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Zoran Jovanovic


Last update: 21.08.2021

IT Auditor and Enterprise GRC Enabler for the implementation of EU regulatory requirements

Company: Zoran Jovanovic
Graduation: Organisational Siences
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Serbian (Native or Bilingual) | Croatian (Native or Bilingual)


Outsourcing IT Strategie Beratung Management of Ch Outsourcing & procurement Outsourcing GRC Transition & Transformation Contract Management Digital Transformation Data Protection Regulation Compliance Management Audit investigation Forensic security auditing Regulatory Regulatory Affairs Regulatory Analyse and Implementation Regulatory Reporting International Management EU CEE Eastern Europe project management & consulting Program & Project Management


IT management & business expert for:
  • Cloud and Digital Transformation;
  • Implementation, roll out, and delivery of new software application services;
  • Business Process & IT Outsourcing services and contract management;
  • Assessments; audits and investigations;
  • Enablement of enterprise-wide GRC business management solutions;
My mission statement: I am proud to say that I have been transforming all changes in the information and telecommunications technology industry for the past 30 years. I have helped to shape the status quo in numerous enterprises, places, regardless of industry, size, and culture. My entire experience has become my conviction, which I dedicate to further technological progress. Enthusiastic as I am, I have discovered a passion for safety & regulatory compliance supported by AI. I bring this knowledge to my projects and thus ensure the necessary risk awareness and control. My trump card is being able to integrate the complexity of economic, technological, legal aspects, and security into my projects!
  Professional Experience:                                                                                          
  • Internationally experienced senior executive with expertise directing strategic projects.
  • A cloud and digital transformation program manager who designed and automated business processes.
  • Enabler of GRC with premium knowledge in IT audit and third-party risk assessment and management.
  • Technology development manager with extensive experience in AI, RPA, and Blockchain.
  • Senior experience in AGILE SCRUM for application and automation development.
  • Proven project operation starter as the regional office first hand and C-Level deal maker.
  • A leader with management and (re-)negotiation experience of RFP’s, contracts, and change requests.
  • A project sponsor of enterprise Initiatives in consolidation and centralization into the cloud.
  • Assessment and IT audit data analysis manager with a focus on dimensioning automation potentials.
  • IT services and software solution Implementation manager and optimization driver.
Experience in services for GRC, Outsourcing, and implementation of Regulatory Requirements:
  1. Member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). Extensive big deal experience in BPO & ITO with a focus on DAX (German Stock Index) listed enterprises. Secure in all phases of T&T with a focus on the transition of contracts: IT assets, employees and services.
  2. Member of the Shared Assessment Org. with experience to manage 3rd Party Risk Toolkits like SIG, AUP, and SCA. R&D Master Mind of ROBOTIC GRC|365. More info on:
  3. Extensive legal experience in the implementation of EU-GDPR, EU-TSD/US-DTSA, OECD-BEPS, Whistleblower Guideline, and EU Corporate Criminal Law as well as related internal audits, investigations and eDiscovery projects.
  4. Project sponsor, program manager, and stakeholder who designed & managed strategic initiatives.
  5. Strong negotiation skills for Service Delivery Agreements and SLA’s. 
My leadership achievements:                                                                                
  • Professionally driven team player who guided large enterprises' business specialized on client success.
  • Motivator and coach with social skills for problem-solving and troubleshooting.
  • A sales manager who made his people achieve their sales quotas and qualify them for the president's club.
Cognitive strengths:
  1. Ability to set up what-if matrices to achieve the goal of initiatives.
  2. Simplification capability to overcome complexity by setting up workflow standards.
  3. Abilities to use the advantages of entropy with the support of metadata assessment.
  4. Assessment capability to set up data-driven decision-making.

Project history

01/2017 - 12/2020
Managing Director
Prosper Intelligence Solutions GmbH
? Main expert and key decision-maker directly to C-Level.
? Managing and leading the company's main assets in sales and professional services,
marketing activities, HR and finance management team, and intellectual property. The company had over
30 people spread over CEE.
? Evaluating new EU/US IT-GRC statutory requirements and compiling necessary adjustment packages for
R&D and professional service delivery.
? On ground partnering with local and international law firms as sub-contractor.
? Analyzing legal requirements to build and deliver automated forensic evidence for court proceedings.
? Supported three internal investigations in MDAX and DAX companies by supporting the public authorities
by delivering IT-Audits to evaluate insider knowledge in fraud.
? Overachieved results in 2018 and 2019.
? The average project size was between 600,000.00 to 800,000.00 € only by professional services.
? Revenue split 40% Germany, 50% Austria & CEE and 10% others.

