pick the following fields Patient Account Number, Patient Name,
Ticket Number, DOS from particular lines of Collection file. And the Collected field details are
capture and written in file with some well formatted way to use it as the parameter and the final
output file is tiny.

About Find & Replace: Find and Replace an expression in multiple Microsoft Office Word document in a
folder without opening the files. It will replace the expression in Header and footer also, save
time without opening the document files and replace the word quickly in multiple documents.

11/2007 - 05/2009
Senior Software Engineer Design and Development
Magna Infotech
Deputation: IBM, Chennai
About TD Bank: TD Bank - Commercial World Reporting System is one of the applications in TD Bank it
contains all the customer's details and the transaction details, in web as well as in actuates
report with unyielding security login. Its three-tire architecture, data comes from SQL Server
through dynamic and store procedure according to client details, and it populates ASP Pages and
actuates report. Scope of application different branches wise reports and forms functions, Branches
types Commercial Banking Centre, Full Services Branches, and Agricultural, Application Maintenance
collection of forms supplying Master data to CWRS Application doing functions Add/Modify/Delete.
Triggers data for Branches, teams, industries, sub industries using the respective Application forms
and manipulates data for the CWRS application by managing user access roles as credit manager,
administrator reproduce data like application messages and Commercial world news for the clients in
Security Settings forms

Deputation: Patni Computers, Pune
About FRAME: SOTC is the Outbound Travel Division of Kuoni India and the country's largest outbound
tour operator. World Famous Tours is the flagship brand of SOTC, which pioneered the designing and
marketing of escorted tours to cosmopolitan travelers in India. SOTC WFT has escorted over 3, 00,000
travelers across the globe, for more than 50 years to destinations like Europe, Australia, New
Zealand, USA, Africa, Mauritius, South Asia & Far East. Being a 100% subsidiary of Kuoni Travel
Holding, Switzerland - one of the world's largest travel companies - SOTC leverages the advantage of
the buying power and travel services to provide customers value-for-money packages. SOTC endeavors
to bring alive your dream holiday. FRAME Application has modules like ACT (Accounts), PMT (Product
Management), and CST (Sales)

Deputation: Hewlett Packard, Bangalore
About ITRC/BSC- Metrics: This application is developed for Hewlett-Packard; it is a Web application
resources accessed within Hewlett-Packard's intranet. Website contains Performance and Availability
Metrics, Scorecard, User information and activity, Documents, Feedback.

This web site has two Links ITRC and BSC (Business Support Centre) Metrics.
ITRC Metrics web site provides metrics calculated by the EBusiness IT / Biz Ops group about the
following areas of the ITRC: -
* Performance & Availability
* Scorecard
* Service Metrics
* User & Service Activity
* Registration

Business Support Centre web site metrics web site provides metrics and access to raw information
about the following area of the BSC: -
* Performance & Availability
* Top Documents
* Top Software Downloads
* Raw Feedbacks

04/2005 - 11/2007
Senior Programmer Web Application Design and Development
eBMS Solutions Pvt. Ltd
About Mobile Plus Service Center Application: This is an Internet application developed for
International Marketing Services, Dubai. It encompasses the following modules Inventory Management,
Marketing, and Automation of Service Center for Nokia Mobiles. The key feature of the project is
Inventory management and tracking of Mobiles, which have come for service. Warranty wise rates and
invoices are generated. The whole application has been developed keeping in mind many Service points
under one Service Center and many Service Center's being under IMS. Hence the global admin and local
admin plays a major role in the application structure.

The Inventory plays a major role in the application with many interoffice and one office to another
transfer of tools, spares and phones. And Invoice generation and issuing of spares for the mobiles
which have come for service.

The Servicing of Mobiles also forms a major flow between interoffice and from one office to another
for servicing. The project is also designed to create different reports for IMS for their Marketing
Analysis on various Inventory Issues and on Mobile servicing. The Application also provides reports
for Nokia on a periodical basis as per their standard.

About ADSA: This project is for Abudhabi Shipping Line Ltd, who is engaged in the business of NVOCC
[Non-Vessel Owned Container Carriers]. Their main operations are the import and export. Their head
office is in Abudhabi and they have agents at each port. This project includes the solution for the
principal and their agents.

About Aquarius: This application is to integrate and automate the complete shipping export
documentation and import documentation process and generating various MIS reports.

This application contains four modules' masters, Export documentation, Import documentation and
Reports. In this project the shipper can book the container in the export form, booking container
details consist of port of loading, port of destination, container weight, and container number and
booking number.
The import module operation is the reverse operation of export module.

About IAL: This application is developed to automate the complete shipping solution for the export
and import documentation process and generating various reports. This application has four modules'
masters, Export, Import and Reports. The master's module will have the all-main data like customer,
vessel, voyage, products etc.

The Customer can book the container in the export form, booking container details consist of port of
loading, port of destination, container weight, and container number and booking number.

In the import module the port Agent will have the all loaded customer details which was done in the
export module, so the reverse operation of export module is found in the import module.

In reports can find week, month wise report of booking as per client requirement several reports
have been given.

04/2004 - 01/2005
Programmer Web Design and Development
Cyber Globe (India) Pvt. Ltd
About Marmum products, UAE Marmum portal is to market the Marmum dairy products. In this site we
have lot of entertainments for kids. In this site we have Poll, Contest, Newsletter, product,
Registration and the admin sections are there. The admin can change the poll, Contest and the
newsletters. In this site we can get the information about the product and availability in Dubai. We
can also get the stores information.

About Prime Academy: This is an internet application developed for Prime Academy, Chennai. Online
Application Registration, Report generations, Cancellation Form, Option of Taking Printout by
students, Checking class information

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