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JEE Architect and Scrum Certified Developer/Coach

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Profileimage by AxelWilhelm Berle JEE Architect and Scrum Certified Developer/Coach from FrancaSaoPauloKoeln
During international projects in Brasil, India and Germany I aquired extensive experience in complex multi tier JEE projects. When working as architect or team lead, I always like to be involved in hands-on development.

Living in Brasil for over 15 years, and Argentina for a year, I have a thorough knowledge of the south-american culture.

UI Technologies:
JSF 2.1; Richfaces 4; Primefaces 3.5; jQuery; JSP; Servlets; Struts, JavaScript, Angular 2;

Backend Technologies
EJB 3.1; Hibernate; JPA; CDI; JMS; Spring; Lucene;

Application Servers
Oracle Weblogic (11) ; Glassfish 3.1; JBoss; Websphere; Apache-Tomcat; TomEE; Apache Web Server;

JMS Message Broker
Apache ActiveMQ

Postgres; Oracle; MS SQL Server; Derby

JUnit; TestNG; JsfUnit; Arquilian; JMeter; Mockito; dbUnit; Cucumber-JVM;
Selenium, WebDriver, Drone, Graphene.

Eclipse; Netbeans; Subversion, Git; Jenkins, Maven, Jira

MagicDraw; Rational Rose; ArgoUML;


CSP: Certified Scrum Professional (Scrum Alliance)
CSD: Certified Scrum Developer (Scrum Alliance)
CSM: Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance)
CSPO: Certified Scrum Product Owner (Scrum Alliance)

SCJP: Sun Certified Java Programer
SCWCD: Sun Certified Web Component Developer
SCBCD: Sun Certified Business Component Developer
SCEA: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (I, II und III)
SCMAD: Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer

8.2015 – now
Magazine Luiza – São Paulo, Brasilien (Retail)
Role: Scrum-coach, Lead-Developer/Architect

With my experience as scrum coach and developer, I helped to form several development teams, as lead developer, from interviewing new developers during the hiring process to training them regarding code quality, clean coding standards, and automated testing techniques. I introduced testing tools like Junit tests, Arquillian-based integration tests, Cucumber-JVM based BDD tests and helped introducing code reviews and pair programming.

Currently I am working in a project that consists of the development of an engine that imports xml-based invoices from a SOAP web service. The invoices are checked against consistency and then automatically integrated into the companies ERP.

The architecture is based on Rest-Microservices, with an Angular 2 SPA client for monitoring purposes.

Technologies used: Oracle Virtual Box, Docker, JEE, Eclipse, Git, BitBucket, Gitflow, Jenkins, JBoss/Wildfly, SpringBoot, Spring Data, Arquillian, REST, SOAP, Oracle 11g, Oracle SQL Developer, AngularJS 2, AWS.


5.2015 – 8.2015
Santander São Paulo
Role: Scrum-coach, lead developer

Development of a PMO reporting tool

This was the first project where I had the opportunity to test scrum in a project that was failing at the traditional waterfall approach. Even being co-located at the client, it had failed, after more than 6 months.

I was first called to help as a developer. The more I learned about the project, I realized that the team had to be reorganized and scrum would be a perfect fit: the team was co-located with the client.

I decided to use short iterations of one week for fast delivery of business value as working product increments. This gave us the opportunity to regain the client's confidence by showing working software - even if delivered in small steps. It was not possible to implement all the scrum ceremonies (no regular sprint retrospectives), because of the initial resistance of the team and a project manager (who considered it a lack of time). In spite of the team's resistance, I succeeded in introducing test automation, little by little. One big issue was a huge technical debt, which was necessary to be addressed.
I had the opportunity to strengthen the teams pride by letting the developers take responsability, and by conducting code reviews (together with refactoring techniques), helped to create an awareness for code quality.

The biggest challenge was convincing the project manager to let go of control and let the team organize itself. After some iterations results appeared and the pressure gradually subsided. I had to leave the team after 4 months to join Magazine Luiza. The project was finished after 8 months to the full satisfaction of the client, and a new contract is being negotiated.


02.2014 – 03.2015
Multimedia e-Learning Portal (client in Cologne/offshore - Brasil)
Role: Architect

Technical migration from Glassfish 3.2.2 to Wildfly 8.2. Global refactoring of the automated test infrastructure.

