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Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Elementary) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


*First day of research (Rapporteur).Duration: 16 hours (2003)
* Basic course of Lulo Win. Duration: 01 month (2003)
* Advanced Engineering. Duration: 08 hours (2002)
* Conference qualified for the environment. Duration: 16 hours (2000)
* Forum on economic globalization and new management trends: challenges and opportunities for Venezuela. Duration: 06 hour (2000)
* Earth retention system. Duration: 12 hours (2000)
* First day of research (Rapporteur).
* Windows 10 (Word, Excel, Power Point)
* Microsoft Internet Explore
* Lulocron
* AutoCAD 2016, Auto cap Land, Archicad 6.0, Cypecad 99,
* Autopipe 6.0
* Flowmaster
* CMDB, Cybernet, H channels
* Merfalaboratorio, SAFE, SAP 2000, STAAP III V220, HEC
* Spring, WPD, Dodson Hydrocalc, EPA Models
* Fluids, hydraulics, Prokon
* IP 3, 6.0 SMADA
* Saint administrative Software
* Inspection
* metric computation
* personnel management
* projects drawing
* handling of trials of concrete and soil
* calculation of concrete
* works management
* data Control: labor, equipment, materials
* processes: analysis of unit prices, valuations, review of prices, increase and decrease, works extra. * Planning of work

