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Profileimage by Atef Farouk Senior Core Network Engineer from Cairo

• Job title: CS & PS Core Performance and Optimization Engineer.
• Company Name: Huawei, Algeria.
• Period: from Nov, 2013 till June, 2014.
• Job description: Managed Service CS & PS Core Network Performance and Optimization for Ericsson / Huawei Core Nodes for Mobilis Network.
CS Core:
o give guidance to complete RNP&RNO task from the core network point of view.
o Network Performance and configuration including Ericsson (Legacy MSC, STPs, MGWs and Blade Clusters).
o Network Performance for Huawei MSC-Server.
o Network Impact report for Ericsson Core before/after network optimization/Configuration done from wireless side.
o Ericsson MSC-S/Blade Cluster  Parameter Configuration Audit.
o Ensure Core Network  quality of service are met as per agreed KPI(s) .
o Knowledge transfer /training support to customer for Ericsson CS Core nodes..
o Tools: Business Objects, Winfiol, Moshell, iManager M2000,PRS.

PS Core:
o PS Core (Ericsson SGSN & GGSN using Business Objects and Huawei SGSN & GGSN using M2000) performance and Optimization before/after configuration change.
o PS Core performance for Ericsson SGSN&GGSN using TMA (Traffic Monitoring & Analysis).
o Ensure PS Core Network  quality of service are met as per agreed KPI(s) .
o Tools: Business Objects, Winfiol,TMA, and iManager M2000.

o Conducting 2G KPI worst cell troubleshooting & improvement. 
o Deep analysis and trouble shooting for the 2G KPI degradation.
o GSM Frequency Planning.
o Familiar with both Ericsson and Huawei 2G technologies.
o Tools: Business Objects, FAS,MRR,NCS, MapInfo, iManager M2000, and PRS.

o Prepare LLD for Cluster re-homing/expansion for Ericsson BSS nodes.
o Ensure (signaling , TRC Utilization, Trapool devices, Gb over IP utilization, Gb over frame relay utilization, RPP utilization) are working according to defined threshold.
o Tools: Business Objects and Winfiol.

Previous Job:
• Job title: Network Engineer.
• Company Name: Ericsson, Egypt
• Period: from Mar, 2011 till Sep 2013.
• Job description: Core Network Design, Performance and Optimization Engineer
o Core Network (MSC-S, MGW, STP, HLR, FNR, Blade Cluster,..)Performance management and optimization including investigating network performance and issuing, discussing and/or implementing recommendations for Etisalat  Egypt Network.
o Continuously monitor Licensing Scheme & License Utilization for Core Network Nodes.
o Monitor & Measure Link Utilization, Processor Load, Memory utilization and provide recommendations in order to have best performance.
o Daily, weekly and monthly reports (Traffic Profile, Subscriber Capacity,  HLR Data Base, POIs Traffic and LSL/HSL Signaling Utilization, …)
o  Node Load forecasting based on Traffic Profile using CANDI (Ericsson Internal Tool). 
o Network Impact reports before/after upgrading, promotions and special events.
o Adding/Migrating Nodes before and after implementation study such as migrating STP to HLR.
o BSC Expansion/Redistribution planning and optimization.
o SCCP analysis Audit.
o MGW TDM/ATM port allocation Audit and optimization based on customer requirements, Traffic Erlang and CP Load.
o Preparing LLD for M-MGW.
o LLD updating for MNP project.
o Tools: Business Objects, Winfiol, Moshell.

Previous Job:
• Job title: Managed Service Back office Operation and Configuration Engineer.
• Company Name: Ericsson, Egypt
• Period: from May, 2010 till Mar, 2011.
• Job description: MS Engineer - BO Core Configuration Engineer for Etisalat Egypt.
o Responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting of AXE and AXD alarms at both IGW international gateways. 
o Responsible for implementing and testing new circuits with different CS Core nodes inside and outside Etisalat network. 
o Responsible for IMSI analysis, EOS analysis, B-analysis, Global title analysis and routing analysis and DT generation on all Core nodes.
o Network signaling troubleshooting via Wireshark traces.
o Monitoring Node performance using Business Objects.

Previous Job:

• Job title: Integration Engineer /Support Engineer / Team Leader / Project Coordinator.
• Company Name: Ericsson, Syria
• Period: from March, 2008 till April, 2010.
• Job description: 
From March 2008 till May 2009:
o MSS Test, Startup, Upgrade and Integration.
o AXE Start up, Test, Upgrade and Integration (MSC-S, BSC/TRC and Wire line Network) till getting PAT.
o Working Dump DT Preparation/Application System Change (Data Transcript preparation and loading).
o Follow up & assist technicians and manage deliverables according to Ericsson model.
o Provide technical training for team members.
o IMS Hardware Test(Kick start, Upgrade and application installation for TSP node)

From May 2009 till Nov 2009:
o Customer Network Support: Support Engineer for Core and Radio nodes.
CSR Handling, Emergency Handling, network update/upgrade , APG40 O&M and Network configuration and management.
o Tools: Primus, and CSR Online.

From Nov 2009 till April, 2010:
o Network Node upgrade using SMO. (MSC-S, BSC and APG40).
o SEA Server preparation (Configuring HP Server and installing SEA).
o Working Dump preparation using SEA.
o Enabler 1.0 Upgrade for wire line.
o Contribute in Project of 220K subscriber expansion planning.

Ericsson Tools:
o CCR, SMS, Primus, MHWEB, Moshell, EKB, SEA simulator for AXE, CPPEMU…….

Previous Job:
• Job title: AXE upgrades, Testing and Integration Engineer.
• Company Name: B-universe.
• Company Location: Dubai.
• Company Website:
• Period: from May, 2007 till Jan, 2008.
•  Job description:
o APZ and IOG test and startup.
o IOG upgrades and CP upgrades.
o Memory expansion, RPH expansion and Group Switch Expansion.
o Testing and Integration for CLM, GS, GEM, ETC5 Cabinets and ASM cabinets (EAR).
o Enabler 1.0 Features testing.
• Work Location: Syria.

Previous Job:
• Job title: Operation and Maintenance Switching Engineer. For ITSC Switches.
• Company: Telecom Egypt
• Period: from Jan, 2004 till May, 2007.
•  Job description:
o O&M for Ericsson Platforms, AXE 10 /810 ,AXD EIN 1.0  and AXD EIN 3.1 (Telecom Egypt International Gateway).
o Signaling monitoring and troubleshooting using Inet &AGILENT solution (Call trace, Protocol analyzer,…..).
o ISUP/SIP/BICC trunk route handling.

• Work Location: Egypt.
Ericsson Syria:
o    Ranko Grudic, ND&I Manager,
Ericsson Lebanon:
o    Roger Beaini, Competence Area Manager Core,
o    Gaby Zaarour, Competence Area Manager TMS,
Ericsson Egypt:
o    Ahmed Malatawy, Core &IPBB Manager,
Ericsson Algeria:
o    Boumediene Missoum, Operation Delivery Manager,
Huawei Algeria:
o    zhaozongjian, Resource Manager,
o   Calvin.tam(???), RNP/O,
ATM Mobilis:
o     Karima Bouzekri, NPOC  Manager,


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