01/2009 - 01/2017
CEO of Virtualization Consolidation Architecture
? Took over the CEO position and started to act as a door opener on C-Level to push the sales team.
? Managed main assets with over 40 people in CEE.
? Adjusted new strategy to support consolidation in time of economic recession (banking crises).
? Managed the internal transformation with a new product portfolio and service catalog. Executed the
companies main offering on IT Due Diligence, IT Compliance, and IT Consolidation.
? Developing approaches for transformation and consolidation of IT infrastructure and application
virtualization by evaluation and implementing new due diligence and assessment technologies.
? Leading partnership conversations and negotiations with key partners in space of DC virtualization.
? Finding weak spots of transformation, analyzing their reasons, and designing workarounds.
? Beside many virtualization and consolidation projects, 2011 delivered the first private cloud IaaS solution
for Austrian ministries. It was the first project for the technology provider ever and in-country.
? In 2012 started inhouse R&D for a Transformation Management Platform to support outsourcing service
provider large transformations in DAX companies.
? Managed two large transformation projects, where each ticket lasted over 3 years with maximum figures
of 12,000 servers, 130,000 workplaces, 11,000 network components, 1,300 business applications, 2,600
sites in 77 countries on 5 continents.
? In 2012 turned the company into a highly profitable organization!
? Deals were in different category sizes. Starting from 100,000 € up to 2,600,000.00 €.
? Revenue split 30% outside Europe and 70% in Europe (40% Western Europe, 30% CEE).

01/2004 - 12/2008
Managing Director
Prosper Intelligence Information GmbH
? First man in a start-up with an excellent idea to clean up the server sprawl in a large organization.
? Started from the green field with a good business plan and innovative strategy.
? Special focus on clients with business-critical applications in Austria & CEE.
? Acquired an exclusive distributor agreement with an upfront payment of 1 million € from a US start-up
called PolyServe, Inc., US. Negotiated a special discount for upfront paid licenses.
? Founded and managed professional services and support organizations in Bratislava, Slovakia
? Implemented software licenses in approx. 40 large accounts across Austria & CEE with a bundle of
professional services (installation and migration of application in a high available cluster environment).
? Established partnerships with local offices of Oracle, IBM, HP, and Microsoft.
? Managed projects on C-Level cross Austria and CEE and became a trusted partner of the Austrian industry
to deliver consolidation concepts for their newly acquired companies in CEE.
? Managed the biggest deal for PolyServe products in the history of partner short before PolyServe, Inc.
started the M&A negotiations with HP. The value of our license deal was 5 million € while the acquisition
by HP had a value of 200 million USD. The average deal size was around 300,000.00 to 500,000.00 €.
? This company was very successful and grow up to 30 people with profitability from the 3rd annual year.

01/2001 - 01/2004
Director D.A.CH & CEE
Princeton Softech Inc.
? Started the operation in Vienna, Austria from a Regus office center with the order to set up a network of
partners, account management, professional services, and administration.
? Evaluated the banking requirements of Basel I and II to get significant arguments for the archiving and data
masking solutions. Identified the pain point and created a strategy and a sales story to target the financial
services industry in the whole region. Used the knowledge to write white papers in close corporation with
marketing in the US.
? Closed partnerships with vendors of banking applications and get into their sales and delivers channels.
? Started a competitive replacement program against competitors and won several large deals.
? Right before the company was acquired by IBM, Inc., the Austrian office closed the largest deal in the history
of this company. My average deal size was between 1,600,000.00 to 1,800,000.00 € for software and
services. The office in Vienna was the most successful profitable organization worldwide.
? Revenue split 40% Germany, 30% Austria, and 30% CEE.
? Overachieved annual office quota targets in 2002 and 2003 as well as 2004.