Project history

Company: Industries METAL Mechanics MÉRIDA C.A., Maturin, Dto. Capital from: 15 August 2017 - currently
Manager: Engineer  Planner
Work: "Construction of Perimeter Fence of the Industrial Safety Building, El Tejero- Ezequiel Zamora Municipality, Monagas State. PDVSA”, VENEZUELA
Company: HELENA RESIDENCE, Caracas, Dto. Capital
From: 15 November 2016- 30 June 2017
Manager: Resident engineer
Work: "Remodeling and Adaptation of Recreation and Sports Areas in Residences Helena Los Naranjos, Caracas, Distrito Capital- Residencia Helena Condominium" VENEZUELA
Company: AGMA INVESTMENT of VENEZUELA C.A., Caracas, Dto. Capital
From: 6 January 2016-30 June 2016
Manager: Resident engineer
Work: "Culmination of buildings residential (38 and 39) type 2 on the Manz.6 in the complex urban city Tiuna, Caracas, Distrito Capital-CONSTRUFANB" VENEZUELA
From: 15 January 2015-17 December 2015
Manager: Resident engineer
Work: "Construction of 23 Town House urbanism strong Tiuna, Caracas, Distrito Capital-CONSTRUFANB" VENEZUELA
From: 15 October 2014-15 January 2015
Manager: Resident engineer
Work: "Rehabilitation of the entrance to victory in the municipality José Félix Rivas of the Bolivarian State of Aragua (stage II toll victory)" Governor of ARAGUA State. VENEZUELA
Company: INVESTMENT PETROCIV C.A, Maturín, Edo. Monagas.
From: 15 may 2013 until May 30, 2014
Manager: Cost analyst, designer, field engineer
Work: "Construction of condominium multiple 1314 homes, Anaco, Anzoátegui (Urb. Doña Josefita) - MINVIH". VENEZUELA
Company: INVESMENT PETROCIV C.A, Maturín, Edo. Monagas.
From: 9 June 2011 until 15 may 2013
Manager: Cost analyst.
Work: "Rehabilitation and patch all of the core, rehabilitation of the stretch Highway Jusepin, Prog 0 + 910 1 + 440, Estado Monagas - MPPTT". Venezuela
Company: CONSTRUCTS HER-BROSS C.A, Maturín, Edo. Monagas.
From: 9 June 2011 until 15 may 2013
Manager: Cost analyst.
Work: "Completion of the rehabilitation of the motorway stretch Jusepin, Prog from the 0 + 000 to 1 + 961.03, been Monagas-MPPTT". VENEZUELA
From: 9 June 2011 until 15 may 2013
Manager: Cost analyst, field engineer
Work: "Adequacy of urbanism and construction of facultative lagoons at Polo endogenous, located in the sector State Amarilis Monagas-INAVI". VENEZUELA
From: 9 June 2011 until 15 may 2013
Manager: Resident engineer.
Work: "LO09 rehabilitation with joint TO15 - stretch San Diego de Cabrutica-Mapire, stage I, progressive from 51 + 000 to the 108 + 093, been Anzoategui - MPPTT". VENEZUELA
From: 9 June 2011 until 15 may 2013
Manager: Cost analyst.
Work: "Continuation of the rehabilitation of the motorway stretch Jusepin, Prog." "since the 0 + 000 to 1 + 961.03, Monagas state - MPPTT". Venezuela
From: 9 June 2011 until 15 may 2013
Manager: Cost analyst. Field engineer.
OBR a: "Rehabilitation of the LO17, section Lara-Zulia, I stage, progressive 59 + 000 to the 65 + 000 (rehabilitation of the bridge Sicare and replacement of culverts), and forward 80 + 000 to 80 + 400 (retaining wall construction), Lara and Zulia - MPPTT". VENEZUELA
From: 9 June 2011 until 15 may 2013
Manager: Cost analyst, designer, procurement, field Eng..
Work: "Construction of 100 housing units and culmination of 258 housing units in the urban pole of endogenous development located in the sector State Amarilis Monagas - INAVI".VENEZUELA
Company: ARCHITEC C.A., Maturín, Edo. Monagas.
From: November 1, 2010 to June 9, 2011
Manager: Resident engineer.
Work: "Construction of bases of lighting and communication in the complex field fifteen, Quiriquire, Edo Monagas"-PDVSA. VENEZUELA
Company: KAYSON COMPANY, Maturín, Edo. Monagas.
From: November 2009 to July 2010
Manager: Supervisor of operations.
Work: "Construction of 10000 units of urban complex housing the great victory Maturin".Edo Monagas - GMVV. VENEZUELA
Company: G & P BUILDERS S.A. Maturín, Edo. Monagas.
From: March 2007 until September 2009
Manager: Resident engineer.
Work: "Construction of works of urbanism and 696 dwellings in urbanization Jardines de San Jaime, Maturín, Monagas municipality Maturín State"-Banesco Bank and Bank Mercantil. VENEZUELA
Company: GOLDEN HOUSE. Maturín, Edo. Monagas.
From: September 2008-February 2009
Manager: Engineer Adviser.
Work: " 2 type housing construction Town House GOLDEN HOUSE ", Maturín - Estado Monagas '. My home Bank. VENEZUELA
Company: CONSTRUCTORA PEWEL, CA Maracay, Edo. Aragua
From: September-2005 until January 2007
Manager: Resident engineer
Work: "Execution of buildings structures 05 metal on the complex housing city Miranda - FONDUR"-Charallave. Edo. Miranda VENEZUELA
Company: MUTUAL TRADING of VENEZUELA. C.A Maracay, Edo. Aragua
From: April-2006 to Dec-2006
Manager: Field engineer
Work: "Running 03 structure buildings of 4 floors of the complex urban city Miranda - FONDUR concrete" - Charallave - Edo. Miranda. VENEZUELA
Company: VANCI CARRERO Caracas, Dto. Federal
From: August 2006 to December 2006
Manager: Engineer Inspector.
Work: "Center of diagnosis Integral without surgical Mopia III – INAVI" Sta. Teresa de el Tuy, Edo. Miranda. VENEZUELA
"Center of Integral diagnosis without surgery Parosca - INAVI" Ocumare del Tuy, Edo.Miranda. Venezuela
From: April 2005 to August 2006
Manager: Inspection Assistant.
Work: 'Culmination of 3 buildings; (2) type (1) and 4 type 13 of metallic structure in the city Miranda-FONDUR residential complex "Charallave. Edo. Miranda. VENEZUELA
          "Construction of 56 houses type 6 in the complex housing city Miranda - FONDUR" Charallave, Edo. Miranda. Venezuela
Company: TROGAR, AC INVERSORA Maturín, Edo. Monagas
From: January-February-2005 2005
Manager: Draughtsman
Work: "Completion works module VIII - complex Jusepin - PDVSA"-Jusepin, Edo.Monagas. VENEZUELA
(School of engineering) Merida, Edo Merida Venezuela
From: February-2002 until February 2003
Manager: Soils and materials laboratory teacher tutor
Construction of residential complex the Rodeo. Mérida, Edo Merida
From: 20 - Aug-2000 until 12 - Oct-2000
Manager: Dept. of engineering / intern in inspection work. VENEZUELA

Time and spatial flexibility

* Joining teams in public or private entities to provide a comprehensive professional service excellence, demonstrating my knowledge, skills and abilities in the assigned area
* propose new goals that are within reach
* be available to cover any activity that is required by the company
* proactive
* immediate availability
* willing to reside me where it warrants


Raúl  José  Ochoa  López
Academic training
University Polytechnic Institute "Santiago Mariño"
Year: 1997-2002 
T.E.G.: Mixtures design for concrete of high performance among 400 kg. / cm2 and 600 kg. / cm2 for works of great size with the use of Silica fume
Granted mention: Publication

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