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Last update: 23.09.2021

Full stack developer, technical lead and database administrator

Graduation: Bachelor in Computer Applications
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Limited professional)




coding, databases, AngularJs, Zend Framework, JIRA, user stories, Google, Apigee, web services, Gitlab CI, Intranet, cloud, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, Programming, NET, MySQL, Oracle, SAML, AWS, Google Cloud, Gitlab, Jenkins, Docker, Devops, GCP, Liquibase, database management, RestAPI, OpenId, ScrumMaster, Mantis, bugs, programming languages, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, PHP, Joomla, Facebook, application.php, Symfony, Joomla 1.6, Debugging, webservices, ASP.NET, C#, sql, Oracle programming, VB 6.0, C++, PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server (2005, 2008), Ms Access, PostGre, phpMyAdmin, Versioning tools, Tortoise SVN, code quality SONAR, Kibana, Matomo, Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, MS Project, ASP, XML, XSL, XHTML, Web technologies, VBScript, JQuery, MVC, Object oriented programming, Web, Windows Communication Foundation, WCF, SOAP, REST, ZF2, ZF3, Joomla 1.5, Macro, ms word, ms excel, ms, ms outlook

Project history

03/2015 - 04/2021
Technology Analyst / Incident Manager / Tech Lead
Infosys Ltd.
Having started my work from Mauritius with the renowned company, I have got the
opportunity to learn a lot from the company use the Agile system to cater to the
professionalism of the French clients.
I work in a team of 20 people as the technology analyst, whereby I have the
responsibility of analyzing and putting the proper coding techniques prior to the
beginning of any project under my guidance.
After coming to Paris, working for the Minute team with the client "Renault", I took the
entire responsibility of the "Problem / Incident Manager", which includes correction of
existing applications, incident resolving, usage guidance, batch maintenance as well as
product evolutions and enhancements.
Our applications are for the internal usage by the company.
At the moment, I am working as the acting Team Lead whereby I have the responsibility
of migrating multiple applications and databases (mainly from one platform to the other).
In this role, I have the responsibility of preparing the technical phase of the project,
whereby I prepare the schema and the framework detailing for the development team to
work on. I guide them through out the creation of the application and help them with any
technical issues and difficulties. I guide the clients to understand the technical aspects of
the application. I propose to them renovation ideas for their application and help the
team with the integration of those ideas in the system. Furthermore, I maintain the
framework that is used by the team for the development. Currently I am working on a
library that will be using the Vault technology in order to secure the passwords of the
applications and the databases for all the applications used in the company.
Furthermore, along with the creation of the new internal framework which mainly works
with AngularJs and Zend Framework 3. JIRA had come in as a really handy tool whereby
we get to calculate the time spent per project development, maintaining a perfect stats
table indicating the Sprints and user stories. Recently I did my Google Apigee formation
course whereby, I learnt the usage of Apigee for the development and usage of robust
web services. I have started the formation of configuration and to do deployment via
Gitlab CI to servers over the Intranet, Amazon and Google cloud. At ease with the
devops configuration and deployment.

Some of the main phases of my experience with the company:
* PHP 5.3
* PHP 5.4
* PHP 5.5
* PHP 5.6
* MACRO Programming
* .NET
* Oracle
* PGAdmin III
* AngularJs
* Google Cloud
* Chipre
* Application certification
* Communication with the client
* Conversation as the Proxy Product Owner

* Projeqtor
* Gitlab
* Gitlabee
* Apigee
* Jenkins
* Docker
* Vault
* Devops
* Déploiement sur AWS
* Déploiement sur GCP
* Docker
* Liquibase

* Enhanced skills in different developing languages and frameworks.
* Created the internal framework that will be used as a base for all the other
* Framework enhancement.
* Oracle to PostGre migration using Liquibase.
* Improved the statistics of the team and the indicators under the banner of
Problem / Incident Manager.
* Met the deadlines of work submission thoroughly and gained utmost client
* Further enhanced my database management skills.
* SAML, RestAPI, Apigee, IdP and OpenId connection procedures.
* Self-training and code optimizing strategies.
* Certified ScrumMaster.
* Google Apigee formation.
* I am usually asked to plan the entire project / evolution phase, during which I
need to consider :
- The use of extra man power
- Time required for the completion
- Proper handling of the system and the demands and requirements of an
- Work sharing and analysis of the demands of the client.
- Thorough follow-up with the team for respecting the deadline.
- Risk analysis

03/2010 - 03/2015
Software Engineer
Proximity BBDO
I worked as a software engineer under the guidance of skilled Team Leaders. Along with
that, I have been given the opportunity to lead a team, which I did with ease and
professionalism. Apart from that, I was given the key responsibility as an Indcident
Manager whereby we had made us of Mantis to keep track of the bugs and evolutions for
the applications that we have been working upon.
Have been developing and maintaining websites for multiple clients using different
programming languages. I have further improved my skills in database management.
I have worked with HTML, CSS, AJAX and Javascript whereby I usually make the
alterations in the website designs if required.

Some of the projects on which I have worked till date in this company:
* PHP:
- Atoova (Joomla 1.5)
Developed a few modules :

- Carte Noire (Joomla 1.5)
Facebook application :

- Conforama (Symfony 2.1.0) :
Developed the 1 stversion of the website (front end + back end)
Made the facebook application :

- Trophées des Associations (edf) (pure php) - developped the 2nd version
Developed the 2 ndversion of the website :
Developed the 3 version of the website + lead a team of 3 people for the
facebook application of the website. :

- Gamm vert (Joomla 1.6)
Debugging + evolution :
- Company Mangement System (Zend Framework)
Complete back end development :

- Phliadelphia (webservices - using pure php)

- Tassimo (webservices - using pure php)

* ASP.NET and C# (Dévelopement et Maintenance):
- ODL :
- Peugeot
The main developer guiding all the evolutions and debugging :

* PHP (Maintenance):
- Gamm Vert
The main developer guiding all the evolutions and debugging

* Learnt different developing languages and frameworks.
* Met the deadlines of work submission thoroughly.
* Further enhanced my database management skills.
* Worked under pressure, in order to be able to deliver the project prior to
the deadline.
* Gained the trust of my seniors.
* I am the key developer of many of the websites enlisted above.
* I am usually asked to plan the entire project / evolution phase, during which I
need to consider :
- The use of extra man power
- Time required for the completion
- Risk analysis
- Division of the work load, if required (breaking the work into smaller
modules for easier management and development)
- Alternative measures

01/2010 - 02/2010
Trainee Developer
I worked there with a small team of developers where i had built the
attendance management system using Oracle and sql.

* Attained a good reputation on punctuality and dedication to work.
* Enhanced my knowledge in Oracle programming.
* Enhanced my database management skills.
* Worked under pressure, in order to be able to deliver the project prior to
the deadline.
* Understood the rules and regulations of working in a company.
* As a mere trainee developer, I was given the opportunity to manage my entire
project personally; which included the time required for the learning and the
development phases. I completed my project according to the planning, which
was of great satisfaction for the main Project Manager.

04/2008 - 07/2008
Sales representative
I worked in a French call center whereby I was assigned the task of convincing customers
in Canada to accept the utilization of credit cards offered by our company.

* Oral French.
* Customer handling and convincing skills / enhanced my Marketing skills
* Experience of working in a company and working as a team.

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