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Graduation: Computer since
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Accounting Sales Financial Literacy Operating Expense Self Discipline Trustworthy Self Motivation


Self-discipline: When you're your own boss, the temptations are high. You take breaks when you want, work when you want. If you don't discipline yourself to work every day and commit to your work at least as seriously as you would if you were an employee of a company, then your life as a freelancer will be difficult. Besides, deadlines are sacred. Don't set deadlines you can't meet. Good organization: In theory, your schedule is flexible. However, if you postpone solving tasks, if you devote too much time to certain projects to the detriment of others, if you do not organize your activities efficiently, then you risk working chaotically and exhausting yourself, without significant gain. Expert in what you do: If you want to position yourself in the market as a service provider, it's not enough just to be good at it. You have to be the best. You need many hours of training, you need to excel in the work you do, because there are surely many other freelancers just like you, waiting for the same projects. Financial literacy: As a freelancer, you need to have basic accounting knowledge. You have to manage your income and expenses well, pay your taxes on time. To invest headfirst in the equipment you need to do your job well, but also to always have savings for the periods when projects are rarer. Communication and selling: even if you are an expert in what you do, you need to know how to sell yourself. To present your offer as attractively as possible, to talk on the phone or on Skype with customers, to be proactive and always come up with solutions to their problems, in order to keep them loyal. Don't be quiet and modest and don't just sit in your pew. Stand out from the crowd!

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