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Last update: 26.03.2013

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Company: JVC
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: Chinese (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


Responsible of the Core Technology Platform

Coordinate the various players (operators, companies that give support to the system administration, system programmer) who manage the core technology platform

Establish protocols required to ensure the necessary level of service (operation,
administration, applications deployment, planned interventions, change management, troubleshooting, incident resolution, performance tuning, etc. ..)

Extensive expertise in the analysis, design and management of the various components
of the core technology platform:
* DB Oracle and DB2. Administration, data replication and cloning
* Oracle Golden Gate Replication between heterogeneous datasources: Oracle, DB2 LUW, DB2 z/os
* Architect of the test environments for WebSphere / ORACLE / CICS/DB2 ZOS: and
* Operating Systems: Z/OS, AIX, Linux and Solaris
* J2EE Application Servers: WebSphere, IAS
* CICS Gateway Transactiom
* Apache Web Server, reverse proxy POUND
* High Availability Software HeartBeat
* Virtualization: Xen, LPARs, WPARs
* Storage: IBM SAN, NAS, DS8100, DS6800, Global Mirror Replication
* Hardware: Linux x86-64, enterprise servers: pSeries, zSeries
* Architectural design of system components to ensure the level of service (availability, performance, security) which conform the core of UV
* Service Level Monitoring
* z/os components: SMS, RACF, HSM, RMF,WLM. DB2, MQseries & WAS

Overview of enterprise applications (web, student enrollment, staff, accounting, virtual office, etc ...) and data models

Design, integrate and implement the various components of the technology platform that support
90% of the data, corporate applications and processes, according to the requirements of the service level.

Project history

Josep Vidal is an enthusiastic person who gets excited with his work: when he finds a problem, technical or organizational, he pursues its solution in detail and intensely and he's not content with the simplest solution, but with that he believes the best. Josep has the best skills as a sysadmin that I know and he has adapted fast and profoundly to different management systems and databases. And, of course, he not afraid at all to new challenges.

He likes to exchange views on various technical aspects of computers with colleagues and he does not hesitate to ask and learn in those points that he don't known.

In recent years, he has worked with dedication in the establishment and consolidation of infrastructure and logic that supports the applications of the University of Valencia. It has done so effectively and implementing original and innovative ideas

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