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Stuart Semon


Last update: 16.07.2009

Sr. Software/Firmware Engineer

Graduation: B.SC.
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Languages: k. A.


Software & Firmware Experience:
Specified, architected, developed, coded, and designed many different embedded systems and software projects. Project Lead Experience.
Efficient in writing design requirements, architectural specs, interface specs, and user documentation.
Wrote software and firmware for various projects throughout my career using; .NET, C#, C++, C, Various ASMs for embedded systems, Python, Perl, VB, Basic, Test Basic, and Microsoft Test. Used several different compilers and emulators for embedded systems.
Designed Top Down Architecture For Embedded Systems using Ward-Mellor, Yourdon, and Booch Methods. The Embedded Systems included IA32 and IA64 architectures; Intel 8051 Micro-Controller; MC68332 Micro-Controller; Motorola MC68000 Micro-Processor. Siemens 505 and 167 Family Micro-Controllers; Siemens 6030 DSP Filter.
Efficient with RTOS, Self Developed Microkernels and OSs. Threading, Semaphores, Mutexs, etc.
Efficient with Complicated Mathematical Algorithms, and effective with DSP.
COM and DCOM & .NET Remote Server and Clients; ActiveX Applications. Drivers in Windows and DOS.
Communications and Control Automation Software using TCPIP, USB, Serial and Parallel Ports, GPIB, I2C. Have extensive experience with. ATE, automation, control and data acquisition systems. Control Software for Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, and other Test Equipment. Automated data collection by interfacing with Excel, Access, and other formats.
Specified and developed GUI\\\'s and Test Software.
Can effectively apply Agile Software Development Practices.

Project history

Developed Embedded Automation/Communications/Control Tool: that provided functionality for: Signal Integrity Analysis, System/Chip Functional Analysis, Component Development Analysis, & DDR Stress. ASM/C++/C#/Python: Controls were with emulator and scripts (ITP), multiple ASM stand alone locatable threads, Interrupt service routines, APIC controls for loading code, modifiable memory locations using op codes for controls and speed efficiency. Host to target communications with TCIP/USB/Serial. Bus logic analysis, and transmission line parameter tuning. Automation for Tek LA, Oscilloscope, embedded electrical control cards, USB control cards. COM Dlls,, ActiveX application in C#; Host Control in Python.

Redesigned the architecture of an existing product to use as a development platform for concurrent engineering purposes.
Created and modified modules using dataflow, state transition, and Constantine diagrams before converting to embedded firmware. These modules were then used for the development of several control systems.
The modular code was then ported (using new addressing and hook variables) into new products which used a completely different micro-controller.
Other software design includes serial communications for SAE J1587 and SAE J1939; DSP filtering for Analog inputs, RF inputs, and other control applications.

Local Availability

Only available for the countries USA
Available from 9:00 am to 9:00pm - Monday - Friday - Pacific Time
Willing to Work from home, and travel with perdiem.
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