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Last update: 03.11.2022

Solution Architect / Product Owner

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With over 15 years of experience in IT delivery, I have had had roles diverging from IT support to technical consultant, process owner and technical representative. As part of this journey, I have performed tasks like requirements management, process design, solution design and integration architecture. Most of these tasks continued into the system implementation, maintaining ownership of the solution up to delivery.
I am a friendly problem solver who likes to come up with new ideas. As a team player, I enjoy encouraging and learning from my team, and the occasional curve ball.
  • Solution Architecture
  • Integration design
  • Product management
  • Business process development
  • Data modelling
  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Energy Market

Project history

10/2020 - Present
Flare Hub Ltd. (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Pluggable Electron
Pluggable Electron is an open-source meta-framework for developing Electron applications which are extendable with plugins. The framework provides a structure for both the core application and plugin development.

This originated from the development of a low-code platform that should be be extendable by 3rd parties. I noticed the lack of support for extendability in Electron (itself a framework for building desktop applications) and decided to implement this functionality in a generic way and make it available as open-source.

As this was a personal project of mine, I performed all parts of this project. That mainly included solution design, architecture, implementation and distribution. The framework is currently available on github ( and npm (

04/2020 - 09/2021
System specialist / technical advisor
Nord Pool (50-250 employees)
Energy, water and environment
Market Coupling Service
MaCS is used to orchestrate the process flow of the European day ahead electricity market. This involves collecting, validating, and distributing all the necessary market data between both internal and external systems.

My role in this project was to:
  1. act as a system specialist of Generis, which this system was built on, providing guidance and implementing low-code solutions;
  2. and provide technical advice on, and document integration designs.

03/2019 - 01/2020
Co-founder / Architect
Flare Hub Ltd. (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Flare Hub
Flare Hub was founded to provide a new IT solution that allowed event organisers to facilitate the management of exhibitor information. The solution was built on WordPress.

As the more technical founder, I was responsible for the system architecture (fully cloud hosted), product management and system development.

Starting early 2020, we pivoted towards providing system specialist and technical advisory services.

08/2015 - 01/2018
Technical representative
Nord Pool (50-250 employees)
Energy, water and environment
XBID integrates a continuous electricity market between energy exchanges throughout Europe.

I had two roles in this project:
  1. Represent Nord Pool in the technical work groups with the supplier and partners;
  2. Facilitate localised projects implementing the solution.
This included the negotiation of business requirements, validation of business and integration specifications, and facilitating the integration of IT systems with the overall XBID project.

03/2012 - 07/2015
Maximo consultant / Process lead
Fingrid (50-250 employees)
Energy, water and environment
The goal of ELVIS was to deliver an information system that supports the full asset management life cycle for a Transmission System Owner, using tightly integrated, best-of-breed applications.

My role in this project started out as Maximo solution designer and evolved into process lead for the asset modelling process. In this role my responsibilities included the specification and supporting the delivery of the asset modelling solution. This involved the functional ownership of the relevant system integrations.

11/2011 - 02/2012
Maximo consultant
Maximo Assessment
The goal of this assessment was to determine the strengths and possible point of improvement in the design and implementation of the Maximo solution for the facilities management of a leading international mobile phone and telecommunications company.

It was my responsibility to perform the functional part of the assessment. The client asked their service provider as well as IBM to implement some of the recommendations. After this decision my role focused on the improvement of the data migration.

10/2010 - 04/2011
Consultant / Delivery Manager
Energy Balance Sheet
The purpose of this project was to streamline the process for calculating the energy balance sheet for the leading district heating supplier in the Netherlands. This included extending the current interfaces, modeling the heat production, developing energy distribution models and designing new user interfaces for the extended user base.

In the initial phase of this project, I had the task to facilitate the requirements- and functional specification workshops and reviewing the results. During this phase it was determined that development was required and throughout the development and delivery phase I took on the role of delivery manager and consulted and trained the client on the solution.

10/2010 - 02/2011
Delivery Manager
Herpertti Phase II
For this project the Leading utilities supplier in Scandinavia looked to improve its view on the costs of its fuel consumption and value of its fuel storage. This required development of new calculations, interfaces and object models. The project included the design, development and delivery of the required functionality.

As a delivery manager, I was responsible for the quality of the new features and delivery schedule . This included writing a testing plan and delivery plan, and acting as the primary customer interface for the project throughout testing and delivery.


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Maximo V7.1 EAM
IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Maximo V6 ITSM

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Finland
I reside in Helsinki and am happy to work onsite full-time in the Uusimaa region of FInland.

Outside of that I am happy to work onsite part-time or for short-term projects within Europe. Additionally I am available to work on any European project remotely.


Please see my open-source projects on Github at
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