01/1996 - 01/2001
Enterprise Technology Advisor A & CEE
? Joint from the former employer as a part of a technology and knowledge acquisition deal.
? Responsible for the complete product portfolio with a focus on top accounts.
? Started a competitive program against IBM, CAI, and BMC on zOS platform and became a very successful
replacement advisor against IBM and CAI.
? Started a new financing program (via factoring agreements) to enable CEE clients to acquire large software
and services packages.
? Implemented the worldwide first meta-data repository solution in CEE.
? Identified weak point of SAP R/2 and R/3 as a hotspot for job automation and made the first references.
? Became the most successful European consulter in Y2k solutions.
? The average deal size was between 800,000.00 € to 1,000,000.00 €.
? Overachieved annual team quota targets in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999!

01/1993 - 01/1996
Solution Manager A & CEE
? As a talent for security issues, I got the chance in the position of a solution manager.
? Specialized in the complexity of Single-Sign-On technology (Kerberos). The fundament was the identified
pain point of environments like OpenVMS, ULTRIX, HP-UX, SCO-UNIX, OS390, AIX, OS400, OS2, and
? Made outstanding successful projects and achieved all product quotas already in the first year.
? Finished the career as the most successful in Europe and received a good package to follow the technology
acquisition by PLATINUM TECHNOLOGY, Inc. One copy of the source code was sold to IBM and became
? My average deal size including professional services was between 100,000.00 to 150,000.00 €.
? Overachieved annual product target quotas in the years 1994, 1995, and 1996.

01/1990 - 01/1993
Software Engineer
? The young star (not full-aged) of a team for special projects which got the order to implement the first
scanner cash register system based on bar codes for about 2,500 grocery stores in Austria.
? In charge of the back-office automation between sold goods on the cash system and the central data
exchange to automate orders of products and set up delivery from the warehouses.
? Successfully finished the complete automation of a new fresh food warehouse with four locations in
Austria. Ensured the end-to-end logic for the supply of fresh goods. Mainly worked with HP-UX, SINIX, SCO-
UNIX, ORACLE v2, and v3 and Forms v1 and v2.
? Installed the whole IT infrastructure in the first Western European grocery store, which was build in the
former Social countries (Warsaw, Poland).

Some software and professional service projects highlights:
Software project implementation Professional services delivery
Administration for RACF/zOS Application Assessment and Migration
Application for Stress Test Automation Consolidation of CMDB's
Application Performance Monitoring for Open Systems Cost Reduction Program for Infrastructure Services
Application Performance Monitoring for zOS Cost Savings Initiative for Application Services
Backup & Recovery Solution for DB2/Oracle/Informix Database Assessment and Consolidation
Data Archiving for DB2/Oracle/Informix DC Migration and Centralization solution
Data Masking for DB2/Oracle/Informix Design and Implementation of Government Cloud
Data Center Assessment Solution Global GRC implementation
Digital Transformation Platform Solution Implementation of GDPR
E-Discovery for Clients and Servers Implementation of the metadata repository
File Management Solutions Implementation of Trade Secret Act (GeschGehG)
GDPR Management Solution Internal fraud investigations
IT Compliance Solution (CMDB) IT Compliance Assessment
ITSM Solution IT Due Diligence Assessment
Job Scheduling for SAP R/2 and R/3 IT Security Assessment
Meta Data Repository Mainframe (IBM z) Assessment and Replacement
Network Analysis and Monitoring Solution Network Transformation Assessment
Network Design Solution Outsourcing Agreement performance measurement
Network Management Solution Outsourcing RFI/RFP service support
Open Systems Framework Solution Outsourcing Transition from OLD to NEW provider
Outsourcing Government Platform Solution Physical Site Surveys
P2C/V2C P2V & V2V Solutions Ready for Cloud Assessment and Transformation
Risk Management Solution Server virtualization and Application capsule-ing
Security Log Analyzer for DB2/Oracle/Informix Software Asset Management Assessment
High Available Shared-File Cluster System Solution Storage Systems Assessment and RFI/RFP support
Single-Sign-On Security Solution Transition Management for global project
Trade Secret Management Solution What-If Analysis for Cloud dimensioning
Transformation Management Platform Solution Workforce Assessment for Cost reduction program
Y2K Code Compiler Tools Workplace Assessment for Transformation

Time and spatial flexibility

  • COVID-19:         Immunized with vaccine from Pfizer-Biontech in April 2021
  • Used to travel! Ready to travel 4 to 5 days a week!

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