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Company: PyxConsult
Graduation: Dipl Ing Elektrotechnik Karlsruhe
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Languages: Danish (Full Professional) | German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | French (Native or Bilingual)


Certiffied Project (Prince2® og AgilePM®) og change manager with 20 years within a variety of industries public and private. A M.Sc. in Engineering and a Bachelor in Management has been put to work in different sectors: IT, Telecommunication, Energy sector and FMCG.
I have been working with change management within different fields; energy awareness, cash mindset and new processes and cultures; Italy, Slovenia and Denmark.
Common for all was the journey from where we are now and where we want to be. Interesting is the way people look at change and who embraces change.
Implementing change from shop floor to top floor and in different cultures was, commitment to change is not about pay grade or education, it comes from within.
  • AgilePM
  • Change Manager (APMG- Certified)
  • Prince2 Practitioner (APMG- Certified)
  • Project Management 
  • Personal development
  • Energy saving
  • Windows
  • Cross cultural understanding
  • Management
  • Economics

Project history

Senior Project & Change Manager at PyxConsult (Owner)
  • Project Manager – Confidential (4 months)
    • Development of masterplan for subprojects
    • PID review
    • Change strategy
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Gap and risc analysis
  • Project Manager for a military project (confidential) (8months)
    • Configuration and implementation of communication solution for remote monitoring and data storage for an energy neutral project.
    • Continuous improvement of the solution supporting new HW and SW as well as customized solutions
Results:  Updated design implemented, new communication solution implemented
  • Customer project manager for Bankdata og Jyske Bank (8 months)
    • Customer project manager for Bankdata and Jyske Bank for a DMS project (Desktop Management System) based on Windows 10
    • Complex stakeholder management in a highly political environment
    • Planning and execution of data analysis
    • Assist and guide both customer in the decision making- and transition/change process:
      • Migration of 14’000 users to the new platform
      • Design of SOE (Standard Operating Environment)
      • Guide in the client model and design
    • Planning the implementation and execution phase in collaboration with the client's project manager
    • Registration of change requests relative to PID
Results:  Rollout of a beta version, app. 150 users. 10 SOE specified and implemented.
  • Project and Change Manager at Region Midt/DNU (hospital) (6 months)
    Relocation of clinical departments to a new hospital
    • Consulting the clinical departments in regards to their IT needs at their new location, implementing new procedure, work and patient flow.
    • Defining, standardizing and implementing work functions e.g. pathology department.
    • Successful relocation of clinical departments e.g. pathology, MR scanner, surgery, medical laboratory.
    • Tracking, reporting, follow-up and evaluating the relocation.
    • Responsible for the coordination of IT affiliated functions such as EPJ (Electronical Patient Journal), Logistics, Technical Department, Medical equipment…)
    • GAP analysis of the existing work process within the project department. 
    • Improving, changing, and streamlining project execution within the IT project department.
Results:   Relocation of approximately 500 work functions and installation of with standardized IT equipment for each function and custom equipment for special features. Structured relocation process defined and implemented. Costs for SW and HW were reduced by DKK 2 million
  • Business Change Manager for One Settlement at Arla Foods (5 months)
    • GAP analysis and business readiness assessment by mapping the need for change for the Arla Foods regions i.e. Nordic, CCE, and CUK allowing the introduction of a common settlement procedure.
    • Organizational maturity and readiness were at different level as well as the need for training, guidance and instructions. Training and material were adapted to the need of the regions.
    • Responsible for independent projects within the program e.g. Hand Over preparation and process.
    • One Settlement Guide – coordinating, planning and knowledge sharing of the new guide for the new settlement model.
      The brochure has been published in 15 different versions due to legislation, settlement model (country specific changes) and language versions.
Results: The brochures were published in 15 different versions due to legislation, settlement model (country specific adaptations) and language versions.
  • Change Manager at Bane Danmark (7 months)
    • GAP analysis, risc analysis and risc management of the change process.
    • Implementation of existing change processes and procedures. Followed by a redesign of the change process and procedure for other business areas. Reducing the number of process by over 50%
