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Senior Software Engineer (Universe), Senior Software Developer, Senior Software Developer

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Perl/unix shell scripting programmer 5 years, email, web services, DNS, file server, router, firewall, JBASE test system, MS Office, Netscape, Internet Explorer, HTML, CGI, PERL, DBI, LINUX, Microsoft Windows 10 and 11, SQL, MySQL, SQL language, Completed college courses, ASP.NET, C#, shell, python, backups, backup, git, object files, source control, shell script, Jenkins, jira, confluence, database, databases, SQL databases, sendmail, perl script, secure shell, version control, Subversion, VB6 application, Windows system, Unix, VB6, bugs, error log, file system, printers, tcp/ip, system administration, backend, Red Hat Advanced Server, HP-UX, samba, windows server, logoff, ODBC, Perl/jBase, Jenkins server, shell scripts, graphical system, ARP, log files, Linux server, routing, file sharing, modulo, UNIX server,, PERL scripts, UNIX/Windows servers, Verisign, AIX, SCO servers, LINUX firewall/router, proxy server, AIX/Windows, Sun Solaris Systems Administrator, Linux Samba file server, sulog, Sun Solaris servers, Windows NT server, Explorer, JBASE databases, web-based, windows applications, WORD PERFECT, Dbase, programming, ADA, PASCAL, C, C++, operating system

Project history

02/2011 - 12/2017
Senior Software Engineer (Universe)
Market America
* Maintained, updated and developed back end programs for cold fusion to call to return data
from the database and/or update data
* Developed program to correct/update data in the UV database as well as add data to the UV
* Developed program to push data to SQL databases
* Developed c# programs to assist developers with comparing data between universe databases and
SQL databases
* Developed programs to send emails from aix/universe to users/developers
* Debugged code to find and fix errors
* Designed solutions to problems/new features as requested
* Universe developer, received project specifications and developed programs per specifications
within a sprint time frame.

11/2007 - 12/2011
Senior Software Developer
Sports Endeavors
* Universe developer, developed/maintained/improved code for the Zircon system
* Maintained universe databases (developed a perl program to scan all files for "GFE's")
* Developed a universe solution to use sendmail/shell script to allow universe programs to send
out emails.
* Developed basic code to scan pick files for errors (and fix them)
* Developed a perl script to restore file(s) from tape backups (so that others could restore
* Developed solutions (using universe basic, perl/shell and secure shell) to pass data between
universe system and external systems
* Developed a version control system using universe, secure shell and Subversion as well as a
way to move code from development system to live system (with rollback capability). This system
included the ability to verify that code on the LIVE system was the same as the code on the DEV
* Developed VB6 application to move data from a Windows system to Unix/universe
* Modified the current VB6 application adding features and fixing bugs
* Developed perl programs to monitor system and email when an error was found (to include
scanning the daily error log, file system over "x" percent full, printers that "go down", among
other things)
* Aix system admin, maintained file system , bring up/add printers, developed program to
automate addition of users, setup/maintain sendmail, network (tcp/ip) to/from the aix system and
general system administration tasks

07/2003 - 12/2007
Senior Software Developer
Activant Solutions Inc
*Developed a web based front end to certain portions of our application (maintenance screens and
*Developed a C# windows application to "generate/pull" a patch for our application
*Developed a web based developer status web page (using perl/cgi for front-end and jBase as
backend), used to enter/track developer projects (
*Maintained auto shims auto package application (corrected bugs and added new features)
* Maintained users databases
* Developed a phantom process to automatically resize files on a nightly basis, to include
locking down system and logging users off)
* Supported 10+ customers running jBase on Linux and 80+ customers running Ult-Plus on HP
* Developed a pick system to distribute/maintain files that were over 2 gigabytes
* Developed a pick email subsystem to allow database to email user
* Setup new system(s) for customers
* Maintained Linux (Red Hat Advanced Server) and HP-UX systems
* Setup samba shares to allow windows systems to communicate with Linux and to communicate with
* Developed a backup system to backup servers (including the windows server)
* Developed an intranet web site to store information pertaining to our application
* Developed system to allow users to setup/perform backups/restores of pick/unix data
* Developed system to allow users to setup automatic file resizes of pick data
*Developed system to allow users to "trap" (not allow users to login) system and automatically
warn users system is being "trapped" and to logoff and when time exceeded, log all users off
* Setup customer's servers with ODBC access and configured customers PC to access pick data via
ODBC, developed programs to ensure that dictionaries were ODBC compliant and convert if not
* Developed a system to allow customers to send pick data (inventory stock) to a central
warehouse automatically.
*Developed a web based system to report on customers computer systems, this process
automatically logs into a customers system and generates a web page on the status of the system
to include the pick database
*Developed a system to monitor customers system from a central server, using Perl/jBase and
email if certain errors exist
*Developed unix scripts to use scp (secure copy) to obtain data files and load onto a customers
*Developed "install cd's" to allow for the easy installation of various software enhancements of
our application onto customers system (to include new software)
* Developed a 50,000+ c# application to allow developers to view code across different systems
(dev/test/prod) and view differences and edit (dev code only) test/prod is view only.
* Developed Jenkins jobs to build code when checked into git or the job is manually started.
* Setup Jenkins server and jobs to access git/universe/shell scripts/build a c# application