Technical Basis: Netbeans, Eclipse, Arquillian Drone and Graphene (Selenium-based WebDriver), JEE, JSF, Richfaces, Maven 3.04, Subversion 1.6, Jenkins 1.5; Glassfish; Apache Webserver, Wildfly 8.2.


06.2014 – 12.2014
GLS with Lufthansa Systems
Role: Technical architect

Validation of the architecture of the target system, that was defined to replace a set of legacy applications. The target system consists of a distributed multi-tier application of three physically separated layers. The first layer is an independent SOA, that encapsulates the legacy data sources, accessible via a REST API. The middle layer is responsible for the synchronization and control of the estimated 5000 clients. The synchronizaton technology used is SymmetricDS.
The clients are JavaFX thin-client applications, communicating via a dedicated REST-API with the local backend.

My activities consisted of validating the results of the business analysis, transforming the business data model to a technical JPA data model for implementation. In the second phase of the project, I worked as the technical architect, formulating the technical architecture. I was responsible for the creation of the technical domain data model, based on JPA, as well as the design of the REST-APIs of the JavaFX client facing the local backend. I was also responsible for the application design of the local backend and participated with the implementation of the technical POC.

Project language: English, German, Portuguese

Teamsize: 20+

Technical Basis: JBoss, JavaFx, JPA/Hibernate, CDI, Web Services (SOAP), Rest, Arquillian, JUnit, Jenkins, Sonar, Eclipse.


02.2014 – 06.2014
Portal e-Learning (Offshore Development – Brasil/ Client in Germany)


Development of Arquillian-based web tests and respective integration in the Continuous Integration process (CI). Migration of the Netbeans-based project setup to Eclipse. Development of CMS and CRM modules for the portal e-Learning portal. Migration of Struts legacy components to JSF Richfaces 4.3.6.

Technical Basis: Netbeans, Eclipse, Arquillian Drone and Graphene (Selenium-based WebDriver), JEE, JSF, Richfaces 4.3.6, Maven 3.04, Subversion 1.6, Jenkins 1.5; Glassfish; Apache Webserver;


Postbank – Cologne/Bonn (Cologne-Intelligence)
Technical Lead, Architect

Design and development of a synchronization and backup service for the mobile apps of Deutsche Postbank. The principal requirement was to provide a REST service for different types of mobile devices (iOS, Android), with high security and availability.

I was in charge of providing an architecture and design, for a SCRUM based team. I was also responsible for setting up the Arquillian based testing environment.

Development: Eclipse, Maven 3.04, Subversion, Jenkins,
Testing environment: Arquillian, JUnit, JMeter, Jira
Technologies: JSON, Jackson, Rest, JSON Schema, NoSQL MongoDb, Embedded MongoDb, MongoJack, Tomcat 7, CDI-Weld, Tomcat 7

Team: 10+


08.2012 – 05.2013
Portal e-Learning (Offshore Development – Brasil/ Client in Germany)

Architect and Developer

Refactoring of a monolithic JEE architecture towards a mulit-module based Maven project. Separation in Gui modules for clients and administration. Backend-module based on dedicated EJBs. Introduction of Maven as build management tool, SVN and Jenkins for continuous integration. Introduction of Arquillian based web tests. Migration of Struts legacy components to Richfaces 4. Development of a CMS component.

Technologies: Eclipse, JEE, Maven 3.04, Subversion 1.6, Jenkins 1.5; Apache ActiveMQ; Glassfish; Apache Webserver;

Team: 3


06.2011 – 06.2012
Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH, München - Bangalore/Indien (Payback)
Technical Owner (Scrum TO),Team Lead

Implementation of a helpdesk  web application of the german Payback bonus management system as an international multi-partner program. Launched 2012 with the first international partner Mexiko.

High Availability Web Application

I was part of the project as a TO (technical owner) of one of the 8 indian remote scrum teams with the following tasks:

Hands-on implementation, refactoring, implementation of more complex problems with subsequent publication for the solution pattern catalog.
Regular conduction of code-reviews (Crucible)
Supervising the correct application of solution patterns by the team
Interviewing, coaching and training of new members of the teams in Bangalore / India.
Support of the team as technical owner at the outsourcing partner in India.
Support of the team in the process of implementation of the scrum methology.
Support of the product owner as technical advisor

I spent five months of the project in Bangalore at the outsourcing partner company.

