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Last update: 23.12.2022

Software Engineer

Graduation: Bsc. Computer Engineering
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Turkish (Limited professional)


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Kafka, Bash, Ceph, chatbots, Computer Engineering, programming, ci/cd, databases, DevOps, Docker, Git, Golang, Grafana, Graphql, grpc, Information Technology, k8s, Kubernetes, Linux, Message Brokers, Microservices, Microservices Architecture, NoSQL, Postgres, programming language, Programming Languages, Prometheus, protobuf, Push Notification, Python programming language, Python, Redis, Site Reliability, rest, SQL, Scala, web applications

Project history

04/2018 - 02/2021
Software Engineer
Bale Messenger
Bale Messenger (Is a Fast and handy Payment and Communication platform built upon a safe messaging and financial system. Bale
had 8 million users when I was here and now has 14 million users. ) Iran, Tehran
* Migrated Bale monolithic server was written by Scala programming language to Microservices with other coworkers and using
Go programming language and Kubernetes as container orchestration system and different databases and tools such as
Postgres, Redis, Kafka and etc.
* Implemented, Deployed, and Maintained some services above:
Push Notification Service: Processing and sending Bale Messenger's Notifications.
Presence Service: Processing and sending Bale User's status such as online, last seen, typing, etc.
Other services such as Stickers and Settings and some chatbots.
* I was also on the engineering recruitment team and had many interviews with new candidates.

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