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curriculum vitae
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Admnistrador network structured programmer Unix, Windows and Linux system administrator, it supports Windows and Linux, the administrator of SAP system, the configuration of the wireless router, phone support and repair of wiring remote access cards
Experience Labor:
  1. Company: Metro de Caracas (currently).
Place and date: Hoyada CCO. Floor 7. January 2014 to date.
Position: SAP consultant.
Coordinator: Chenly Rodriguez. Master in SAP consultant.
Description of Position: Adjusting the instance profiles, startup and operation environments Development and Quality, Testing backup and recovery scheme with MAXDB. Intonation Development and SAP environments (settings in memory management, exchange areas, etc. Reorganization of SAP system data. Migration handler database for the SAP system, transportation applications development area to the area of ??Production production. Configuration SAProuter on servers which is the one that allows connection to Windows and Linux. Administration Database with MaxDv 7.8. Unix programming with Zock7 Terminal to modify servers Development, Quality and production, make backups, remove logs, etc.
Place and date: Hoyada. January 2012 to January 2014.
Position: Surface Transport operator Metro de Caracas.
Coordinator: William Gonzalez. Surface Transportation Supervisor.
Description of Position:Bus driver Transportation - Caracas (Bus 18 meters in the area Hoyada Caracas - Venezuela).
  1. Company: SAIME (Mission Identity).
Place and date: The Mercedes Torre ACO or SAIME. January to June 2010.
Position: Manager Electronic Identity Card and Passport (CICP).
Coordinator: (Henry Salazar - 04265208279).
Description of Position: Coordinate the operation of the Maurer (machines that perform passports and schedules Electronic), if they have faults have to be put into operation, so they can print the passports and certificates, Assign Dating people, Cancel Passports damaged and bonds, install (SAIME, CICP, Cede Central) application, Renew Passports Certificates and bonds, maintenance of PCs and servers, Place the key applications of Maurer, managing servers, network and Maurer.
  1. Company: FUNDECA - Mayor of Caracas.
Place and date: Pro patria Mall. June 2008 to February 2009.
Position: Network Administrator and Support.
Coordinator: (Maira Martinez / 04165301829).
Description of Position:Install the new OS to Desktop and Laptop Equipment reinstall Network Printers, Commercial Printers, Scanner, Video cameras for video conferencing, etc. Last Technology. Data transfer Backup servers by the Company. Configuration, Installation and Maintenance and Repair Equipment Replaced, Reinstatement, Formatted Adequacy of equipment.
Care and troubleshooting and support custom site users.
  1. Company: Alcatel-Lucent.
Place and date: Altamira Insurance Building Floor: 5. April 2007 to June 2008.
Position: Integrator.
Coordinator: (Ivan Fernandez / 04166065767).
Description of Position: Setting Modcell 4.0 and 4.0B in Area Movistar and Movilnet with him RMT 26.00 Offical.lnk. Downloading F2503DBGA.00 and F2602DBGA.00 Generics. Parameters settings (ILCP) and (TGCP). Configuring Port Maps for radios and amplifiers of Modcell 4.0 and 4.0B. Radios calibration. EVDO settings. Setting new Modcell in ECP and 5ESS. Integration and programming of the same Modcell. EVDO integration of Modcell. Delivery and configuration of 7450 (Ethernet Switche Servicie) for the Aba Million CANTV project. 7250 SAS team for Registration and Notary project forCANTV. settings SDH Radios for USY 7600 Movistar.
  1. Company:  Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA)
Place and date: Caracas the Countryside, December 2005 - February 2007.  
 Position: Analyst Desktop Platform PDVSA-AIT Metropolitano.
Coordinator: (Nelves Rodriguez / 04164161724 - 3308536-8636).
Description of Position: Project Update Technology Platform PDVSA.
Equipment Replacement Desktop and Laptop, Network Printers, Commercial Printers, Scanner, Video cameras for video conferencing, etc. Marks Transfer of Data Used for Cross-Over, Data Backup or Backup servers cablesthe company.
Configuration, Installation and Maintenance and Repair Equipment Replaced, Reinstatement, Adaptation and donation of equipment disembodied.
Care and troubleshooting and support custom site users. 
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