11/2001 - 07/2003
Assignment Highlights below
*November, 2001 - July 2003

07/2002 - 05/2003
* Developed PICK applications and PERL scripts to convert data from other databases to pick
* Developed PERL SCRIPTS to move data between UNIX/Windows servers
* Assisted in the development/maintenance their existing pick system

02/2003 - 03/2003
Pick programmer (D3)
Professional Management Group
system to a graphical system using ACCUTERM (a VB like clone for pick systems)
* Converted procs to programs

12/2002 - 02/2003
Home Independent Projects
* Designed and developed a PICK system to allow messages into a PICK database to continually
scroll on a terminal. Developed an application for database message maintenance.
* Developed a system to move data between pick systems using PERL and PICK BASIC.
* Developed a PICK system to allow data from a pick database to be emailed.
* Developed PERL solutions to monitor a Linux server for unauthorized access (monitoring the
ARP tables, processing the IP tables log files, maintaining the IP tables rules, monitoring
* Configured a Linux server for home/small business users running DNS, routing, firewall,
email, instant messenger service, and file sharing.
* Developed a system to scan files needing resizing and then resize the files with a logical

08/2002 - 11/2002
Armstrong Atlantic State University
* Developed PERL SCRIPTS to load files via a web page onto a web server and PERL SCRIPTS to
move data from one UNIX server to another
* Developed and maintained code in

02/2002 - 04/2002
UNIX engineer
* Consulted as a UNIX engineer supporting 100+ RS600's running AIX 4.3.3 and 75+ SCO servers
* Developed PERL SCRIPTS to monitor system and allow users to perform maintenance.
* Developed PERL SCRIPTS to move log file from the different servers to a central one, which
then analyzed the log files and generated emails when errors were found.

11/2001 - 01/2002
Savannah Baptist Association
* Designed and implemented a church membership application in pick ( JBASE and UNIVERSE ) to
allow churches to track members (tithes, attendance, and contact information)
* Designed and implemented a network (LINUX firewall/router, file server, proxy server).
Connecting 7+ computers to the internet/network.

08/1997 - 11/2001
PICK programmer/AIX/Windows/Sun Solaris Systems Administrator
Inland Truck Parts Company
* Designed and implemented an employee time clock system in PICK (UNIVERSE and JBASE). This
system included 5 databases, 25 subroutines and over 20,000 lines of code
* Modified code (transportation and truck repair system) to correct errors and add features.
* Maintained 3 AIX (RS6000) machines (H70, J40 and 360), applied patches and updates, adjusted
file size, backups, added drives, hardware, users and general system maintenance
* Setup and administered a Linux Samba file server, serving 50+ Windows98 machines and
setup/scheduled a daily/weekly/monthly backup of data files.
* Created PERL SCRIPTS to monitor our RS6000 systems (file sizes, mail queue, error logs,
wtmp, sulog) and email support any errors or problems found.
* Maintained 20+ LINUX servers running various services (email, web, dns, routing, firewall,
file server, log server), 2 Sun Solaris servers and 1 Windows NT server
* Maintained 50+ networked machines running Windows98, using MS Office, Netscape, and Explorer
* Maintained company intranet and support dept intranet allowing us to track support issues,
requests for repair of equipment, and developed a technical site allowing support dept to look
up answers to problems
* Maintained JBASE databases and file systems reorganizing/resizing when necessary
* jBase database administrator
* Provided technical support to 400+ users and corporate staff on application and systems
* Repaired and assembled pc's for users
* Designed and implemented a system for moving data between various machines using PERL, PICK
and secure shell
* Setup a Linux test machine for users and developers to test applications before releasing
* Developed a "call tracking web-based system" using PERL, MySQL, DBI, CGI, and HTML.

01/1996 - 08/1997
PICK Programmer/Network Administrator
Savannah Laboratories
* Developed PICK programs to extract data from database and put into a CSY file to send to
* Setup and maintained Wyse50/170 terminals
* Maintained network connections and cabling

09/1994 - 01/1996
Lab Assistant
Computer lab AASU
* Assisted students with various windows applications (MS OFFICE, WORD PERFECT, Dbase)
* Assisted students with programming assignments in ADA, PASCAL, C, C++, PERL, and HTML
* Developed batch jobs to automate reformatting and installing of operating system and
* Setup 100+ Windows machines in lab and networked them to a NOVELL server and each other

08/1986 - 08/1994
National Guard
US Army
* Repaired communications equipment on Bradley Fighting Vehicles and M1A1 tanks
* Artillery crew member (M109)

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