Tecnology: Distributed multi-tier JEE application: Webmodule deployed on Tomcat, application server Oracle Weblogic 11. Database: Oracle; Eclipse; JSF/Richfaces 4, Composite Components, CDI, CDI events, JSFUnit; EJB 3.1; Spring; SOAP and REST interfaces for mobile devices.
Maven, Jenkins, Crucible, Jira;

Team: 100+

07.2009 – 12.2010
(2009 at the client, 2010 offshore from Brasil)
QSC AG - Cologne
Java Developer, Coach

Team: 20+

Design and Implementation of the billing module in a JEE environment.

I introduced integration testing, and web testing based on Selenium- und WebDriver. Development of performance tests based on JMeter.

Tecnology: Eclipse 3.5, JPA OpenLink, Oracle, Richfaces, Facelets, Glassfish 2, EJB 3, Selenium, WebDriver, TestNG, JUnit, DbUnit, JMock, JMeter, WebServices, Subversion, MagicDraw.


07.2008 – 05.2009
Portal e-Learning (Offshore Development – Brasil/Germany)
Java Developer

Maintenance of a e-Learning portal, development of new modules.

Technical migration from Struts/Tomcat to JSF/Richfaces/Glassfish.

Tecnology: Java, Netbeans, Hibernate, JSF, Richfaces, Struts, Facelets, Glassfish, Tomcat.


07.2008 – 05.2009
Part-time Java instructor – Java (Brasil)

Teacher at the Universidade Moura Lacerda/Ribeirão Preto in Brasil.

Development of a training course for JSF at the Universidade Moura Lacerda (Ribeirão Preto).

Technology: JSF 1.2; Eclipse 3.3; Tomcat 6;


07.2007 – 06.2008
DEVK Colgne (Germany)
Java Developer

Team: 50+

Developer at the german insurance company DEVK. Refactoring tasks, unit testing, develpment of a security module.

Technolgy: J2EE, Websphere WSAD, JBoss/Eclipse, Mainframes/DB2; PVCS, Bugtracking MANTIS; jMock; JBoss 4; Maven; TOSCA.


01/2007 – 03/2007
OM3 (Brasil)
Lead, Coach

Development of a report generator based on JasperReports, integration in a PHP-based ERP (Zelus).

Technology: J2EE, JSP, Struts, Tomcat, Eclipse, Jasperreports, iReports, Linux


08/2006 – 12/2006
OM3 (Brasil)
Lead, Coach

Development of a Swing-based POS. Online synchronization mechanism with backend ERP.

Technology: J2SE, Swing, Hibernate, UML, Netbeans-Mantisse, Apache-Derby, Apache HttpClient.


05/2006 – 07/2006
Banco Votorantim – São Paulo (Brasil)
Java Developer

Design and specification (UML) of a insurance system.

Technology: J2EE-Komponenten: Jsp, Tiles-Library, Servlets, EJBs, Taglibs; UML


2004 – 01/2007
Portal e-Learning (Offshore Development – Brasil/Germany)
Architect, Lead Developer

Development of a e-Learning Portal, realized as offshore project. Platform with content management system for interactive training. Streaming Server Darwin.

Technology: J2EE web application; Servlet-Engine: Tomcat; Hibernate; Struts, JSP, Tiles; Linux, Postgres, CVS.


CenterCursos (Ribeirão Preto – São Paulo/Brasil)


Development of the training material for a J2ME programming course for corporate users. I held three courses personally at the CenterCursos de Ribeirão Preto (

Technology: Netbeans 5.5, Mobility Pack, J2ME – MIDP 2.0


11/2000 – 11/2004
Conceito Intelligence (Ribeirão Preto – São Paulo/Brasil)

Java Developer

Development of OkPortal, a web application based tool for Knowledge Management (KM).

Technology: J2EE, J2SE, Applets, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Servlets, Lucene, Tomcat, JBuilder, Postgres.

Development of a workflow based Helpdesk system for Novartis Agro - São Paulo.

Technology: Delphi 5.0, ISAPI/NT, Visual C++, Transact SQL, MS-SQL Server 6.5, Crystal Reports


1997 – 1999
GFMI Softwarehouse Ltda. (Brasil)

C++ developer

Development tasks as maintenance and customizations of a C++ based GIS for Boticário, Luft Transportes, Itaú Seguros.

Accomanied GFMI at the fair Ce-Bit in Hannover (Germany) and helped starting a partnership with german company Logiplan.
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