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Yuriy Fonin


Last update: 27.06.2019

C++ developer

Company: REDA-SOFT
Graduation: Dipl.-Informatiker
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)


Program Languages/Software:
C, C++ , SystemC, Borland C++ Builder (VCL – strong knowledge), OpenCv from Intel

C#, Visual Basic .Net

Assembly language for:
Intel 286
Matlab 5.5. – programming experience.
Pascal – base knowledge
Visual Basic - base knowledge
Gnu compiler, makefile,
Linux, Unix – advanced user
Team development tools: bugzilla, CVS, SourceSave,
Data bases: SQL.

Technologies and standards:
Smart card : ISO 7816, GSM 11.11 117
Crypto algorithms: DES, AES, RSA, EC-DSA – building an authorization and secure communication protocols.
MPEG2, MPEG4, audio, video – theoretical
Compiler algorithms – parser developing (C#, C# cup), understanding of the code generating algorithms.
RTOS – theoretical knowledge, experience in developing, porting and optimization.

Project history

Freelance project manager
Developing an image editor for image component database.
Leads of the team of 3 developers
Programming (Delphi)
Developing a video stream capture system to capture from the IP cameras.
Using DirectX 9.0 with C++ Builder
Integrating a face detection algorithm (has been taken from the OpenCv library)
Porting of the G711 vocoder into the ARM platform.
Code optimization using C an ARM inline assembly.

Independent projects:
Developing a compiler for processor description language(PDL) to generate the following set of the processor-related
tools from the PDL description:
1. Software simulator
2. Debugger
3. Assembler
Functions: concept-developing, implementation. Programming language – C++
The PPDL has been used for the development of the simulator of the MN6403\NM6405 processors for the JSC Module (

Developing a library for visualization of the SystemC models with Visual Studio .NET
Functionality of the library:
a. SystemC parser to parse a SystemC components of the VisualStudio project
b. Code-generator for automatically generating of the SystemC elements (ports, modules, signals e.t.c)
c. Visualization of the SystemC modules (includes routing algorthim).
Programming language: Visual Basic .NET

Developing a toolset for the fast SoC development. The methodology
- semi-automatic developing of the TSA SystemC models
- Driver generation based on the analyzing of the standard patterns.
- Visual environment for the SystemC models development (based on the SystemC visualization library).

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Russian Federation
I am looking for the remote job
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