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senior aeronautical / aerospace engineer

Company: Ulrich Gengenbach
Graduation: Diplom Ingenieur (equiv. M.SC.) aerospace engineering
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Aeronautical engineer with over 10 years’ experience in satellite operations, testing and airplane manufacturing. Has extensive expertise in subsystem design, planning test programs for satellite system level and in Orbit tests. Further well experienced in airplane manufacturing as well as in software design especially for data recording and analysis. Managed software development projects and space unit design teams. The special strengths are a multidisciplinary and agile approach and considering system influences also on detail focused work.
  • Extensive system knowledge for satellite sub systems as data handling, telemetry and telecommanding, attitude and orbit control system, propulsion as well as overall system level.
  • Working experience in usage of CCSDS, PUS and ECSS standards
  • Experience in leading aerospace related software projects by leading a team of 6 engineers
  • Extensive software knowledge in VB 6.0, VB.NET, TCL/TK, SQL and additionally knowledge in C, AWL, UML, Fortran77 and Java , SCOS2000, Office Suite, MS Visio, Enterprise Architect
  • Hands on experience with Mil-Std-1553, Spacewire, Can-Bus


Project history

11/2018 - Present
Space project manager, test architect and consulting systems engineer
Archangel Lightworks, Harwell, UK (10-50 employees)
working for the HALO project, to develop a laser communication system from small satellites.

➢ Created and optimized project plans and budgets
➢ Designed overall Development and testing strategy to ensure maximum development progress and reduction of technical risks.
➢ Led project team in preparation and delivery or project milestones (SRR, PDR, MRR, CDR)
➢ Supported systems engineering and overall systems design.
➢ Designed verification and test strategy

12/2017 - 07/2018
Technical Project Manager
Rockwell Collins, Heidelberg, Germany (250-500 employees)
Technical project manager for development of reaction wheels for space applications.Ulrich Gengenbach | Email:

➢ Prepared and led development of technical approach and concept for ESA proposals
➢ Generated project schedule, work breakdown structure for the design and development activities
➢ Responsible for budget, schedule and quality of engineering tasks
➢ Coordinated internal and external stakeholders and suppliers

07/2017 - 11/2017
Senior Test Development Engineer
Inmarsat, London, UK (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Senior Test Development Engineer developing in the European Aviation Network (EAN) testing

➢ Developed test strategy, test plans and test cases for End to End Testing of Internet on air services on the EAN.
➢ Agreed test strategy and test plan with end customer
➢ Led development of test procedures and test execution

10/2014 - 08/2017
Functional Validation Engineer (Satellite)
Airbus Defense & Space, Stevenage, UK (>10.000 employees)
Development and performance of functional validation tests for the interplanetary probe Solar Orbiter, sub-systems data handling (DHS), Attitude and Orbit Control (AOCS), Failure detection and Recovery (FDIR) and the payload communication system.

➢ Responsible for test development of automated functional tests with functional simulations
➢ Performed tests on EM (engineering model) in clean room, post-test analysis and report creation
➢ Analyzed requirements and test specifications
➢ Requirements analysis led to additional requirements and OBDH updates as result of identified gaps.
➢ Initiated process improvements such as training of test team for a more structured test approach, introduced agile development methodologies, demonstrated critical issues in existing process

01/2013 - 07/2014
Satellite Test & Test System Engineer
OHB SE, Brement, Germany (>10.000 employees)
Consultant satellite test engineer in the assembly, integration and test (AIT) department on the Galileo project.

➢ Designed and developed a functional overall satellite level test as part of system engineering team
➢ Developed and performed the onboard data handling (OBCD) verification campaign
➢ Implemented, executed and analyzed automated full functional performance tests on satellite level, data handling, power and thermal sub-systems for 6 satellites

11/2007 - 12/2012
Satellite System Engineer (Operations)
LSE Space AG, Wessling, Germany (50-250 employees)
Responsible for the sub-systems: Onboard Data Handling (DHS), Telemetry and Telecommanding (TM/TC) and onboard security sub-systems. Supporting sub-systems as Attitude and Orbit Control (AOCS), propulsion and thermal sub-systems.

➢ Prepared ground system, validation and adaptation of flight procedures and flight database
➢ Managed sub-systems through launch and early orbit phase (LEOP) as well as in orbit validation tests
➢ Co-designed operational concept, ground and flight procedures for onboard security system
➢ Led the execution of orbital maneuvers as well as recovery operations

Time and spatial flexibility

For European contracts available within 4 weeks.
For longer duration, some organisational prepartion might be necessary.

One target is to perform projects outside of Europe as well.


2012: PAPER FOR SPACEOPS CONFERENCE 2012: Method to structure processes in rountine operations (for space operations) by Ulrich Gengenbach, Hendrik Enke, Juergen Letschnik for LSE Space GmbH

Advanced / Professional Trainings:
03/2017 - ongoing   Training: Architecture and Systems Engineering  (by MIT professional Education)
09/2011 & 10/2010  Training: Project Management  (by Harrison-Associates), to PMP certification level2010: Project management 1
10/2005                    Training: BW305 Business Information Warehouse (BW) - reporting & analysis  (By SAP Education)

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