    •  Embed the new business definition and understanding within the organization as well as internal and external stakeholder.
    • The change resulted deeper understanding of the change processes for the business, quality improvement and shorter case handling due to precise demands from the change department.
Results: Shorter processing time and increased quality of incoming changes for IT and job management.
  • Preanalysis of a public institution (3 months):
    • Identification of the improvement potential through improved use of resources.
    • Introduction of the change process in a learning environment
  • Renovation project (3 months):
    • Coordinating a renovation project; schedule, quality control of delivery and suppliers
  • Project Manager for a military project (confidential) (8 months)
    • Configuration and implementation of communication solution for remote monitoring and data storage for an energy neutral project.
    • Continuous improvement of the solution supporting new HW and SW as well as customized solutions
03.11 – 05.12     Project Manager, Working Capital (Programme Zero), Arla Foods, Århus (DK)
  • Programme Zero is a project aiming to minimizing the tied cash within the Receivables, Payables and Inventory areas.
  • Implementing a cash mindset within Arla
  • Development of a master project plan and coordination of resource internal as well as external.
  • Development of a programme dashboard and maintenance for monthly reporting.
  • Development and maintenance of the toolbox to document best practice across the group and improvement of processes to secure sustainability.
  • Monthly follow-up project progress reporting, resource usage including the economical status.
  • Introduction of Program Zero to new stakeholders.
  • Publishing monthly newsletters and maintenance of the Program Zero website.
Result: Tied capital reduced with 1billion DKK within 9month
09.09 – 12.10     Global Operations Manager EMEA & APAC, Siemens Wind Power, Brande (DK)
  • Identifying potential process issues caused by to non existing processes or unclear process description.
  • Defining and describing operational demands for the “hand over process between project and service”.
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing between the regions
  • Developing a new market entry strategy model.
  • Creating a work package for new non mature organizations e.g. Poland and Norway
  • Improving and facilitating the cooperation between customer (Dong, Poland) and local service organization (SWP Poland).
  • Assisting various departments with legal issues in service contracts.
  • Instructor for the Site Manager and Operations Manager course.
  • Analyzing potential synergy effects for a specific market (Poland).
Result: New handover procedure identified and implemented
07.09 – 08.09     Paternity Leave
05.06 – 06.09     Utility Project Manager, Danfoss Solutions, Kolding (DK)
Part of the Danfoss Group
Refrigeration and A/C; Heating; Industrial Automation;
  • Commercially responsible for the implementation, the execution and the performance of energy saving projects in Italy and Slovenia.
  • Implementation and execution of new project model at Danfoss Slovenia according to new specification.
  • Change management from top floor to shop floor i.e. implementing behavioural changes.
  • Streamlining project execution.
  • Project support due to language expertise – German and French projects.
               Project Danfoss Compressor D.o.o, Crnomejl Slovenia (Compressors); Project Saplo, Pomezia Italy (Maltery); Project Birra Peroni, Bari Italy (Brewery); Danfoss Compressor, Flensburg Germany; Rhodia, Melle France (Chemical Plant)
08.01 – 04.06                    System Engineer & Project Manager, TDC Mobil, Slet (DK)
  • Technical project management - Technical responsible for parts of the GPRS Core System including the coordination of test and upgrades of the elements.
  • Project management -Implementation of a surveillance system, Benchmark measurements and data evaluation of competitors
  • Implementation of the customer support processes
  • Test and trial implementation of new telecom applications e.g. accelerator
  • Support -Supplier contact, Roaming troubleshooting, Customer support internal as well as external, System integration and implementation.
01.99 – 07.01                    Project Manager for GIS, Tele Danmark, Slet (DK)
  • Coordinating the main project (data migration) i.e. Upgrade and maintenance of the system, coordination between groups, coordination of the data transfer (data migration), customer and supplier contact.
04.96-12.98       Technical Support Engineer at CCI-Europe, Højbjerg (DK)
  • Primary tasks support of foreign customers (England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria …) via telephone/modem.  New installation, upgrades and error correction resulted in frequent on-site support.

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Ensureing that all project participants are in board and have a common understanding of the scope of the project and "language"
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