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ANSYS HFSS, CST, TICRA for circuit and antenna design, LTE, WiFi, Code V, Zemax, Ansys Speos, Lighttools, Tracepro, modelling and simulation, sensor, data analysis, ANSYS, MATLAB/SIMULINK, Comsol, SystemVue, MathCAD, programming languages, Python, Fortran, C#, Test script generation, LABVIEW, 3D modelling and simulation software, SolidWorks, PCB Layout, Altium, Autocad, LiDAR, ASIC, PCB, Matlab, revision control, STM, VGA, reliability analysis, Package Management, OEM, mobile device, sensor applications, Catia, Interface, System design
  • 04/2012 - 03/2013

    • STM
  • design engineer
  • STM, France

    Worked as an design engineer in the development of integrated T/R modules for a large element phased
    array radar system. Contributed to the module definition and circuit specification:

    * antenna matching
    * high path isolation
    * low noise design
    * high integration of RF/Baseband functions

    Carried out MMIC design using Cadence/ADS:

    * combiner/splitter design
    * variable gain amplifier (VGA) design
    * multi-stage LNA design
    * wafer probing and testing

  • 10/2011 - 03/2012

    • Siemens Healthcare
  • Validation Engineer
  • documentation in line with internal and regulatory specifications. Carried out testing and approval
    verification of external RF components:

    * High power rf amplifier test and analysis
    * RF testing:
    * Frequency & time domain
    * Spurious and noise
    * Reliability and safety analysis
    * Integration with MRI system
    * Test report and documentation

    Extensive electromagnetic analysis was used to define the passive elements and package and provide
    data for the reliability analysis.
    Carried out T/R module verification and validation within the radar subsystem testing,
    processing data and validating it.

  • 06/2011 - 09/2011

    • Freescale
  • RF design engineer
  • Freescale, Germany

    I worked as an RF design engineer carrying out multilayer PCB within the applications group. Main
    design tasks were:

    * application PCB development using ADS/Altium
    * 802.15.4 Neighbourhood Area Metering Reference Design
    * Remote Keyless entry (RKE) Reference Design
    * Integrated Antenna Design & Coupling analysis using ADS/HFSS
    * contributions to reference manual

  • 01/2010 - 06/2011

    • NXP Semiconductor
  • MMIC designer
  • NXP Semiconductor, Netherlands

    Working as a MMIC designer within the Basestation Products and Small Signal Groups I carried out
    designs using in-house LDMOS & RF CMOS technologies for a number of different applications.
    Carried design tasks related to the design of MMIC power amplifiers for WCDMA & LTE/4G basestation
    applications. I carried out high power broadband designs using LDMOS technology. These designs

    * WCDMA & LTE/4G System Application Analysis
    * Work Package Management
    * High Power Broadband Designs using ADS/Cadence/Momentum
    * LDMOS Technology
    * Doherty Structures
    * Active & Passive Model Extraction
    * Monte-Carlo & Tolerancing Analysis
    * ADS Schematic and Cadence Layout Design Flow
    * DRV & LVS
    * Package Modelling using Momentum/HFSS/Ansys
    * Evaluation & Application PCB Design & Testing
    * Design of ATE (Automated Test Equipment)
    * Linearization Development

    Packaging modelling and thermal analysis was carried out, full testing in a basestation emulator was
    carried out by an basestation amplifier OEM.

  • 07/2005 - 06/2006

    • Valeo
  • design engineer in theSensors Group
  • Valeo, Germany

    Automotive Sensor Development
    Worked as a design engineer in theSensors Group. Tasks included design and

    * Camera Optics for automotive sensor applications
    * lens assemblyfor large Field of view applicationsusing Speos/Catia
    * high resolution focal plane array

  • 04/1999 - 01/2000

    • Ericsson
  • desing engineer
  • Be replaced by cheaper components with same performance.
    Main activites were

    Cellular Basestation Development
    * System Analysis
    * Transceiver design
    * RFIC Design using ADS/Cadence
    * LNA Design
    * High IP Mixer
    * Analog & Baseband Design
    * Multilayer PCB Design

  • 06/1995 - 12/1997

    • Ericsson
  • Basestation Design
  • Group. Worked on antenna configurations and combining and distribution designs
    for these.

    Main activities were:

    * System Design using EESOF
    * RF Combining & Distribution Units
    * Tower mounted amplifier
    * Beam former and antenna design

  • 06/1989 - 05/1995

    • Astrium
  • Senior engineer
  • Astrium, UK

    Worked as a Senior engineer within the Optical communications Group and the Active Microwave Group.
    Part of group which developed a coherent optics receiver breadboard. As part of the project I
    carried out Optical simulation and analysis of the demonstrator, receiver optics and mechanical
    implementation and testing.
    Responsible for test and assessment of Optical Mechanisms, tolerance analysis and the engineering
    support of fine pointing mechanism.
    I was also responsible for separate work packages which involved communication subsystem predesign,
    engineering of EQM DRS-transmitter, EQM DRS-receiver and performance assessment. Main activities

    * Coherent optics receiver breadboard
    * Optical simulation and analysis of demonstrator
    * Receiver optics/mechanics implementation
    * Testing & analysis
    * Test and Assessment of Optical Mechanisms
    * Tolerance analysis using SolidWorks
    * Engineering support of fine pointing mechanism
    * Communication subsystem predesign
    * Communication subsystem predesign:
    * Engineering of EQM DRS-Transmitter
    * Engineering of EQM DRS-Receiver

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